Top 10 recommended Workday Certification courses for Workday Consultants

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Several Workday Certification courses are available in the market. However, you must choose a Workday Training course that syncs with your career aspirations and teaches you excellent functionalities to boost your career.

The Workday Certification courses are usually conducted on weekends and weekdays. These courses cover all the basics of utilizing Workday, the ways of using the different features, and the ways of troubleshooting various problems.

Several opportunities are available for those interested in pursuing a career in Workday software. If you want to become an expert in the field of Workday, then you should opt for a Workday Certification course. Now, let us first understand what Workday Certification is.

What is Workday Certification?

Workday Certification is the procedure of obtaining official recognition & validation of an individual's proficiency & expertise in optimally using the Workday software suite. Workday is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that integrates the different HR, finance, and other business functions into a unified platform.

Workday is known to provide a wide range of certification programs that are strategically designed to assess & validate an individual's knowledge as well as skills in working with the Workday platform. These particular certifications very strongly serve as a credential for demonstrating competence & expertise to potential employers, clients, & colleagues.

The Workday certification programs typically consist of a number of training courses & exams. Participants undergo the most rigorous training provided by Workday or authorized training partners to learn about the functionalities, configuration, & best practices of the Workday system. After the completion of the training, the individuals must pass one or more certification exams to finally earn the official Workday certification.

The specific certification programs that are being offered by Workday cover various modules & aspects of the platform, including Human Capital Management (HCM), Financial Management, Payroll, Time Tracking, Reporting, and integrations. Every certification focuses on a specific area of expertise within the Workday ecosystem.

Workday Certification courses for the implementers are usually available for the Workday partners & thus, Workday Certifications are only being offered by the various partnered companies. The executives of different cadres, like the Project Managers, IT Professionals and System Administrators, can opt to take up Workday Certifications. The estimated average pay of the A Workday employee is found to receive an average pay between 150 to 450 USD/hour. [BB1]

An accreditation named Workday Pro is developed exclusively for those employees of the companies which purchased Workday. This certification is designed so that it helps the trainees gain comprehensive expertise in the field of Workday. This accreditation is apt for Security and Integration Leads, Workday Administrators, Advisory Partners, Former Consultants, etc. This program, referred to as Workday Pro, is specifically designed for the core Workday customers and helps them obtain incomparable functional and technical expertise that encompasses their overall functioning level and usage scope. This accreditation helps them acquire a greater level of self-sufficiency. This accreditation is presently not available for contractual workers and independent consultants.

Around 40 or even more Workday Certifications are available in the market for individuals aspiring to be independent Workday consultants or contractual workers. However, we will list the top 10 Workday Certifications that can be suitable for Workday Consultants.

Top Workday Certifications

The top Workday Certifications are listed below. You can choose one of these certification courses if you aspire to become a Workday consultant.

1. Workday Extend Certification Course

This course introduces developers to Workday Extend tools, services, and features. Several practical activities are included in this course, and the user will create some basic apps while walking through the highest levels of overviews of the several available components & functionalities. The trainees of this certification course have an opportunity to understand the overview of what Workday Extend is and navigate the Developer site of Workday Extend, create apps using the Workday Extend plug-in for IntelliJ & build the user interface using services of Workday presentations.

With the changing world, organizations must necessarily accelerate & invest in agile application strategies and move towards the general purpose of purpose-built app development & provide a unified user experience & the added advantage of these mobile-enabled services. Workday has partnered with several selected companies & developed a useful library of app templates & reference apps that cover common financial & people scenarios. These apps can be very promptly configured & then deployed. Workday Extend also enables the users to develop some relevant new apps which are safe & provide a completely seamless experience.

Extend Certificate
Workday Extend Certificate

2. Workday Prism Analytics Certification Course

The present dynamic pace of the business environment requires valuable and efficient decisions, which are carried out through external and internal data, with its insights and enable the workforce to carry out certain operations.

The challenge faced by both HR and Finance is fairly addressed by the cloud-based Workday Prism Analytics certification course that simplifies the overall system, reduces the spending, and maintains reliability for giving uncompromised decisions via its data hub for preparing, blending, and analyzing with point-&-click functionality.

One can easily explore Workday Prism Analytics via the Workday Prism that is designed for reporting administrators who are responsible for managing the end-to-end procedure of combining Workday data with some external data and then publishing the same for use in the Workday reports, discovery boards, and dashboards for increasing scalability & bring in high performance in the business.

Prism Analytics Certificate
Workday Prism Analytics Certificate

3. Advanced Workday Studio Certification Course

Workday Studio is an agile system that fairly allows Workday customers to develop, deploy, debug, and support the complex integrations that run in the Workday Cloud. This advanced and functional Workday studio is developed with all modern integrations with a highly scalable architecture for implementing and handling complex errors and applying the same across different integrations.

Those users looking forward to developing & understanding Projects of Workday Studio Assembly and Assembly Steps & Components are recommended for taking up this Workday certification course known as Workday Studio Training.

Studio Certification
Workday Studio Certification

4. Workday Integration Certification course

Workday Integration System comprises certain tools which introduce the customers to design & maintain this integration system with the help of data that are real-time and can be meaningfully and flawlessly analyzed. A very strong foundation is established with the help of Integration Training on Workday Payroll on XML, the web services & how Workday integrations help in leveraging them.

This training program is carried out extensively with the help of demonstrations, presentations, and certain practical activities. The users can learn how to build & maintain the basic systems of Workday integration. This helps them establish a concrete foundation for the complex building configurations. The users will also be able to explore the configurable security, processes in businesses, & custom reports for enhancing the integration systems.

Integration Certificate
Workday Integration Certificate

5. Workday Time Tracking Certification Course

If you use an innovative application that is available round the clock for the managers of the companies to manage and track the employees during work hours and their daily attendance, it becomes very convenient. Workday time tracking is a cloud application that works with HCM and payroll as a single system for unlocking productivity. It helps track and manage the employees' check-ins, exits & absences. This helps manage HR functions, attendance, and time. This also manages the company's payroll easily and appropriately. This Workday Training can prove to be beneficial for several HR professionals and others.

Time Tracking Certificate
Workday Time Tracking Certificate

6. Workday Recruiting Certification Course

All organizations' success depends on able & skilled recruitment to grasp multiple goals & attain a competitive edge. This recruitment generally involves:

  • Sourcing – This process involves providing visibility for the job vacancies, managing the candidates, referrals, endorsements & integration with social media.

  • Hiring – This involves the selection of candidates and offer management.

  • Onboarding – This ensures a seamless experience for the selected candidates and an automated workflow for both the internal & external candidates to meet the various evolving demands in the business.

The Workday Recruitment Training is very useful for the Workday Administrator and Functional Lead, who can accelerate the overall procedure of recruiting and filling the positions by personalizing their workspace at some centralized hub. The course helps accelerate the process of recruiting and filling vacant positions by the process of personalizing their workspaces at some centralized hub.

Recruiting Certificate
Workday Recruiting Certificate

7. Workday Benefits Certification Course

The value of an employee in some organizations is properly validated based on the several benefits that the organization ensures. The benefits packages usually include health coverage and insurance, tax benefits, rent and travel allowances, provident fund & others, which directly relate to the employee benefits and the ways of retaining them for a long time in the organization. The professionals who opt for this Workday Benefit Certification Training can learn to configure & manage certain plans & enrolment events in the Workday HCM. This hands-on course facilitates the customers in executing business processes like the groups, planning year definitions, and performing administrative activities.

Benefits Certificate
Workday Benefits Certificate

8. Workday Financial Certification Course

In the complex business ecosystem, automating the company's financial management & business flow has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The overall efficiency of processing the expenditures and cash flow, accounting, tax analysis, revenue analysis, and entry of transactions helps in achieving short- and long-term goals, budget planning, and opening up new business opportunities. A professional can achieve all these solutions by undertaking Workday Finance Training.

This certification course is designed with demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on workshops for functional leads responsible for making the decisions on managing their businesses within Workday.

Financial Certificate
Workday Financial Certificate

9. Workday Payroll Certification Course

Maintaining an organization's workforce and automating the available data sets require training in the Workday HCM. This course is very judiciously designed for audiences like Workday Administrators and Functional leaders who deploy Workday HCM or administrate the core Workday HCM application. The individuals who take up this course have an opportunity to learn the key concepts of Workday HCM via several hands-on activities. They will also learn how to configure and maintain supervisory organizations, job profiles, and staffing models. This Workday Payroll certification course involves the overall understanding of the skills required for building a robust workforce, delivering some personalized career guidance depending on the talents possessed by the individuals, and eventually making fast and better decisions using the knowledge.

Payroll Certificate
Workday Payroll Certificate

10. Workday HCM Certification Course

Maintaining the data sets' automation of the workforce requires Workday HCM Training. This certification course is intended for audiences like Workday Administrators and Functional Leads. Those professionals taking this course learn about the key concepts of Workday HCM and are exposed to several hands-on activities. They will also have an opportunity to learn about staffing models, supervisory organizations, and job profiles that involve a complete understanding of the skills in building a workforce and delivering personalized guidance to employees. They will also learn how to make faster and better decisions using Workday HCM.

HCM Certificate
Workday HCM Certificate

11. Workday Reporting Certification Course

This Workday Reporting Certification course focuses on the capabilities of Workday's reporting and analytics, empowering professionals to generate some very relevant and insightful reports, dashboards, and analytics using Workday's reporting tools. This covers building reports, data sources, report calculations, & techniques of data visualization. This validates your ability to create meaningful reports & analytics to support data-driven decision-making.

These are just a few examples of popular Workday certifications. Workday offers additional certifications that are focused on specific modules & functionalities, such as Time Tracking, Recruiting, Learning, and advanced Compensation. The choice of the certification depends on your interest area, expertise, & career goals within the Workday ecosystem.

It's crucial to visit the official Workday website or consult with the concerned authorized training partners to get the most up-to-date information on the various available certifications, their prerequisites, and the specific requirements for each certification exam.

Reporting Certificate
Workday Reporting Certificate

How to prepare for Workday certification?

Preparing for a Workday certification demands a fair combination of effective study techniques, practical experience, & most essentially familiarity with the Workday platform. Here are some of the important steps you can follow to prepare for a Workday certification:

  1. Understanding the Requirements of the Certification: Review the specific requirements & prerequisites for the Workday certification you are targeting. Understand all the areas of knowledge, skills, & exam format that are specifically outlined by Workday to ensure you are aware of what is expected.

  2. Reviewing the Workday Training Materials & Workday Documentation: Workday provides official documentation, effective training materials, & online resources that cover the different aspects of the platform. First of all, you should be familiar with all the resources, like the user guides, training videos and implementation guides to get a comprehensive understanding of the different functionalities and various options of configuration.

  3. Attending Training Courses: Workday offers instructor-led training courses for every certification. You can enroll in the Workday course of your choice to receive structured & comprehensive training from certified and experienced instructors. These courses widely cover the various topics of the exam, hands-on exercises, and several valuable insights into best practices.

  4. Practising in a Sandbox Environment: Workday widely offers a sandbox environment in which you can practice hands-on exercises & gain practical experience with the platform. You can take advantage of this particular opportunity to explore the different features, configurations, & processes. Practice working on the various common scenarios & use cases to build the desired confidence & familiarity with this platform.

  5. Utilizing the Several Practice Exams: Workday releases a number of practice exams that strongly help in the process of preparing for the actual certification exam to a large extent. These particular practice exams allow you to assess your knowledge, identify the various areas of improvement, and get the right feel for the exam format. This becomes very crucial to review a taker’s performance on the different practice exams for focusing all your study efforts on the various areas which necessarily require the most attention.

  6. Joining Workday Forums & Communities: One great and effective idea is to engage oneself with the various Workday communities by actively participating in the different forums, online communities and discussion boards. When you join these particular communities, you readily have an opportunity to connect with several other like-minded Workday professionals who are also pursuing certifications or those who have completed their certifications already. This becomes a strong platform to share the Workday knowledge with others, ask questions, clarify queries and learn from their experiences to gain some valuable insights and tips for the Workday certification examinations.

  7. Creating an Effective Study Plan: This becomes a wise move when you develop an effective and organized study plan that thoroughly outlines all your study goals, the various timelines, & the specific topics you necessarily require to cover within a specific period. The most appropriate way is to break down all the material into some manageable and feasible sections & then allocate the dedicated study time every day or week as per the plan to achieve the set goals. Regularity & consistency in studying will help you in retaining all the information very effectively.

  8. Taking the Right Advantage of Additional Resources: It helps to explore additional resources such as study guides, books, & online tutorials to supplement your learning for a Workday course. You can also seek out blogs, YouTube channels, & online courses dedicated to the preparation of Workday certification. These particular resources can effectively provide several alternative explanations & perspectives on the researched topics that are covered in the Workday certification exams.

  9. Reviewing the Exam Blueprints: Workday provides examination blueprints that outline the objectives of the exam and the weightage of each topic. You can study these blueprints to thoroughly understand the areas of focus and allocate your time of study accordingly.

  10. Reviewing and Practicing Sample Questions for the Exam: Workday offers certain sample questions that give you a right sense of the various types of probable questions that can be asked in the exam and the difficulty level you can expect in this certification exam. Practice answering these sample questions to assess your understanding & readiness for the actual exam.

Benefits of Workday Certification

Workday benefit certification offers numerous benefits for professionals in the fields of human resources (HR), finance, and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Here are some of the key benefits of obtaining a Workday certification:

  1. Enhanced Career Opportunities: Workday certification can significantly expand your career prospects & open doors to various new opportunities. Several organizations now require Workday-certified professionals to handle their HR & finance functions. Having a Workday certification demonstrates your expertise & dedication, making you a very desirable candidate for different job roles like Workday consultant, business analyst, implementation specialist, or system administrator.

  2. Recognition in the Industry: Workday certifications are recognized & highly respected in the industry. They validate your proficiency in working with the Workday platform, giving you a very competitive edge over the non-certified professionals. Certification undoubtedly serves as a testament to your skills and knowledge, providing the right level of credibility & recognition amongst peers, employers, & clients.

  3. Validation of Skills: Workday certifications validate your overall understanding & practical skills in the processes of implementing, configuring, & supporting Workday solutions. They specifically ensure that you possess the desired knowledge to effectively utilize the functionalities of Workday, understand the best practices, and also navigate the platform's complexities competently. A Workday certification gives you the confidence to handle Workday projects & challenges with competence.

  4. Increased Professional Value: Workday certification adds considerable value to your professional profile & simultaneously increases your marketability. This demonstrates your overall commitment to continuous learning & professional development. Certified professionals are seen as major assets to organizations as they can contribute to successful Workday implementations, system optimizations, & process improvements.

  5. Expanded Network: Workday certification provides several opportunities to connect with a fairly large community of certified professionals. Engaging with this network can very well foster collaboration, sharing of knowledge related to Workday, and career growth. You can likely participate in Workday events, user groups, forums, & online communities to learn from industry experts, exchange ideas, & remain updated on the various latest trends that are popping up in the Workday ecosystem.

  6. Personal Growth & Learning: Pursuing a Workday certification requires a lot of dedicated effort to acquire deep-seated knowledge of the platform. This journey of certification allows you to deepen your overall understanding of HR & finance processes, learn about the various best practices in the industry, and gain insights into the various latest features & updates in the Workday system. This continuous and perpetual learning experience strongly contributes to your personal growth & professional development.

  7. Competitive Advantage: In this cut-throat competitive job market, possessing a Workday certification can set you apart from thousands of candidates who are competing with you for a particular position. Employers often prioritize certified professionals when hiring for Workday-related roles. The certification demonstrates your overall commitment to staying current with the latest trends in the industry and technology advancements, making you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.

This is crucial to note that the benefits of Workday certification may vary depending on the individual circumstances and the specific requirements of job roles & organizations. However, overall, Workday certification offers professionals certain valuable opportunities for career growth, recognition, skill validation, and networking within the Workday community.

Who should opt for Workday certification?

Workday certification is perfectly suitable for those professionals who work in different roles & industries, particularly those who are involved in the fields of finance, HR, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions. The below-mentioned are some of the individuals who can immensely benefit from opting for a Workday certification:

  1. HR Professionals: Workday certification has proved to be very relevant for HR professionals, including HR analysts, HR managers, HRIS specialists, & HR administrators. This equips these professionals with the desired knowledge & skills that are necessary to effectively manage the various HR processes, like management of employee lifecycle, management of talent, benefits administration, management of compensation, & workforce planning by utilizing the Workday platform.

  2. Finance Professionals: Finance professionals, like financial analysts, accountants, finance managers, & finance system administrators, can immensely benefit from Workday certification. This specifically provides them with a deep understanding of Workday's financial management capabilities, enabling them to skillfully handle financial accounting, budgeting, procurement, reporting, expense management, & other different finance-related tasks by utilizing the Workday system.

  3. ERP Implementation Consultants: Those professionals who are involved in projects pertaining to ERP, specifically those projects that are focused on Workday, can immensely benefit by opting for a Workday certification. This equips them with the expertise that is needed to configure, customize, & deploy Workday solutions for meeting the specific requirements of the client organizations. The certification also majorly enhances their overall credibility & marketability in their role as Workday implementation consultants.

  4. System Administrators: Workday certification has proved to be very valuable for system administrators who are responsible for managing & maintaining the Workday platform within the organizations. This equips them with in-depth knowledge of the administration functionalities of Workday's system, security settings, management of data, integrations, & troubleshooting techniques. Certification enables system administrators to effectively support and optimize the Workday environment.

  5. IT Professionals: The IT professionals who are involved in supporting, integrating, & managing Workday within the big, medium or small IT infrastructure of the organizations can benefit by opting for Workday certification. This includes the professionals who work in system integration, IT support, data management, & IT project management roles. This certification enhances their overall understanding of the technical aspects of Workday and always ensures seamless integration & efficient operation of the concerned system.

  6. Consultants & Business Analysts: Workday certification has proved to be advantageous for consultants & business analysts who provide professional advisory & consulting services to various organizations that are using or planning to adopt the Workday platform in their system. This equips them with all the necessary knowledge & skills for assessing client requirements, recommending certain appropriate solutions, & at the same time guiding organizations through the appropriate implementation & optimization of Workday.

This is very crucial to keep in mind that while Workday certification is beneficial for the above-mentioned professionals, anyone with an interest in the Workday platform and a desire to enhance their knowledge and skills can opt for this certification. As Workday continues to grow in popularity & adoption, more and more professionals from different backgrounds can benefit from acquiring Workday certification to remain competitive in the job market & contribute effectively to the organizations that use Workday.

Career Opportunities after becoming Workday Certified

Once you become Workday certified, a wide range of career opportunities in various industries and organizations opens up that leverage the Workday platform for their finance, HR, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions. The following are some of the major career opportunities that you can likely explore after you become Workday certified:

  1. Workday Consultant: Qualified and skilled Workday consultants are in high demand as more and more organizations seek expert guidance during the optimum implementation, configuration, & optimization of Workday solutions. Once you become a certified and trained Workday consultant, you will have the liberty to work with several clients to thoroughly analyze their requirements in their business, design certain system configurations, manage data migration, conduct user training, & provide ongoing support & consulting services.

  2. Workday Business Analyst: Workday-certified business analysts play a critical role in the overall understanding & documenting the requirements of the client, translating them into system configurations, and ensuring that Workday solutions align with the business processes of the organization. They strongly collaborate with the stakeholders, conduct thorough gap analyses, define the functional specifications, & provide ongoing support to optimize Workday usage.

  3. Workday Project Manager: The Workday project managers oversee the successful implementation of Workday solutions within their organizations. They lead big project teams, manage all the timelines, budgets, & resources, coordinate with stakeholders, and ensure that project objectives are achieved. Workday certification provides project managers with a thorough & deep understanding of the platform, enabling them to effectively manage all their Workday projects.

  4. Workday System Administrator: The Workday-certified system administrators are solely responsible for the overall administration & also maintenance of the Workday platform within the organizations. They manage user access, security configurations, system updates, integrations, & overall system performance. Their expertise in the field of Workday system administration ensures the smooth operation and the right optimization of this platform.

  5. Workday Analyst: Professional Workday analysts utilize their knowledge of Workday functionalities & reporting capabilities to analyze HR & finance data, generate some reports, and provide the correct insights to support the overall process of decision-making within the organizations. They work very closely with the HR & finance teams to appropriately identify the right trends, track key metrics, and provide data-driven recommendations for process improvements & organizational strategies.

  6. Workday Trainer: Workday-certified trainers are professionally responsible for educating & upskilling users within the organizations on how to very effectively use the platform of Workday. They develop useful training materials, conduct rigorous training sessions, and provide ongoing support to ensure that the users are proficient in utilizing all the functionalities of Workday. Workday trainers majorly play a crucial role in enabling organizations to maximize the overall value of their investment in Workday.

  7. Workday Support Specialist: The Workday-certified support specialists provide functional & technical support to the large base of end-users within the partner organizations. They troubleshoot the issues in the system, provide guidance on the various available Workday features & processes, and also ensure the timely resolution of user concerns and queries. The Workday support specialists especially play an important role in the maintenance of user satisfaction as well as system performance.

The above list indicates just a few examples of the large number of career opportunities that become accessible after obtaining Workday certification. These specific roles and job titles may also vary based on the organizational requirements, the type of industry, and the depth of your Workday expertise. Workday certification significantly enhances your overall marketability, demonstrates your proficiency with the Workday platform, and positions you for the optimum career growth and advancement within the Workday ecosystem.

The Bottom Line

Pursuing the top and strategically designed Workday certification courses can very well boost your career in any of the fields like finance, human resources and enterprise resource planning (ERP). All of these certifications validate your overall expertise in working with the Workday platform & open up a number of opportunities in different industries. All of these certifications bring in numerous benefits that include enhanced career opportunities, recognition in the industry, validation of the skills, increased professional value, expanded network, personal growth, & also a competitive advantage in the job market. By acquiring any of these certifications, you will manage to position yourself as one of the most valuable assets to organizations who are looking forward to optimizing or implementing their Workday solutions.


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