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Workday Projects Live Instructor-Led Training

Crafting Success: A Holistic Approach to Strategize, Allocate, Monitor, Administer, and Analyze Projects

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Course Features


What you will learn

  1. Live course modules are curated for the job   
  2. Only institute to provide training in all Workday modules  
  3. Remote Job Placement across 40+ countries (US, UK, India, etc)  
  4. 60 hours of live Instructor-led training  
  5. Priceless downloadable documents (PDF, PPT, Visio's, DOC)  
  6. Workday Tenant and Curriculum Access  
  7. Hands-on support from Mary who is not a hired trainer  
  8. 200+ Real-world projects, examples, and case studies    
  9. Sample resumes for every Workday job  
  10. Interview preparation, and free Job Support for lifetime   
  11. 10 years of real-time Workday live project experience   
  12. Cheat sheets with step-by-step guides are provided  
  13. All class recordings are provided for free  
  14. Workday Certification will be provided by partners/clients
  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts and features of  Workday Projects, setting the groundwork for effective utilization
  2. Learn how to initiate, plan, and oversee sourcing using the platform, ensuring smooth project execution
  3. Defines work that aligns with strategic company and individual goals for optimal organizational success
  4. Learn to unify your human resources, financial, and spending information for streamlined and comprehensive data management
  5. Acquire insights into monitoring project costs and progress by leveraging worker-logged time and project spending information
  6. Enhance analytical skills for informed adjustments and valuable insights in future planning by developing your ability to analyze business results
  7. Discover and compare available workers to efficiently staff your projects, gaining clear insight into their availability
  8. Explore to optimize project staffing, unify data, track costs, make informed adjustments, enhance efficiency, integrate modules, and advance your career in Workday Projects

Modes of Placement

Internal Remote Projects

•  No Interview

•  Contract Jobs
•  Work directly with an end client

External Vendor

•  Third Party vendors

•  Contract jobs
•  Apply Directly 

Direct Client

• Full Time (Permanent job)

Jobs Positions to Apply

Contract : $150-450/Hour

Full Time: $150-300K/Annum

1. Workday  Project Functional Lead
2. Workday Project Administrator
3. Workday Test Manager
4. Workday Security Consultant
5. Workday  Functional Consultant
6. Workday Project Manager
7. Workday Production Support Lead
8. Workday Project Consultant 
9. Workday Solution Architect
10.Workday Business Process Admin

11. Workday Financial Consultant
12. Workday Business Analyst
13. Workday Test Lead
14. Workday Project Manager
15. Workday Solution Architect 

Implementation Methodology

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Course Summary


Workday Project course designed to empower with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective project management within the Workday ecosystem. This comprehensive program covers a spectrum of essential topics, including project staffing optimization, data unification, cost tracking, and strategic decision-making. By delving into practical aspects such as collaborative workspace utilization and integration with other Workday modules, you'll gain a holistic understanding of project management in the Workday environment. Elevate your career prospects as you learn to navigate Workday Projects with confidence, positioning yourself for success in the dynamic landscape of modern business.

Project Advanced Labor Costing

Learn essential techniques for effectively distributing both salaried and nonsalaried labor costs through the utilization of standard or fully burdened costing methods. The central concept underpinning this approach is proration, a key feature that takes into account hours worked beyond or below the scheduled hours. Delving into the intricacies of these concepts, you acquire a comprehensive understanding of how to ensure a more accurate reflection of labor expenses based on actual work hours. This knowledge not only provides you with the tools to adapt to dynamic work scenarios but also imparts the skills needed for flexible and precise cost management within the project. Through our teachings, you gain proficiency in navigating the complexities of advanced labor costing, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation within project frameworks.      

Project Management 

Project Management is a powerful platform facilitating efficient project planning, tracking, staffing, and resource management. It simplifies the logging of time and expenses for project workers, promoting transparency and collaboration. Notably, the platform aligns project work with strategic goals, ensuring purposeful projects that contribute to overarching organizational strategies. With features for comprehensive project planning and real-time tracking of progress, including costs and resource utilization, Workday empowers informed decision-making and proactive management. The platform also provides insights into worker availability, streamlining effective project staffing for optimal resource allocation. Overall, Workday Project Management is a catalyst for successful project outcomes, emphasizing strategic alignment, transparency, and data-driven decision-making in project management.

Resource Management

Workday provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities to optimize project efficiency. This includes the ability to plan and organize resources, ensuring effective project staffing. The platform enables you to specify when workers can log time against a project, allowing for precise time tracking. Additionally, you can use the system to rate worker performance, compare expected and actual utilization rates, forecast worker hours, and strategically schedule workers. This integrated approach empowers you with the tools to efficiently manage and maximize the utilization of resources throughout the project lifecycle.

Projects Guide

As the central financial component within Projects, Budget Analysis offers a critical framework for financial scrutiny. This module equips you to assess key metrics such as budget versus actuals, cost versus revenue, and the distribution between labor and nonlabor expenditures. It provides valuable insights into primary variance contributors, enabling detailed analysis across dimensions like ledger account, spend or revenue category, and supplier. The business benefits of leveraging this analytical capability include enhanced financial transparency, informed decision-making, and proactive management to optimize project finances. This tool ensures financial alignment with project objectives, fostering effective budgetary control and overall project success.

Capital Projects

Initiatives in Workday serve as a critical tool for informed decision-making during the planning stages of configuration and utilization. This guide provides comprehensive insights into the setup rationale, elucidating the significance of Initiatives within the broader Workday ecosystem. Additionally, it addresses downstream impacts and cross-product interactions, ensuring a holistic understanding of its integration. The document also covers security requirements and business process configurations essential for effective implementation. To facilitate a thorough approach, it highlights key questions and limitations that warrant consideration before proceeding with the implementation of Initiatives. This comprehensive resource aims to guide users through the intricacies of setting up and utilizing Initiatives within the Workday environment.

Project Tracking

It provides users with access to a curated set of features within the Projects framework. This functionality is designed to facilitate the creation of projects with a specific focus on tracking time and expenses. Unlike the full suite of Projects features, Project Tracking streamlines the user experience to emphasize essential capabilities related to monitoring and managing time allocation as well as incurred expenses. This simplified approach caters specifically to users who need a more focused toolset for projects that revolve around tracking and accounting for time and expenses. It offers a user-friendly interface while still ensuring effective project tracking within the designated scope of functionality.

 Project Metrics and Reporting

Essential for robust project management, the incorporation of quantifiable measures becomes crucial in evaluating key project aspects like time, cost, scope, quality, and team productivity. Metrics, exemplified by completion percentage and budget variance, offer a tangible quantitative assessment, complemented by comprehensive reports that compile critical information on project status, progress, and key indicators. This integrated approach brings benefits such as facilitating informed decision-making, fostering transparent communication, and providing a foundation for continuous improvement. Altogether, these components play a pivotal role in steering projects toward success by delivering valuable insights and facilitating data-driven decision-making processes.

Course Curriculum


Mary is a global Workday ERP implementation expert, speaker, trainer, program manager, associate partner, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas. She possesses expertise in various areas, including implementation, Hyper-Care, data conversion, integrations, change management, project management, and testing. Her unique approach sets her apart in the industry, with no direct competitors. Notably, she is not just a trainer but a seasoned implementer, having mentored over 50,000 students worldwide and providing practical insights for securing jobs.

Mary is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Workday. Her career spans roles as an implementer, solution architect, and design expert, and she has also taken the lead in organizing conferences worldwide and collaborating with major clients from the top five global firms. Mary's knowledge and proficiency in these ERP systems reflect her veteran-level experience in the field. In addition to her expertise, Mary is a collaborative partner, working alongside a range of implementers. This includes but is not limited to, renowned firms such as IBM, Accenture, Alight, KPMG, and PWC. Mary's training seems to replicate her skills, providing a unique learning opportunity.

The training is specifically tailored for roles in Mary's ongoing projects, eliminating the need for students to seek employment elsewhere. Mary transcends the typical trainer role by providing continuous support due to her involvement in ongoing global projects. She is a partner and also the owner of million-dollar global projects. Leveraging her profound 30 years of expertise, Mary strongly emphasizes quality and quantity within her comprehensive training initiatives. She showcases an array of extensive projects that not only furnish participants with real-time experience but also open avenues for remote work opportunities and direct client engagement, all streamlined without the requirement for traditional interviews.

Mary particularly ensures great prospects in challenging modules. Mary's mentoring extends beyond technical skills, fostering all-encompassing professional and personal development. Participants in her training become well-rounded professionals without any prerequisites because of Mary's practical and professional approach. As a seasoned ERP professional, she invites individuals to join her comprehensive Workday training program, covering all Workday modules with hands-on, real-time experience and certification. The globally accessible course ensures remote placements tailored to participants' time zones.

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!