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workday payroll integration training

Placement and Job Support

Workday Certification Assistance

Implementation of real-time projects

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What you will learn

  1. No prerequisites
  2. Flexible schedule to fit your needs
  3. Priceless downloadable certified documents (PDF, PPT, Visio's, DOC)
  4. 24/7 access to course curriculum for limited duration
  5. 24*7 Workday Tenant access
  6. Hands-on support from the trainer
  7. 500-page cheat sheets with step by step guides are provided
  8. 70+ Real-world projects, examples and case studies  
  9. Interview preparation, Job placement, and Support
  10. Remote job placement support with this training 
  11. 500 Interview questions 
  12. Sample resumes for every Workday job
  1. Learn the Basics, foundation, and Essentials of Workday framework
  2. 10 years of real-time Workday live project experience by our expert
  3. Cheat sheets with step by step guides are provided 
  4. Learn the Workday Payroll Integrations (PICOF, PECI, XML, XSLT, Document Transformation)
  5. Learn about Payroll Interface, Integration Services and Change Detection
  6. Method of placement: Internal client projects, External vendors, Direct  full time client or partner referrals
  7. Workday Certification assistance and referral for immediate certification
  8. Take your career to the next level!
  9. After this course, you will have the skills to start a successful career in Workday HCM, PICOF - PECI.

Who this course is for?

➤  Absolutely no experience is required. You will have expertise in all the topics of HCM fundamental concepts and advanced concepts of PICOF-PECI.
➤  People who want a successful career in Workday.
➤  Anyone who wants to become Workday consultant with practical skills of Workday implementation.
➤  People who are determined and passionate and want to excel in their career.

Job Positions to apply after Workday Payroll Integration Training

  1. Workday Integration Consultant
  2. Workday Techno-Functional Consultant
  3. Workday Project Manager
  4. Workday Engagement Manager
  5. Workday Integration Lead
  6. Workday HCM Consultant

Course Summary


Our Workday Payroll Integration Training enables trainees to connect with a third-party payroll vendor to send and receive payroll data. It is inclusive of methods on building a full-stack integration using the Payroll Effective Change Interface integration and a top-of-stack integration using the Payroll Interface integration template. If you dream to become a Workday functional consultant, then you are in the right place. This course is comprehensive with real-time based scenarios delivering practical value to aspirant Workday Professionals. Our intensive training build confidence to hit the job markets and easily clear interviews. This comprehensive in depth training consists of lectures and practice access covering the configuration, functionality, and features of Workday PICOF-PECI.

Workday Payroll Integration Training prepares trainees to set up payroll-related data in Workday and configure both PI and PECI integrations to meet a range of potential customer needs. Concepts covered include setting up the tenant for third-party payroll, configuring a PI system to output top of stack data, configuring a PECI system to output effective stack data, choosing the appropriate connector based on requirements, analyzing output based on upstream functional changes and transforming output using document transformation.

This Workday Payroll Integration Training course will explain the impact of launch parameters, including change detection, on the data included in a payroll extract. Various fields of Workday payroll integration are covered including change detection overview, change detection pattern and staffing events, viewing a primary integration system, launching or scheduling an integration run, change detection FAQs, enabling auditing, viewing audit files and the like. It is always advisable to learn Workday HCM before enrolling for this training.

Period Schedule

A Period Schedule shows how periods are defined by specified start and end dates, their frequency, and where the schedule is used in the system. Trainees would be taught how to define a period schedule and frequency for employee payment, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This is how Payroll Interface calculates and distributes payment. Pay periods are derived from the Period Schedule.

Run Category

Each Pay Group is assigned a Run Category. Pay Groups used for Payroll Interface may only have a single Run Category. A Run Category may only have one Period Schedule. The Period Schedule defines the start and end dates of the pay periods. In the setup, indicate that the Run Category is used in Payroll Interface.

Pay Group

Pay Groups identify who to pay, the pay frequency, and which payments to process by tying together the Pay Period and Run Category previously defined. Get started with Payroll Interface by creating an integration system using the Payroll Interface template. Concepts would be inclusive of basic setup including assigning an Integration System User (ISU), enabling integration services, and defining the attributes required for the integration to run. 

Payroll Integration

Our students would get a good grasp of recalling basic components and the structure of integration systems, creating and assigning an Integration System User (ISU) to a PI system, applying their knowledge of integration systems to create a PI system, selecting the Integration Services and Attributes required for a PI system launch, creating and running an ad-hoc Payroll Interface system from the PI template, configuring field attributes to include data in the output, mapping Workday values to the output required by the third-party payroll system, comparing pay period selection options as well as comparing ad-hoc and primary integration runs. 

Integration Services

Specify which categories of data to include in the output file(s) and services to include, such as change detection and launch parameters. Note that Payroll Interface and PI Launch Parameters are required and enabled by default. The Transaction Log Service is not enabled by default, but is required for change detection processing. We will see how additional options are available for configuration once enabled in Integration Services. 

Change Detection

The change detection ensures that only relevant changes are captured by the integration and passed to the payroll system. Students would learn how to recognize the difference between future-dated, current-dated, and retroactive data, explain the role of pay period, entry, and effective dates in change detection, predict which changes will be included in an extract, based on the change detection method and dates, identify the ways in which primary integration runs interact with pay period status and identify the purpose of the Transaction Log in change detection for PI. You can also check out our other technical courses like Workday reporting, calculated fields and advanced reporting or functional courses like Workday Finance.

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Highly Qualified Trainer

The trainer Mary explains the concepts very well and anybody can understand Mary's class. She is explaining concepts deeply. Actually I am new to workday and I joined the course. She is also a mentor and a very good motivator. I was satisfied with the course material. Thank you, Mary. -Kranthi

7 months ago
Top Notch Expertise, Access, and Materials

There was a minimum of 3 things that I was looking for as a must-have for me to feel that my money was well spent on taking a course: expertise, access, and materials. Workday Training Online hit a home run with all three... 1. It was obvious from the very start and all the way throughout that Mary is the textbook definition of being the expert with Workday. The breadth and depth of her expertise covering so many areas are mind-blowing. 2. As far as “access”, every area she was trying to teach us, she performed all the tasks in real-time in a real environment right before our eyes. And then we had access to an environment to be able to practice throughout the course timeline. 3. The extent of the materials she provides probably surprised me the most. The materials are voluminous, very detailed, and comprehensive. There is no way that anything she said she would cover in the curriculum is not backed up by the extensive documentation given to us to keep. I am convinced this is the right option for me to continue pursuing Workday training and I will be signing up for additional course work. Thank you, Mary. -Charles

7 months ago
Unique Learning experience

Marry 's teaching Style is different and very unique. She is very knowledgeable I really like the reading material & cheat sheets are very helpful in revising. I recommend it to everyone who is really looking to learn something extra and new. -Naveeda

7 months ago
Great Experience

Good Learning experience, I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in Workday. Mary is very much commited to her students. Class always started on time. Mary has provided with loads of exhaustable material and explains everything in detail. -Yazka

7 months ago
Great Knowledge Sharing with amazing encouragement

It was an incredible learning experience throughout the extensive training process led by Mary, a great instructor who always encourages and guides in the best possible way. Her knowledge sharing with Loads of training materials really gives a great insight to have a command over the tool and instills confidence in you to rise as the best. -Sawan

7 months ago
Great Learning

Great privilege to write this review about training of Mary. Mary structured her training program in such a way that students get involved actively in the learning by attending the Prep Course before she starts the live sessions. Attending the Payroll Integration course helped me to build my knowledge on Workday technical before attending the live sessions. While taking the live sessions Mary is focused on delivering the complete information required for the topic without worrying how much time she is spending on the topic. She always provides additional information in the class though it was not mentioned in the course curriculum. As a trainer she provides the comfort to her students to raise their doubts and recommends the best practices for learning and how to navigate through the system on their own. She always encourages and motivates her students to push their learning boundaries to achieve greater results. Good course content and a natural interest for teaching. I am very happy that I joined Mary’s Live Program. Thanks a lot Mary for making my learning joyful, interesting, very practical, and easy to understand. -PraveenKumar

7 months ago
Excellent course and great instructor

Mary is a experienced trainer who provides high quality training with lots of examples that showcase her deep knowledge of Workday. There is extensive course material and the cheat sheets are particularly useful as a reference guide. It has been a challenging but very useful course! -Mei Mei

7 months ago
Good learning experience

Mary is very knowledgeable and explained the topics in detail such a way that any one from novice to experts can understand. Her method of teaching is very good and I am benefited out of this course. -Kiran

7 months ago
Great learning experience, from a caring instructor!

Mary has provided essential group instruction that feels personalized. She is a dedicated instructor who offers so much more than materials, but practical training for me to tangibly grasp foreign concepts through use of the tenant. As a student, I am truly grateful for the exposure and guidance she extends. It shows a true sacrifice on her part as she goes beyond to make sure her students have the tools to succeed. I have confidentiality recommended her to many, as her HCM instruction is invaluable. -Monica

7 months ago
Good Instructions and thorough knowlege=Mary

As a newbie to Workday, I explored many places and ended up in Mary's class and very happy with my decision. With loads of materials provided and interactive live class I would definitely say I benefited from her class. She gives time for question and answer sessions and would go over them very patiently. I have become more inclined to pursue Workday as my career because of her guidance and Instructions! - Pragadha Radhakrishnan

7 months ago
Excellent Training

I took the Training for Workday Payroll Integration The training material provided was the detailed one. Our trainer showed more than one example to explain the Concept. I recommend highly to any one who want to master the workday - Ramu

7 months ago
Well worth the money and effort!

The HCM, Payroll Integration, and Advanced Reporting training is well worth exploring if you want a boost in your career or need a change. The training is thorough and challenging. I feel confident that I will secure a position with the knowledge gained. I believe it was well worth the money and effort I invested. The instructor, Mary Kavin, has an excellent comprehension of the subjects. She was able to put forth the material to challenge your troubleshooting skills. -Linda

7 months ago
Mary, Mary, Mary!

Mary is a very knowledgeable professional, with over 20 years under her belt, working on various Technology enablers like PeopleSoft and Workday, in various Roles. I have attended several online Training programs and if you ask me what my one-single peeve is, it is this: Classes do not start on time, AND the Classes keep getting canceled after the Student have waited for over 30 minutes, all the time. NOT so with Mary's classes - she is on time, every time, for every single class - I did not see a class getting canceled, ever. To me, this shows Character and Commitment of the Trainer to her Students and to what she does! She answers every single question that is thrown at her - believe me when I say this: I have seen her Class chock-full -  the Program I am in has close to 70 students, and she methodically goes from Student to Student to answer queries. Her course-material is overwhelming - so much to read and absorb. In addition to attending her long weekend sessions, practicing daily, and reading through her material - it is grueling and not for the faint of heart... -Murali

7 months ago
Very good training & Content

I was searching for Workday training for a long time, I went through various online training provide for workday and take the demos. But when I take a demo from Mary I decide to take a training from Mary. Mary is greater trainer and the content provided by Mary is very helpful and easy to understand and also she will help you to guide on career path as well. I will definitely enrolled in other courses delivered by Mary. -Faraz

7 months ago
Valuable Training

The course curriculum and materials were very comprehensive, some knowledge of HCM and payroll concepts may be required. Overall the instructor shows great passion and excellent knowledge of the subject matter. I'll recommend same to anyone interested in upskilling in workday. -Olu

7 months ago
High Quality Training

I taken HCM function and enrolled in Payroll Integration and Advanced Reporting Course, the material that Marry has provided very details and very useful while working in project as well. It has all the stuff one needs to enhance his or her knowledge for workday i have never attended any training like that before. I would recommend everyone who looking to start Workday as career this is the place to start.. Thanks you Mary for your excellent teaching skills and training us. -Ram

7 months ago
Highly Recommended

I’d like to take this chance to thank you for being such a remarkable teacher. I’m grateful for your patience and knowledge in Workday and presentation skills, which you have passed down to us. Also, I appreciate the countless friendly email reminders you’ve sent us about various job openings. It has been a really great experience with you during the Payroll Integration and Advanced Reporting Training. And I appreciate all the efforts you put into every lesson. In addition, I do enjoy your lesson because of your passion in teaching. So, I hope that you’d continue to be inspiring because I have learnt a lot of things from you. -Abdul

7 months ago
Very Knowledgeable and Very Good Training.

I took the training for WORKDAY Payroll Integration and Advanced Reporting. Our trainer Mary was very knowledgeable with great real-time experience. The training sessions are very interactive with lots of hands-on training. Also, she would give enough time to answer all the queries. Very knowledgeable. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn and excel in Workday with or without any prior experience. -Ganga

7 months ago
Best Quality Training.

This is my first live course training with this trainer. She has provided required materials for the course and made the concepts easy to understand during the live class. And also provided additional information apart from the course curriculum.Thanks Mary! -Srikanth

7 months ago
Very professional, well organized and knowledgeable!!!

This is THE place for your WD learning path. These courses are designed so meticulously to learn and apply in real time. Mary is a great trainer!! -Ravi

7 months ago
Best Course to get into Workday!

This is my second Live course with Trainer Mary and I'm very pleased to provide this review as this is a power packed course to get into Workday (or) Learn a new skill if already into Workday. The Payroll Integration will be an added advantage for Beginners as well as Experienced Professionals. Mary designed the Course so well that even a Beginner can learn it at ease. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who's planning to start a career in Workday. Thanks for all your efforts Mary. -Sai Prasanth

7 months ago


7 months ago
Well Organized and Structured Training!

I had been on the lookout for a good WD trainer for last 2 years and finally undertook Payroll Integration and Advanced Reporting live training from Mary. What impressed me the most was the organized and structured approach that Mary follows while training a big batch of students. Her training is more practical than theoretical, covering vast scenarios that she patiently took us through and provided cheat sheets after every class to help with quick reference anytime later. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be a part of the Workday world. -Nargita

7 months ago
Excellent Program by highly qualified trainer backed with good course content

It is a great privilege to write this review for my favorite trainer Mary. Prior to this program I attended two more programs (HCM Live session and Integration) Mary taught, fascinated with her teaching skills from the beginning I have decided to take up the unique program “Payroll Integration and Advanced Reporting Program”. She has delivered the program in a complete practical way to ensure that all the students understand the concept thoroughly. Mary is focused on delivering the complete information required for the topic without worrying how much time she is spending on the topic. As a trainer she provides the comfort to her students to raise their doubts and recommends the best practices for learning and how to navigate through the system on their own. Mary’s teaching style is very practical and easy to follow for students come from all backgrounds. She is one of the best professional trainers I have seen in my career. In addition to regular course materials and sample design documents she also provides cheat sheets which are helpful to refer when you really need during your practice. I highly recommend Mary's Workday Courses to all Workday aspirants as I feel it is very difficult to find a trainer like Mary backed with extensive real time experience, good course content and a natural interest for teaching. I am very happy that I joined Mary’s Live Program. Thanks a lot Mary for making my learning joyful, interesting, very practical, and easy to understand – Anil Akuri

7 months ago
High Quality Training

I come from non-IT background and enrolled in Payroll Integration and Advanced reporting training,Mary is very oriented , passionate with abundant knowledge.The curriculum was organized perfectly and the materials which has been provided was very detailed and has high quality. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn workday -Venkata

7 months ago
High -Quality Training !

I have started as a fresher initially and now enrolled in the advanced level of Workday course. Mary is very detail oriented, passionate and brings lot of energy in the class. With the abundant knowledge, Course materials and videos makes this training very effective and high quality. I am certain the knowledge and skills I now have will contribute greatly to the success of my career. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to learn Workday Techno Functional. Thanks Mary – Ketki Giri

7 months ago
An amazing all inclusive training!!

I wanted to learn Workday Payroll Integration and Reporting for quite sometime and was looking for someone who can provide a training. I came across this training and the curriculum looked really appealing to me. Guess what !! I was not disappointed at all. It's not like any typical training where it is more theoretical and less hands on. Here it's all completely hands on. And that's so unique about this training. We are also provided with infinite number of learning materials and cheatsheets. Last but not the least, we are also provided tenant access so that we can practice whatever we learnt. What more to ask !! I truly recommend this course to anyone who is passionate to learn Workday!! - Kiran Sankaran Namboodiri

7 months ago
Best Technical Training Ever!

Most comprehensive technical training course I have ever experienced. I learned more practical, useful info in a single one of Mary's online courses than I ever did in the multi-week, in-person Oracle and IBM courses I've attended. The depth and breadth of the knowledge shared and all of the Workday-specific tips and tricks have given me the confidence that I have what I need to succeed in my new career. - Kelly Lensing

7 months ago
A Class trainer..

I've come across many demos before I landed here and found her demo very promising but she didn't let me down for my decision. I'm happy to come across her website and to learn this wonderful subject from more wonderful tutor.-Nishanth Rao

7 months ago
Wonderful Teaching!

Mary taught me from scratch by easily simple, clear understanding way of teaching , once she started the class without diversion she will finish the class with lot of motivating speech because she will think from students perspective we may have anxiety, which is made me so much confident on myself.. the curriculum is well organised and clear . I was with so much anxiety before joining the class but after finishing the workday Techno functional course it made me with lot courageous and confident on my career and myself. she is the job opportunities everyday through email which is so much good to know vacancies near by me as well as other locations too , i"m so much glad that i found Mary as my instructor . - Hemamalini

7 months ago
Excellent Trainer

I was searching Workday course for a long time, I went through various websites, trainer's profile, institutes, etc. But finally I was able to get it.. Mary, you are a great trainer with clear concepts and great motivator. Your Cheat-sheets are amazing where any fresher can learn Workday at his first glance. This is not ending of my course, hope, I am thinking to take Workday payroll course from you very soon. I know this Workday is such a ocean,to complete all courses it is really difficult, but if you are there, I do not worry.. Learnt payroll integration thoroughly from you. Great. Thank you and will connect with you very soon... Shekhar Dahotre

7 months ago
Great Course

Mary is passionate and thorough instructor. Although class was large she ensured that every question is answered. She brings to table her vast experience in ERP and especially Workday implementation. Her documents/material is very detailed and one get a feel of working in client project. Thanks Mary.-Kaustubh

7 months ago
Advanced Training!

Through this course, I learnt everything from scratch inclusive of payroll change detection, functional payroll modules, worklets and dashboards, different types of reports and customization and all the integration modules in PICOF-PECI. I have never felt so clear about my basics and I feel confident and thorough. I was already part of the Advanced HCM training and thought that I had mastered it all. But there is so much more to learn and Workday is such an ocean of cool stuff! - Catherine Mary

8 months ago
Amazing Instructor!

I joined this course eager to become a part of the team of Workday Techno-Functional Consultants' team. Being a fresher, it was quite difficult in the beginning, but Mary was there to guide me every step of the way in the Live class. She would not end the class until all the questions have been answered satisfactorily. Never seen anybody so kind and patient. And the curriculum of this course has been designed in a wonderful manner. All the PICOF-PECI chapters were explained in a simple way and I totally enjoyed the Advanced Reporting lessons too. It is a boon to be directly trained by Mary! Just began my career as a Workday Techno-Functional Consultant! - Abraham Churchill

8 months ago

       Stephen Jo (ERP Developer)
Recommended Course to become tech savvy in Workday. Easy to Understand and Very Well Organized. The Course is full of practical and valuable for anyone who wants to Enhance their technical Workday Skills. Thanks Mary!. You’ve been so helpful.

      Jenifer Martha (Workday Manager)
Mary is amazing, she is so passionate, her content delivery is extraordinary. I really feel glad that I've grasped a lot of concepts in Workday. Curriculum on Composite Reports, Worklets and Dashboards is very elaborate and understandable. I really appreciate your cheat-sheets which are very clear and detailed and helps me  practice. I really got a chance to kick start my career in Workday and fulfill my goals. Thanks for such a tremendous Workday training.

     Sara William (ERP Developer)
Mary is a super rare talent. Not only does she break down an entire Workday course into the most important points, but she does it in a very edutaining way. They say, you never forget your first teacher. I'd also say that you never forget a teacher who inspires you to learn. The course material is relevant and omits any theory or topics that might cause boredom. Thanks, Mary.

   Sam Mathew (ERP Tester)
Thank you for this course! Gave a very great overview and in-depth training on Third-Party Payroll Connectors, Tenant Setup for External Payroll, Payroll Interface, and Change Detection. Simply and practically said, it was superb. It was very easy to grasp. Your advice and encouragement have helped me to attain great heights in my career.

     Helen Christopher (Workday Analyst)
I got much more than I expected. This course is worth thousands of dollars but I got it at s very economical and discounted price. It’s a power-packed course with the combination of Workday HCM, Payroll Integration, and Advanced Reporting. I am wondering how she delivered such a lot of content for a negligible price. Thanks, Mary!

About Instructor

    • Mary is global ERP implementation expert, director, program manager, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas. She has 30 years experience in ERP with 12 years experience in Workday. She is a certified global lead / solution architect who has led multiple conferences and global projects across 60 countries. She is an expert in implementation, Hypercare, Training, Data conversion, Integrations, Change Management, Project Management and Testing. You will get the best training in the world with valuable training documents and practical real time projects.  
    • Mary has repeatedly demonstrated her capabilities combining business acumen with strong financial discipline, deep design insights and organizational management skills to successfully grow businesses, lead them through successful turnarounds and revitalization, and manage them across all stages of the business life cycle. She has an established track record of increasing both enterprise and cash flow in companies across multiple industries. She is a growth-focused, results-oriented, and solutions-driven leader with proven history of bringing analytical insights and pragmatic solutions to key business challenges.