Workday provides highly accessible, adaptable and reliable cloud-based ERP applications for Human Capital Management (HCM), Payroll, Financial Management, Analytics and Spend Management. Its user friendly interface is used to perform critical and analogical functions.

The mere ability to read these sets of FAQ makes you eligible to join our training. You absolutely do not need any kind of experience to enroll for this course. Basic English is enough to do this course.

Yes, it consists only of remote learning. You need not commute anywhere.

We advise you to take the live course. In the live course, Mary hand-picks modules that are hot in the market and curates them to fit the current requirements of the job market, so that you could land a job as soon as you complete our training.

Choose a module that is currently hot in the market. Learning more than one module will make you versatile and keep up with the growing demands of the market. By learning 10 different modules, you will be significantly more capable, paving the way for you to learn the remaining modules on your own.

The batch strength is limited because we want to provide individual attention to our students and make the class as interactive as possible.

We offer our live course for 60 hours, and along with it, you get a free preparatory course for about 40 hours, that serves as a prelude to Mary's teaching style and the course content of the live course.

The live course combined with the prep amounts to 100 hours' worth of expert training. So what you are paying is very little when compared to what you would be gaining from this monumental 100 hours of training that deep-dives into all the concepts that would make you an expert.

*  Mary is an expert who is billed at $500 per hour.
*  100 hours of training from Mary worth $50,000.
*  24/7 Tenant Access worth $300 for free.
*  Free Mentorship and Career Guidance program worth $10,000.
*  Placement and certification valued at $3500 for free.

All of this value, up to $65,000, is offered to you for an unbeatable 99% discounted price of $549.

We recommend that you enroll in our current live course, as it is exclusively curated with 10 modules that are relevant to the current job market. Learning it will enhance your resume as you can project your expertise in the hardest and hottest 10 modules of Workday.

The live class will begin only after completion of prep course. The prep course is a free addition to the live course that we are providing as a gesture of good will. Before the live class begins, we strongly advise you to find time to finish the prep. It functions similarly to a warm-up before a marathon.

End user training is targeted for end users and consist of data entry, HCM transactions (hire, rehire, term, etc.). However, functional training is for a functional consultant who can configure in Workday to implement software modules from scratch. In our training, you will learn how to become an expert Functional Consultant.

We do not have payment plan or installment payment method at this time. Kindly, check back with us later.

You don’t need to know coding for Workday.

*  Workday, a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) and financial application, is known for its user-friendliness and speed of deployment. In its field, Workday is a trailblazing company and a thought leader. It was established by the same individuals who founded PeopleSoft following Oracle's hostile takeover of PeopleSoft.

*  Oracle has a strong focus on enterprise resource planning and supply chain management and provides a variety of integrated applications for different industries.

*  SAP is a traditional ERP that offers a range of integrated applications for businesses of all sizes, including finance, human resources, supply chain, and customer relationship management.

*  PeopleSoft was built on a client-server paradigm with a dedicated client before being acquired by Oracle. Since the hostile take-over of Oracle, PeopleSoft remains dead and is no-longer considered an active competitor among the rest.

                      Workday is a cloud-based solution, so it can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, which eliminates the need for on-site hardware and IT support. Furthermore, Workday's subscription-based business model provides a flexible, scalable solution that can adjust to a company's changing needs. To assist organizations in managing their finances, the platform also provides a variety of collaboration and reporting tools. Workday, is therefore a better choice if you want to be more productive and effective.

You will get a job through our placement assistance. Once you enroll in our course, you will start receiving job emails. Mary will provide you with hands-on training and expert guidance with 10 years of real-time experience that will get you career ready. You can draft a resume based on your experience and customize it to fit the position you opt for. Once you start applying, the clients will contact you if you meet their requirements. It doesn't matter if you are a fresher or experienced. There are people who actively hire freshers because they think out of the box and the retention rate is quite high among freshers.

Once you complete our training you will be placed in remote, full-time/contract jobs. You can work as a Workday functional consultant or as a technical consultant across HCM, Finance, Supply Chain and Student modules.

We will take care of your placement once you enroll. Our training is in high demand due to abundant placement opportunities. Workday survived the pandemic, recession, and layoffs. So it is here to stay for the next thirty years. There are a lot of workday jobs in the market for the next 30 years. After completing our training, you could be placed in one of our three modes of placement. They are:

a) Internal projects: In internal project placement we will recommend and place you directly in projects owned and led by us for our end-user clients.
b) External Vendors: We have been working with these third party vendors for the past 30 years and they send us the requirements for the job. We will forward the vendor positions to you so you can apply directly. c) Direct Client: We will refer you to our direct clients for full-time positions.

Once you get placed you will work directly with the client hired and paid directly by them.

You don’t have to make any kind of payment for recruitment or certification

Pay rate: 100 to 450 dollars per hour (Contract)
Full time: 100 K to 300 K per annum

Yes, we do provide sample resumes for each type of Workday job and 500 + interview questions.

The nature of this work is that we develop a high quality program with priceless software downloadable documents, application access, practical sessions and real time materials. The practice with money-back guarantee or refund has proven students to be less invested both financially and professionally. Students who have the passion and are positive with the program and who follow our protocol get the best results. And sometimes the seeds planted during the training process bring fruits immediately or later depending on their cooperation. If the students do not cooperate we are not responsible for the refund. So my answer is - NO, we don't offer a refund. If you have any legal questions please contact Our attorneys will review your scenario and will approach legally per terms and conditions.

Our unique feature is our real-time implementation methodology, where Mary demonstrates the real life cycle of a project implementation.

The most unique aspect of this training is that you will get real-time project experience which will deep dive you into the following phases of the project viz. planning, design, configure, test and deploy cycles. It is an experience that you would gain by mimicking real-world scenarios. Mary will give you hands-on experience during our training by demonstrating how to implement a real project.

Workday implementation methodology is to plan, design, configure, test, and deploy, which she will demonstrate via implementing real-time projects.

Learning 10 different modules will pave way for you to learn 40 different modules on your own. Once you learn all 40 different modules in Workday you would become an absolute expert and gain job security for life.

Your prior experience will make you experienced and help you seamlessly transition to Workday. To enhance your previously gained experience, enroll in any of our courses and gain 10 years of experience through quality training from an expert with 30 years of experience. Elevate your knowledge and skill-set. Gain in-depth understanding of what Workday is and use it to your advantage and project experience based on your comfort zone.

This training is intended for both freshers and experienced candidates. Despite the fact that it is advanced, Mary breaks down this training into three levels: basics, mid-level, and advanced. That way, freshers will gain a better grasp of her training and emerge with thorough knowledge. By the end of this training, you will have gained both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, as she teaches you to be both book smart and street smart.

*  Enroll in our rigorous curriculum and get placed with free job support.
*  From the first day of enrollment, you will start receiving emails with links to jobs where you can apply.
*  Apply to these jobs by retrofitting your resume for the job description.
*  You’ll get a call back once the client finds your profile suitable for their job.
*  After the call back, you will be interviewed.
*  Go through our sample interview questions for practice.
*  For our internal jobs there are no interviews.
*  You will be hired based on your profile by our clients.
*  You will be hired by our clients and work directly for them
*  After placement, our client or partner will certify you.
*  We will offer you free job support as required

This is our route to placement.

You will get placed once you are ready. To be ready, you need to enroll in our training and work toward upskilling. You will begin receiving job emails from the first day of your enrollment. Apply for the jobs once you gain the confidence to handle the job responsibilities. Draft resumes based on the job requirements.

Have a resume specializing in each module and use it accordingly. Remember this each job comes with a different set of responsibilities. Your resume should be customized to retrofit each job. Once the client feels satisfied with your profile and finds you suitable, you will get a callback. Until then, keep on applying. To summarize, these are the steps for getting a job.

*  Get trained, prepare resume for each Workday module
*  Apply for a job by updating the resume to retrofit the job profile.
*  The client will get in touch with you if they think your profile is right for the job.
*  Attend Interview for external projects.
*  For internal projects there is no interview.
*  Client selects you based on your interview performance.
*  Join whenever you are ready and work with the client.

Our course structure combined with our real-time implementation methodology will let you project 10 years of experience that will give you an edge over the more experienced candidates. People hire freshers because they think out of the box and the retention rate is high among freshers compared to experienced candidates. They want a fresh mind that challenges traditional ways of thinking. Mary will teach you to think out of the box and prepare you for jobs with 60 hours of instructor-led training by an expert trainer who has trained nearly 50,000 students globally.

Internal Projects are projects owned by our clients which was given to Mary. Once you complete your training Mary will recommend you to the client if you meet the client's requirements. We will recommend you to our clients who will broadcast jobs daily and you can apply for those jobs retro-fitting your resume to fit the job description. We have 2000+ clients who are in-need of resources. Once you apply and catch the eye of the recruiter you are sure to get placed in our internal project without interviews.

Mary has 30 years of experience in ERP and 15 years in Workday. She will teach with her 30 years of experience and make you think big. Through her training, you will learn each module from scratch. In this training, you will be guided personally and professionally by her, which will lead you to gain practical knowledge, real-time knowledge, and end-to-end implementation. All of these add up to 10 years' worth of experience.

Workday is the current hot cake in the market, and it is here to stay for the next 30 years. It survived the pandemic, recession, and layoffs. If you get thorough training and proper guidance, you could easily ace Workday and stay on top of your game for the next 30 years. Learning one or ten modules from Mary will give you the skill that is required for you to learn other modules on your own. All you need to do is retrofit your resume to the job requirements and apply to any Workday position. That way, you could survive in Workday across any modules for a long time without any bench time.

Mary has 30 years of experience in ERP and 15 years in Workday. She will impart all of her experience and knowledge to you while you are in the training. You will have accumulated ten years of experience after the training. It is up-to you project somewhere between 0 to 10 years of experience.

Internal projects are projects that are given to Mary by our reputed clients around the globe. We recommend our students to our clients to hire them in internal projects owned by us. We build rapport with our clients by providing qualified resources. We train to hire people in our internal project(s). All you have to do is, to apply for the job positions that we send and get hired without interviews.

Internal projects are multi-million dollar projects that are given to Mary by one of her many reputable clients. In this training, we train to hire people. Mary helps her clients by giving them resources; in turn, her clients provide her with projects to run and our students get placed in remote full-time contract jobs without an interview. It is a win-win deal for all three parties involved. To get hired on these projects, you directly apply, and the client hires you on my projects if you fit our job profile. Mary is not a vendor, and once you are hired, you will work directly with the client.

Workday certification is for individuals who want to demonstrate their knowledge and proficiency in using Workday software. There are two types of Workday certification available. They are Workday Pro and Workday Partner Certification.

*  Workday Pro Certification is customer-centered training that aids businesses in improving their Workday proficiency and independence.
*  It includes courses and an online exam and is divided into tracks that correspond to the different Workday product areas.
*  Employees of Workday customers who aspire to possess exceptional technical and functional expertise are eligible for the program.
*  Keep in mind that it is only available to employees; it is not available to independent contractors or the Workday consulting ecosystem.

*  Workday Partner Certification is a program designed to recognize and certify the competency and expertise of Workday consulting partners and their consultants.
*  As part of the certification process, partners and their consultants must successfully complete training, gain practical experience, and pass an online assessment to demonstrate that they possess the skills and knowledge required to offer Workday customers high-quality implementation and support services.
*  You must work for one of Workday's partner companies in order to receive a certification from them. The company will enroll you for the certification and cover the cost.

Certification is not mandatory to get a job. You could get placed and earn 150-450$ without any certification.

We’re always here to answer any more questions that you may have. Call us at +1 (214) 872 7517 (US) + 91 956 604 8693(INDIA) Mail us at