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ERP Cloud Training - Review

Do you want an honest outlook on our courses? Are you ready to hear out what our students have to say about us? Are you aware that we have received over 100 testimonials till date because of the high-quality Workday training that we offer? Be prepared to be amazed at one look! The testimonials are automatically uploaded to this page and we are as proud of our students as they are of us!

We wish to give you a transparent outlook of our training courses and hence, we have made an effort to record and reproduce all the testimonials that we have received so far. Our students have been placed in various reputed organizations as leading Workday Consultants in the streams of their expertise acquired through our training. They have been placed in renowned multinational organizations across the globe. All the testimonials are directly displayed here so that you can make your decision on the basis of honest feedback. We strive towards making our organization, a better place on the basis of such feedback and they are very important for our growth and progress. Our students are our treasured resources who make us proud every single day by achieving great heights in their careers and contribute towards great causes that make the world, a better place to live in. Check out what they have to said about us and decide whether you'd like to be a part of this wonderful journey towards becoming a Workday Professional.

 "I would like to thank Mary for the phenomenal training provided. Workday HCM, Integration (EIB, Core Connector, Studio)Prism, Adaptive Planning Live training was very insightful & invaluable . I will recommend this training to anyone & I know that this will definitely open doors for me for future employment."
- Charlene

"It was a pleasure to be one of the Mary’s student this pas five weeks. She is an amazing instructor, explains everything in detail and interact with the students in class. Answered all the questions that were asked during class. Lots of material, very well organized and very easy to understand, step by step activity. I have learned a lot from this class and now I am very confident that I can start a new journey for my career. Thank you so much Mary for being patient with all of us. I am thinking to enroll in another class to enhance my career even further. Thank you to Mary and all ERP cloud training team."
- Etleva

"Mary is a fantastic teacher with years of experience in Workday. She is passionate teacher and has a skill to transfer knowledge with ease and in an understandable way. She has been a great motivator & explains topics using real time scenarios and examples. She makes sure that all students in class are able to grasp the concepts. Unlike many trainings courses Mary's training is not superficial but gives in-depth training. The Cheat sheets she provides are amazing as a step-by-step guide to practice. Although new to Payroll & Finance, I gained immense knowledge through her course. She is an amazing mentor who motivates all her students to build confidence and assures that if we practice and follow her lessons thoroughly, acquiring a job is obvious. Mary’s additional trainings for Calculated Fields & Report Writer are a bonus. Also, Mary’s comprehensive Resume preparation course & interview prep sessions are fantastic and mind-blowing. I am on my journey to success, all credit to Mary for the excellent training, guidance, motivation & mentorship provided. Thanks Mary!"
- Beulah

"Today I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Mary who has been my mentor for the past few months. Mary has been a phenomenal tutor. I am taken a back with the way Mary delivers her training. She is someone that truly takes pride in what she does & she does so with passion as well as to the best of her ability. Her training has surpassed my expectations.

Mary truly has the interest of her students at heart. I have never encountered such detailed training as hers & the way she interacts with her students. I am in ore knowing where I come from & where I am heading. I must say that I feel honored to be mentored on a one on one basis with Mary. The knowledge that she has imparted to me is so invaluable & I am forever grateful. Mary’s work ethic is impeccable & she definitely knows what she is doing. Her level of professionalism is just on another level. Mary I would like to commend you on the time you put into all your training & all the efforts you make to ensure that I understand what you are teaching me. The cheat sheets are so helpful & very detailed.

Thank you for your assistance with compiling my CV & always posting new job opportunities. I have no doubt that I will excel in my new career as I have been taught by one of the best tutors I have ever met. I would recommend Mary’s courses any day.

Thank you so much Mary. I wish you only but the best in your future endeavors & I know that you will flourish as you only deserve the best just like you have given the best of yourself to empower me with the knowledge I require to better myself. "
- Charlene Coleman

"Thank you Mary for well-organized training on Workday Integrations and I really appreciate your patience and teaching in-depth fundamentals with real-time scenarios to better understand the client requirements. People say teaching is art and you have proved beyond our expectations and I am always looking forward for future training. Thank you once again"

"Mary is an Excellent trainer and she is an expert in Workday and the training sessions are crystal clear and completely based on Industrial Projects and Practical ways of finding solutions. The classes are very interactive and expand our knowledge. Thank you Mary for giving opportunity for us to part of your Training"
Murali Krishna Bod

"First , I would like to Thank Mary for all the incredible Journey we started from Day 1 until the end. Workday is a Fantastic Experience especially for me who doesn't have prior ERP Knowledge . The cheat sheet you provided is very crystal clear and helped me a lot to learn according to my flexibility. I am very happy that i got trained from The Best Trainer . I highly recommend everyone to  join this ERP Training & help your career to turn Incredible with true dedication. Thank you again Mary from the bottom of my heart for inspiring and boosting up  with your positive energy every single moment"
Vasavi Chinnam

"Most comprehensive technical training course I have ever experienced. I learned more practical, useful info in a single one of Mary's online courses than I ever did in the multi-week, in-person Oracle and IBM courses I've attended.  The depth and breadth of the knowledge shared and all of the Workday-specific tips and tricks have given me the confidence that I have what I need to succeed in my new career. "
- Kelly Lensing

"Mary has provided essential group instruction that feels personalized.  She is a dedicated instructor who offers so much more than materials, but practical training for me to tangibly grasp foreign concepts through use of the tenant.  As a student, I am truly grateful for the exposure and guidance she extends.  It shows a true sacrifice on her part as she goes beyond to make sure her students have the tools to succeed.  I have confidentiality recommended her to many, as her HCM instruction is invaluable."
- Monica Parker

"Hi Mary, “I’d like to take this chance to thank you for being such a remarkable teacher. I’m grateful for your patience and knowledge in Workday and presentation skills, which you have passed down to us. Also, I appreciate the countless friendly email reminders you’ve sent us about various job openings. It has been a really great experience with you during the Payroll Integration and Advanced Reporting Training. And I appreciate all the efforts you put into every lesson. In addition, I do enjoy your lesson because of your passion in teaching. So, I hope that you’d continue to be inspiring because I have learnt a lot of things from you.”
- Abdul

 "Hi Mary, Hope you and family are doing great! I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful person helping me get hands on in Workday.
I am very happy and feel very confident working into Workday HCM, Studio and Integrations.
Again all credit and thanks goes solely to you.
Happy Teacher's Day" 💐

Best Regards,
- Ameet Jassani

"Happy Teachers Day to you Mary. I consider you as one of my teachers. I thank you for all that you taught me. I am a much better person today because of you."
- Archana

"I was not well aware of workday and without any ERP background decided to learn workday to find a career for me...I searched for many trainers and after that got an opportunity to be a part of Mary's training who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in Workday.. videos shared with me before starting of training made me feel confident that I can learn..this technology.. and interactive live sessions, cheat sheets, materials shared, class recordings helped me to learn from basic concepts...I'm very happy that I got  training from the best trainer.. highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn and excel in Workday with or without any prior experience."
- Nikhil

"Workday was a fantastic experience for me. Mary has a very professional rapport in the Training Session and
she has excellent years of experience and is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of Workday. She is very professional, reliable and is always approachable to talk to.Mary is extremely particular about giving detailed information and clarifies each trainee's doubts until it is solved.

The resources provided to us were really of high quality, there were plenty documents and cheatsheet provided by her. So, even if we miss the training session we can refer to the cheatsheets.

I'm very THANKFUL for Mary for the wonderful magnificent live training Sessions and would like to recommend mary's
training sessions for others who are looking for the workday training and I hope this is the best way to convey my gratitude to mary.

I will again consider taking workday training in different modules in further from only mary itself."

- Shashikanth Goud Dudala

"I totally loved the detailed contents provided in the Cheat Sheets. This is a detailed course that covers practical real-time design documents in reporting, calculated fields, EIB, CCW, introduction to Studio. They also placed me in the internal project and I am working as a consultant. This totally change my career and life. Concepts like Calculated fields and report writing, which had earlier seemed difficult to me, are now very clear. Thank you so much Mary for your guidance and expertise. I'm very glad to have chosen Workday  Training Online to pursue my career shift.  I'm very excited to join your Studio course too. You hold a great deal of patience and thank you again for being so compassionate and answering all my queries. I have benefited a lot from your Integration course and I'm surprised at the number of Placement opportunities that I've got so far. Thank you Mary!" 
- Judith

"I loved how flexible the course was. I could learn at my own pace and finish sooner than needed. I enrolled with Workday Training Online because of the flexibility and the course is right on my career path goals. The cheat sheet they provided is very clear and helps me learn easily. I got a complete understanding on Calculated Fields, EIB, and Cloud Connectors.  I should thank my tutor Mary who is very supportive and gives great feedback. This course assists my career plans."
- Ahana

"Having been a Workday HCM specialist, I wanted to acquire better skills in Integration, since I believed that I could double my job opportunities by finishing this course. And, I was not wrong. I got a clear grasp of CCW. EIB and cloud connectors. I have become very confident and looking forward to progress in my career ladder eternally. Thank you for transforming my life!"
- Reena Patel

 "Mary's done the work, she’s an expert herself. She teached 1000's of students and impacted their lives. She leads with passion, truth, and realness."
- Zoe James

"I have taken Workday HCM & Absence Management courses from Mary. If you want to make your career in Workday, then just forget other Workday trainers. You will get placed surely after this training. Don't try to find another trainer for Workday. Mary is the Best. Thank you" 
- Mayoor

"Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills in Workday. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you Mary!!"
- Antony Mark 

 "Mary taught that true leadership isn’t just teaching, it’s learning together, overcoming hurdles and fueling the wins so dreams can confidently become a reality"
- Sara Johnson

"I feel thrilled and excited after completing your Finance course.  I learnt 6 modules in Finance (AP, GL, AR, Banking, Treasury, reporting, security and business process) were very simple to understand. I'm interested in enrolling in other courses too.  Mary is an excellent mentor and a kind hearted guide. Her attitude has helped me evade my fears and learn a lot of new concepts in Finance. I worked hard and I'm quite astonished at the results. Plenty of remote placement opportunities have been pouring in and I feel lucky to have been a trainee here."
-  Farookh Riyal

"I love the way concepts like asset depreciation, custom validation, and reporting have been explained. Your cheat sheets were very useful to me for reference.  Even after the completion of training,  the documents that I downloaded have been a constant source of help. Will recommend this course to all Financial Analysts like me who want to transition their skills to Workday!"

"This was a fruitful journey for me. I totally enjoyed the learning experience, the materials provided were well illustrated, and the assessments provided an opportunity for a wide range of learning. I got an in-depth knowledge on Accounting Journal, Process Accounting Journal, and Financial Accounting Set up. Overall, the course has been very useful in my professional experience"
John Paul

"The course is pretty useful to people like me who have been working in the insurance sector. This comprehensive provides in-depth coverage of Benefits configuration, maintenance, and processing. It offers clarity and acts a simple guidelight that provides all information related to the availing of benefits. I'm very happy with the way Mary has elaborated contents in the course curriculum. I would recommend this course for everybody whose interest lies in the field of benefits. It would even be useful to professionals in the Accounting and Taxation sectors. Heartfelt Thanks."
Ram Narayan

"I'm a Workday Payroll Specialist and wanted to learn benefits in-depth. This course has A-Z of all that is required from setting up benefits, enrollment plans, dealing with dependancies, and comprehensive coverage of the PPAC Act. I'm so impressed that this course had exactly what I needed to improve my knowledge and skills in Workday. Thank you Mary for your timely clarification of my queries. Could definitely not have done it without you!"
Tina Roberts

"Workday Training Online has given me the foundation of all that I need to pursue my studies in Workday. Studying during Covid-19 has been beneficial.  My tutor has given me good advice on my career goals, to carry on gaining knowledge and be watchful of the information given. I have definitely enjoyed the course because I learnt more about Setup Benefits, Enrollment Events and Rules Cost and Rates and Setup Benefits plans. I am very much satisfied. Thank you team."
Shelby Allen

"I'm very impressed with your step by step teaching of the Advanced Compensation course.  Compensation grid structure and stock process had a very comprehensive explanation which was easy to understand.  Your course has made me an expert in this field and has given me so much in-depth knowledge. All the materials were downloadable and I could save it for reference in the future. Further, I'd like to add that Workday training has helped me boost my confidence and morale. Thanks, Mary."

"I felt that this package is a perfect fit to obtain all the required knowledge with respect to compensation grid, stock grant, bonus, and the like. What truly impressed me the most was the fact that it contains plenty of real-time practical projects which are very simple to understand and which take into account all the facts that are required to create a successful Workday Compensation Expert. It starts from the basics and rises to expertise in a well-designed layout.  I have to definitely thank Mary for giving me sufficient time to practice in the Tenant. She is a very patient teacher and her entire team were very supportive throughout my training."
Joshua Pitt

"I started off really nervous as i didn’t know the tutor or how it all worked, but they were really helpful and supportive ! Always provided me fast feedback and I have to say that it has been the most enjoyable learning experience! Will definitely be thinking about learning more! Now I have a deep knowledge on Compensation package Eligibility Rule and Compensation Package Changes. I will suggest this training to all my contacts who are looking for great opportunities."

"I want to thank the tutor of the Workday Training Online. From lesson to lesson, I learned everything in detail. It provides me the best platform for practice.  After completing the course, I will continue to improve professionally. Thanks for providing this course."
Kelly Beck

"I enrolled with Workday Training Online as it seemed to be the most professional institute. I am not all that tech-savvy and they taught me from scratch. I really enjoyed the course. Help was always on hand with quick responses to queries and support. The course curriculum was well structured and had in-depth explanation. THANK YOU Mary for providing this great opportunity.. If anyone out there is thinking of enrolling with Workday Training Online - GO FOR IT!!"
Arjun Sharma

"I've always been ambitious about becoming a Workday Payroll Integration Specialist and this course was a one-stop solution to my dreams. Though I faced a lot of issues while running the integration, Mary was there to guide me and help me every step of the way. I got placed as a Workday Payroll Consultant in IBM a month after training.  I would recommend this heartfully for anybody who wishes to reach great heights in their career. P.S. I still refer to your cheat sheets whenever I face issues at work. Thanks a lot!"
Nizam Ul Haq

"I'm very grateful for this training Mary! I enjoyed following the instructions in Report designing and deploying it to Workday. I never thought that Payroll Integration could be explained in such a simple manner in theory. Your projects are absolutely delightful and very relevant to the current scenario. You were there every step of the way to clear my queries and I'm glad that I chose Workday Training Online!"
Meher Zishan

"I have taken HCM & Absence Management courses from Mary.  I enjoyed both courses.  She is very professional, knowledgable, and expert in Workday. Interactive training.  Open for suggestions. She fills us with all the experience she gained and makes us confident about the job market. Provides ample course material and other required information. Thank you, Mary, I had a great time in your classes."

"Mary your training is absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every class. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful.  Anyone who is planning to attend the course then I would highly recommend attending Mary's class, She knows practical challenges which will help to understand the logic better. I must admit, This training is not like a usual one,it is totally different from which one can benefit for sure. I have attended two courses from her and both are outstanding. Thank you, Mary, for taking the time to train us, really appreciate" 

"I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. I highly recommend Mary. The best part of her training is the Unique Cheat-sheet Concept used for every topic. Thank you, Mary, There is a great balance between theory & practice and the concepts are clearly and professionally explained. You have done a wonderful job. I will surely recommend the training to all my colleagues and friends."

"Amazing documents to facilitate you if you coming from NON - IT background helps you to understand what kind of questions you will be asked and prepared you well. Most of the jobs do require basic experience and these resume documents give you outright insight. Highly Recommend!!!!"

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mary for designing and delivering such an invaluable and insightful resume and interview training session. Irrespective of professional background, Mary's passionate training has proven to be essential particularly to streamline WD prospects and generically useful for holistic interview process. Many thanks for your excellent training!!"

"It is always great pleasure to learn from Mary as her teaching is very simplified and she makes teaching fun and easy. I never imagined Workday Studio would be so easy to understand and learn. I strongly recommend you learn Workday topics from Mary and will continue my journey of learning with her as and when I get more time. Thank you, Mary, I really appreciate all your dedication and passion for teaching. I hope to stay connected and continue the learning journey further more ahead in the future."

"My skill set is Functional/Technical and was concerned about how much coding would be required in building an assembly.   I was relieved to find that I could track with Mary and perform the practices.   It gave me a great understanding of how to build assemblies and the functions, expressions to use and repeatable core components.   Since she had different levels of students she would slow down for those that needed more time.   This is my 2nd class with Mary and she really cares about her students learning and being successful."

"I am one of the lucky ones that got the chance to attend the Instructor Led HCM training from Mary. The training was superb and I genuinely enjoyed every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. Her training gives us real-time experience I have attended several pieces of training before but I can't recall any of them having such a strong impact. I was particularly impressed with the practical use of the material presented especially Cheatsheet and class videos. This is exactly what anyone would expect from training and only Mary can provide you with. I will surely recommend this training to all my colleagues and friends. I, myself attending multiple courses from her and would love to attend future training organized or featured by you. You have taken time out of your busy schedule and I appreciate your efforts, Mary. Thank you"

"Mary is a very good trainer, with her huge experience, training becomes similar to On-job training and more interesting. She knows practical challenges that help to understand the logic better. I must admit, This training not like usual ones, totally different from which one can benefit for sure. Special thanks to Mary because taking out time from her busy schedule and teaching us is appreciated. Looking forward to attending another module. Thanks,"
Mobinul Hossain

"Hi, I decided to take the Workday course with Mary and it was the best decision among other options. I felt very comfortable with the unique style of training with detail-oriented courses that are great. The cheat sheet and related documents it provides are excellent. Plus, her great attitude with positive energy inspires you to achieve your goal. I'm glad to be a part of Mary's students. I am Mexican and I want to mention that Mary's English is very fluent and clear in case any Hispanic is interested in registering for the courses."

"The professionalism, domain knowledge, and delivery skills of Mary made the course worthwhile. The flow of the course was excellent. Workday course materials provided by workday training online were satisfactory and online training delivery was effective. You people are doing a good job! Thanks for the opportunity Pinky."

"Any Module in Workday, Mary is the only person who can make us walk through it because she has that expertise in the workday and her vast experience from many projects that she was involved in.  No matter if you are a fresher or experienced. She can solve the problems and queries from the shoes of the student's view. The method of teaching  Workday advanced HCM training was impressive and well-organized. I THANK Mary for the wonderful magnificent live training Sessions. I will recommend Mary for anyone who is looking for Workday training ."
Shashikanth D