ERP Cloud Training  FAQ

1. What is ‘Workday’?

Workday provides highly accessible, adaptable and reliable cloud-based ERP applications for Human Capital Management (HCM), Payroll, Financial Management and Analytics. Its user friendly interface is used to perform critical and analogical functions.

2. I’m still not familiar with the term ‘ERP’. 

“ERP” is an acronym for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and is a generic industry term for integrated suites of business systems (such as payroll, HR, and finance systems).

3. Do I need any prior experience to enroll in this course?

No. You absolutely do not need any kind of experience to enroll for this course.

4. Are there any other prerequisites to enroll in this training?

The mere ability to read these sets of FAQ makes you eligible to join our training.

5. What are the potential job opportunities after the completion of this course?

a) Internal projects: Projects owned and led by us for end clients. We will recommend you and place you directly in the project.
b) External Vendors: We have been working with these third party vendors for the past 30 years and they send us the requirements for the job. We will forward the vendor positions for you to apply directly.
c) Direct Client: We will refer you for full-time positions with our direct clients.

6. I need to know what I’m getting into. Do you provide any free courses?

We provide free courses for all modules. Please sign up in our home page to get enrolled in any of our Free Courses.

7. Do you provide Placement and Job Support after the completion of this course?

We will take care of your Placement by marketing your resume and provide unlimited job support. We only place our students in remote (work from home) jobs. Our training is in high demand due to abundant opportunities, high pay and quality training. There are a lot of workday jobs in the market for the next 30 years.

8. Do I have to pay for placement or certification?

No, you don’t have to make any kind of payment for recruitment or certification.

    • 9. How long should I wait to get a job?
    • Most of the Workday jobs are remote (work from home).  So, irrespective of the location, you can be placed. You will be placed during the course of the training. It depends upon your ability and perseverance. You will be ready anytime during the training period. There will be no time lag and you do not even have to wait for the training to be completed.

      Career gap: Do not worry about career gap, we will help you get placed in remote projects and suggest ways to be placed without any issues.

10. I’m a Fresher. Will it make any difference with regard to Placement opportunities?

No, it won’t make any difference at all. There are a lot of jobs in Workday for everybody.

11. I’m completely new to Workday. What course should I choose?

We suggest the Workday HCM course. It starts from the basics and provides in-depth training in technical and functional aspects of the software. It is a one-stop solution for requirements like onboarding, recruiting, learning and development, compensation benchmarking, payroll, benefits, time off and analytics.

12. I have already worked with Finance related ERPs (PeopleSoft/Oracle/SAP/Success Factors). How will Workday be beneficial to me?

You can join our Workday Finance Course to transition your skills to the Workday software. It will definitely increase your exposure to cloud computing and expand the set of potential job opportunities. However, it is recommended to take the Workday HCM course before opting for Finance in order to be more familiar with the structure and framework of Workday.

13. I have already completed the Workday HCM course. Are there other courses to improve my proficiency?

Yes, you can either opt for our Workday Integration course or Workday Studio Training to increase your skills set and efficiency. More knowledge would pave ways to greater opportunities.

14. What are the different courses that I can enroll for?

Check out all the available courses and enroll for your favorite one now!

15. Could you tell me more about the Workday HCM course?

All modules related to Workday HCM and overview of Workday data conversion, reporting, integration, project management, release management and change management will be taught. In addition to this Resume creation, Interview preparation and Job support will be provided.
We will improve your efficiency and teach you how to ensure compliance, and make better decisions based on real-time insights and keep up with business and regulatory changes from a single system. Our Workday course focuses on comprehensive insights from the software. 

16. Does Workday Financial Management include Workday HCM?

No, both are different courses pertaining to separate streams of expertise.

17.What are the job roles available for me after I complete the Workday HCM course?

There are different roles for which a Workday professional gets hired. They include:

    •          -> Workday Analyst
    •          -> Workday Consultant
    •          -> Workday Architect
    •          -> Workday Project Manager
    •          -> Workday Functional Consultant
    •          -> Workday Security
    •          -> Workday Solution Architect
    •          ->  Workday Integration Business Analyst
    •          -> Workday Reports Business Analyst
    •          -> Workday Business Process Admin
    •          -> Workday Engagement Manager
    •          -> Workday Change Management Consultant

18. As a Workday specialist, what would be the range of my remuneration?

Pay rate: 100 to 450 dollars per hour (Contract)
Full time: 100 K to 300 K per annum

19. Is the training completely online?

Yes, it consists only of remote learning. Workday Jobs are also mostly remote jobs. You need not commute anywhere.

20. What is the course schedule and duration?

There are two ways to get certified. We cover 5 different certifications in the HCM course.

Workday Customers can certify you through the Workday Pro Accreditation program. 
Workday Pro is a customer-focused accreditation program targeted at individuals who want to actively engage and work side by side with the ecosystem on a path to develop a similar level of knowledge and expertise. It consists of a number of tracks, each with relevant courses and an exam. This program is designed for select individuals with exceptional technical and functional expertise, who are able to commit their time and monetary investment needed to complete this program successfully.

Workday Sponsors can sponsor you for certification.
We will refer you to Workday partners and Customers for you to be hired and certified directly. You do not have to pay for placement and certification. We have certified many students and are in contact with all certified partners and customers for certification and placement opportunities.

21. What is the difference between Workday End- User training and Functional training?
End user training is targeted for end users and consist of data entry, HCM transactions (hire, rehire, term, etc.).  However, functional training is for a functional consultant who can configure in Workday to implement software modules from scratch. In our training, you will learn how to become an expert Functional Consultant. 

22. Do you have any payment plans or installment payment methods?
We do not have payment plan or installment payment method at this time. Kindly, check back with us later.

23. Do you provide sample resumes and interview questions?

Yes, we do provide sample resumes for each type of Workday job and 500 + interview questions. 

24. Why should I choose Workday over other ERP competitors (Oracle Cloud, SAP, Success Factors and PeopleSoft)?
Workday was built for the cloud. From the beginning, it could push faster updates, contained better data analytics tools, and had a more user-friendly user interface. Workday is economical than Success Factors and all the competitors since it started from a plain white board and built a giant ERP. Oracle's on premise systems needed extensive modernization to compete with the cloud giants. Oracle acquired multiple ERP products and it has lot of issues syncing their functions and unifying the product. PeopleSoft was acquired by Oracle so it is not in the market anymore. SAP is old, expensive and hard to learn.
25. I have read all the FAQ. But my questions still remain unanswered.

We’re always here to answer any more questions that you may have.
Call us at +1 (214) 872 7517 (US)      + 91 956 604 8693(INDIA)
 Mail us at

26. Is there a money back guarantee or refund for your services?

The nature of this work is that we develop a high quality program with priceless software downloadable documents, application access, practical sessions and real time materials. The practice with money-back guarantee or refund has proven students to be less invested both financially and professionally. Students who have the passion and are positive with the program and who follow our protocol get the best results. And sometimes the seeds planted during the training process bring fruits immediately or later depending on their cooperation. If the students do not cooperate we are not responsible for the refund. So my answer is - NO, we don't offer a refund. If you have any legal questions please contact Our attorneys will review your scenario and will approach legally per terms and conditions. 

27. How will I get a job if i am a fresher?

You will get a job because this training will impart knowledge that equals ten years of experience. It will teach you to think out of the box and prepare you for jobs with 60 hours of instructor led training by an expert trainer who has trained nearly 50,000 students globally. Our trainer is an expert par excellence with 30 years of experience in ERP and 15 Years of experience with Workday, who will work along with you to help you land the job of your dreams.