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Remote Placement and Job Support

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  1. Only institute to provide training in all Workday modules 
  2. Remote Job Placement across 40+ countries (US, UK, India, etc)  
  3. Priceless downloadable documents (PDF, PPT, Visio's, DOC) 
  4. 24*7  Workday Tenant and Curriculum Access  
  5. Hands-on support from Mary who is not a hired trainer  
  6. 200+ Real-world projects, examples, and case studies    
  7. Sample resumes for every Workday job Interview preparation, and Job Support   
  8. 10 years of real-time Workday live project experience   
  9. Cheat sheets with step-by-step guides are provided  
  10. Workday Certification will be provided by partners/clients

What you will learn

  1. Learn the Basics, foundation, and essentials of Workday framework
  2. In-depth  Authentication, Configurable Security, Security for Integrations and Data Privacy concepts
  3. Security Basics, Groups,  Policies, Change control in detail
  4. Design and configure in Workday in addition to end-user training
  5. Method of placement: Internal client projects, External vendors, Direct  full time client or partner referrals
  6. Workday Certification assistance and referral for immediate certification
  7. Take your career to the next level!
  8. After this course, you will have the skills to start a successful career in Workday Security, Testing and Project Management

Who is this course for?

  1. Absolutely no experience is required. We will start from the basics and gradually build up your knowledge. Everything is in the course.
  2. People who want a successful career in Workday.
  3. Anyone who wants to become Workday consultant with practical skills of Workday implementation.
  4. People who are ambitious and want to learn faster than their peers.

Job Positions To Apply 

1. Workday Security Consultant
2. Workday Security Analyst
3. Workday Security Administrator
4. Workday Functional Security Lead
5. Workday Functional Consultant

6. Workday Analyst
7. Workday Solutions Lead
8. Workday Business Process Admin
9. Workday Administrator  
10. Workday Consultant

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Course Summary


Workday Security Training is the most progressive training which is structured to enhance the student's functioning skills and knowledge. If your desire is  to turn as a Workday functional consultant, then you are in exact place. The training module is all-inclusive  with recent possibilities which results in realistic benefits to the ambitious Workday professionals. Our in-depth training models self-assures the students to excels in the job opportunities by effortlessly clearing interviews. Besides the fundamentals, requirements and the establishment of the Workday Security module, the training excels to the update form of Security, molding a student in to a top-notch Workday Security expert by the course conclusion.
Authentication Policies

You can create authentication policies that determine how users can access your Workday tenant. When defining an authentication policy, consider:
        • Workday environments for which you’re creating the authentication policy.  
        • Networks and IP addresses from which you want to block all users.
        • Networks and IP addresses for which you want to enable access to users.
        • Methods you want to require users to authenticate with, and if you want to require multifactor authentication for users.
        • Functionality to which you want to restrict users after they authenticate. 
Workday Configurable Security
Workday configurable security enables you to control the items users can view and the actions they can perform in your tenant. You can determine how you want to group users through security groups. You can specify the items and actions that members of security groups can view and perform through security policies.

Security Policies

Security policies enable you to configure access to groups of items and individual business process actions. By associating security groups with security policies, you can enable members of the security groups to access the secured items and actions. Workday delivers these types of security policies:
      • Domain security policies, which secure reports, tasks, and integrations.
      • Business process security policies, which secure business processes. 

Security for Integrations

 Workday provides several security domains that secure access to integration templates and integration systems. These domains separate the permissions to configure an integration from the permissions to run an integration and view integration output. 

Data Masking

You can mask sensitive data in your tenant. Example: For identity theft protection. You can mask data by:
    • User account.
    • Security group.
    • Files uploaded before a selected date and time.  

Business Benefits
    • Automate permission assignments by grouping users based on similar attributes, saving you the effort of setting up permissions                          individually.
    • Manage access to integrations, reports, mobile devices, and IT access using a single security model, making it easier to maintain access           at scale.
    • Make mass changes to your security configuration as your organization grows.      

Use Cases

   • Automatically add new users to a defined security group based on their position, such as adding financial analysts to a security group                 when hired.
   • Enable users to access only nonsensitive portions of data, such as enabling HR administrators to access aggregated payroll results.
   • Provide different levels of access for different types of users in the same tenant. 

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