Top 10 recommended Workday Certification courses for Workday Consultants

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Workday Training includes completion of various Workday Certification courses. In this blog we have listed them in depth.

In the current agile business environment, leaders require a holistic picture to be analyzers, and decision-makers and handle the workforce to make better business with a competitive edge. These require intuitive tools to make accelerated insights and informed decisions based on data from multiple sources.

Get ready to make better business decisions and drive performance like never before with Workday. Workday, being a proven expertise offers could-based management to tackle employee data, absence, and time tracking, financial accounting and benefit, recruitment and onboarding, and others.

This article enunciates the Workday Certification courses - Workday Certifications and Workday Pro

Workday Certification for implementers is available only to Workday partners and hence, Workday Certification is only provided by the partnered companies. Executives such as IT professionals, Project Managers, System Administrators, and Employees can take up the Workday Certifications. The estimated average pay for Workday employees is $160 K.

Workday Pro is an accreditation program exclusively developed for the employees of Workday customers, designed as a way to acquire comprehensive expertise in Workday. It is best suited for Workday Administrators, Integration and Security Leads, Named Support Contacts, Former Consultants, and Advisory Partners. Workday Pro program is designed for employees of Workday customers who have, or want to obtain, incomparable technical and functional expertise and encompass their level of functionality and scope of usage, leading to greater self-sufficiency.

An individual is eligible for the Workday Certification if their company is working with Workday and the certification is valid in the same partnered company or any similar partner’s company.

The Certified individuals are noted to have significantly enhanced their self-sufficiency and ability to manage.

There are customer certifications branded ‘Workday Pro’ for employees of Workday customers but they are not available for independent consultant contractual workers.

To maintain your certificate, there is recurrent training that is web-based comprising videos and quizzes after each new release/update.

There are about 40 or more Workday Certifications considering all the cross-product lines and here we delve into the top ten recommended Workday Training for Workday consultants.

HCM Fundamentals

Maintaining the workforce automation of data sets requires Workday HCM Training. This course is for audiences such as Functional Lead, and Workday Administrators who deploy Workday HCM or administrate the core Workday HCM application. The individual taking up this course will learn key Workday HCM concepts and, through hands-on activities, will configure and maintain supervisory organizations, staffing models, and job profiles., which involves understanding the skills to build a workforce, deliver personalized career guidance based on the talent, make better and fast decisions using the benefit of

Payroll Fundamentals

An efficient system to empower customers by eliminating the non-redundant repetitive work that is responsible for configuring and managing Workday Payroll that involves automation of payroll and workforce’s cost, time, absence, and attendance requires Workday Payroll Training. This course enables the customer to automate repetitive tasks and get insights into payroll processing framework, taxes, the calculation engine, withholding orders, payroll accounting, banking and settlement, and payroll-specific business processes and security.

Financial Fundamentals

In the current complex business ecosystem, automation of the company’s financial management and business flow has become a basic necessity and not a luxury. The efficiency of processing of cash flow and expenditures, accounting, revenue analysis, tax analysis, and transactions entry helps in achieving short and long-term goals, budget planning as well as opening up new business opportunities. The solution lies in taking up the Workday Finance Training.

This course is designed with lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on activities for functional leads responsible for making decisions on how to manage their business within Workday, as well as Workday administrators responsible for configuring and managing the Workday Financial Management configuration.

Benefits Fundamentals

The value of an employee in an organization is validated based on the benefits ensured by the Organization. Benefit packages include health insurance and coverage, tax benefit, travel and rent allowances, provident fund, and others that directly accounts for the tenure of an employee or retaining them in an organization. The users in the company are benefited from taking the Workday Benefits Training and are responsible to configure and manage plans and enrolment events in Workday HCM.

This hands-on course helps the customers to execute the business processes such as groups, plans, plan year definitions, and perform administrative activities.

Recruiting Fundamentals

Organizations lean on able and skilled recruitment to grasp multiple goals and attain a competitive edge. The recruitment involves

  • Sourcing- providing visibility for Job requisitions, Candidate Management, referrals, endorsements, social media integration
  • Hiring- Candidate selection, Offer management
  • Onboarding – Seamless candidate experience and automated workflow for both internal and external candidates to meet the evolving business demands.

Our Workday Recruitment Training comes to rescue the Functional Lead, Workday Administrator who can accelerate the recruiting process and fill positions by personalizing their workspaces at a centralized hub. This course is intended for customers who are responsible for deploying or configuring Workday Recruiting. This hands-on course enables how to configure the core features and functionality of the system and dive into tenant security and business process setup. The user taking up the Workday Recruitment Training will possess complete acquisition of knowledge on configuring the tenant, security, and business processes for recruiting, sub-processes, job application business process, and interpreting recruiting reports towards the end of the training.

Time Tracking Fundamentals

An innovative application available at any time for the workers and managers allows the companies to manage time and attendance, anywhere on the go. Workday time tracking is a cloud application that works with HCM, Payroll, and absence, acting as a single system that unlocks productivity by managing the employee’s check-in, exit, and absence. This is an end-to-end that processes HR functions, time, and attendance, and manages the payroll appropriately.

Knowledge and complete hands-on about this automated application that simplifies global workforce management with time-clock integration, easy configuration, and control can be acquired through the Workday Time Tracking Training. This course is designed for customers who use Workday Time Tracking or are responsible for configuring and managing time tracking in Workday. Through hands-on activities, participants will configure Workday Time Tracking, including time entry options, calculations, security, and business processes.

Workday Integration System Fundamentals

 Workday Integration System consists of tools that introduce the customer to design and maintain the integration system through which real-time data can be analyzed. A strong foundation is established by the Workday Payroll Integration Training on web services, XML, and other integration technologies, and how Workday integrations leverage them.

The training is carried out through presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on activities, the user will learn how to build and maintain basic Workday integration systems, establishing a foundation for more complex configurations. The user will also explore configurable security, business processes, and custom reports to enhance your integration systems.

Advanced Workday Studio

Workday Studio is an agile system that allows Workday customers to develop, deploy, debug, and support complex integrations running in the Workday Cloud. The advanced Workday studio is developed with modern integrations with its highly scalable architecture to implement complex error handling and apply across various integrations.

The users looking to develop and understand Workday Studio Assembly Projects and Assembly Components and Steps are recommended to take up the Workday Studio Training.

Enrolling in this course, the developer would be able to explain the key benefits of using Workday Studio over other integration tools and experiment with the Mediation Context to better understand Workday Studio’s memory space, develop complex, outbound integrations using Workday Studio, implement common code-reuse strategies, identify the available logging options, explain the features of the error handling framework, describe the scalability features of Workday Studio, discuss how to make Workday Studio user maintainable, and build an inbound Workday Studio integration.

Prism Analytics

The current dynamic business environment’s pace requires efficient and valuable decisions, which are carried out through most of the internal and external data and, with its insights, enable the workforce to carry out the operations.

The challenge faced by both Finance and HR is addressed by the cloud-based Workday Prism Analytics which simplifies the system, reduces spending, and maintains reliability to give uncompromised decisions through its data hub to prepare, blend, and analyze with point-and-click functionality.

Explore Workday Prism Analytics through the Workday Prism designed for report administrators who are responsible for the end-to-end process of combining Workday data with external data and then publishing it for use in Workday reports, dashboards, and discovery boards to increase the scalability and high performance to fit business that needs a bigger and singular picture.

Introduction to Workday Extend

With the current changing world, organizations must accelerate and invest in agile application strategy and move towards general-purpose to purpose–built app development and provide a unified user experience and give the added advantage of mobile-enabled always-on services.

Workday has partnered with a select group of companies and developed Workday Extend to provide customers with a curated library of app templates and reference apps covering common financial and people scenarios that can be quickly configured and deployed. Workday Extend enables the user to develop new apps that are safe and provide a seamless experience, helping the user construct real-time, event-driven processes and tasks across Workday and external systems.

Workday Extend Training is designed to introduce developers to Workday Extend tools, features, and services. Through hands-on activities, the user will create a basic app while walking through high-level overviews of available components and functionality, will understand the overview of Workday Extend, navigate the Workday Extend Developer site, create apps using the Workday Extend plug-in for IntelliJ and build a user interface using Workday presentations services.

Workday training promises remarkable expert career opportunities to employees and managers. The course is designed in a way to provide quality hands-on experience in the various fields in the broadest manner. If you are planning to boost your Workday skills, ERP Cloud training (ERP is the best-recommended platform to learn, practice, and accomplish in Workday training with their renowned industry experts. This platform offers and assists by providing training to remain updated on new features and get the most of the worth of your contribution all over your journey.

Take advantage of other Workday Certification courses such as Workday BIRT Training, Workday Integration Training, and Workday Adaptive Planning Course to quickly resolve further day-to-day checks and get personalized training from trained experts for greater realization value.

Ensure to kick start career opportunities in Workday by designing and configuring Workday that helps in gaining exposure and practical knowledge.

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