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Remote Placement and Job Support

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Implementation of real-time projects

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  1. No Prerequisites
  2. Priceless downloadable certified documents (PDF, PPT, Visio's, DOC)
  3. 24*7 Workday Tenant access for the duration of the course
  4. Flexible schedule to fit your needs
  5. Hands-on support from the trainer
  6. 70+ Real-world projects, examples and case studies  
  7. Interview questions 
  8. Sample resumes for Workday job
  9. Interview preparation, Job placement, and Support
  10. 10 years of real-time Workday live project experience by our expert
  11. Cheat sheets with step by step guides are provided 

What you will learn

  1. Learn about Tenant for Prism Data and Discovery Boards
  2. Creating, Editing, Securing, Preparing and Deleting Prism Analytics Data
  3. Discovery Board Concepts and Visualization
  4. Design and configure in Workday in addition to end-user training
  5. Method of placement: Internal client projects, External vendors, Direct  full time client or partner referrals
  6. Workday Certification assistance and referral for immediate certification
  7. Take your career to the next level!
  8. After this course, you will have the skills to start a successful career in Workday Prism Analytics fields.

Who this course is for?

  1. Absolutely no experience is required. You will have expertise in all the topics of Workday Prism Analytics from basic to advanced concepts.
  2. People who want a successful career in Workday.
  3. Anyone who wants to become Workday consultant with practical skills of Workday implementation.
  4. People who are determined and passionate and want to excel in their career.

Job Positions to apply after Workday Prism Analytics Training

  1. Workday Analytics Analyst
  2. Workday HR Analyst
  3. Workday Business Data Analyst
  4. Workday Technical Lead
  5. Workday Report Writer
  6. Workday Reporting Analyst
  7. Workday Reporting Developer
  8. Workday HR Operations Analyst
  9. Workday Financials Reporting Developer

Course Summary


Workday Prism Analytics Training provides trainees with a full picture of their business by empowering analysts to enrich their analytics in Workday with data from any source. Students would learn how to create data pipelines that blend and transform the data using Prism functions. Prism data source can be secured using the configurable security framework so that it can be published for use in Workday reports. Trainees would also be taught how to perform ad hoc analysis in data discovery. It is essential to opt for Workday HCM Training before learning Prism Analytics.


The objectives of Workday Prism Analytics Training include learning the creation of data pipelines , blending and transforming data by adding stages and configuring Prism calculated fields, configuring Prism data source security and publish for consumption in Workday reports and learning how to list strategies for managing Prism data.

Data Management

Data management is an essential part of prism analytics training in Workday. Prism Analytics Data Management Workflow consists of analyzing Workday and non-Workday data together without having to export it into a separate data warehouse and BI (business intelligence) application. This makes analysis faster, easier, more secure, and performed in a location where users can take action. To create a dataset from a Workday report, the report must be an advanced report, be enabled as a web service, be enabled for Prism Analytics and should not include any fields from a related business object that have a many to 1 relationship with the primary business object.

Prism Data Sources

A Prism data source is a type of Workday data source that gets created when a dataset is published. A dataset is a user-defined object in the Prism Analytics Data Catalog that describes transformed data. Workday creates a Prism data source and loads it with the transformed data as configured in the dataset. Typically, datasets blend together Workday and non-Workday data.

Table and Dataset Concepts

A table is a Workday Prism Analytics object that stores (materializes) data and represents it in a tabular format. A table has a user-defined schema and only contains data that's valid against the schema. The data in tables is backed by a distributed columnar data store.  A dataset is a description of the data, otherwise known as metadata. Trainees can create datasets to prepare data for analysis. Each table and dataset field has a field type attribute. The field type is often referred to as a data type in other data applications.

Securing Data in Tables and Datasets

Prism Analytics uses a strong, flexible, and configurable security model to control access to data, objects, and tasks.  Trainees would learn how to have fine-grained control over what they can do with tables and datasets. Sharing tables and datasets is a way to control access to individual tables and datasets.


A visualization is a graphical representation of certain fields selected from a data source. It includes column charts, line charts, tables, or more. Trainees would learn to use vizzes to interactively explore and analyze your data. When multiple vizzes are created on a sheet, trainees can make them related (use the same underlying data) or unrelated (use completely different data). To explore more modules in Workday, one can opt for courses like Workday Report Writer, Calculated Fields and Advanced Reporting Training, Workday Talent and Performance Management Training, and Workday Advanced Compensation Training.

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Ramu Nandam

Excellent Training

I recently took training on "Workday Prism". I am totally new to the Analytics area. But Mary helped me to understand all the related concepts like, Data Sets, Pipelines, Data Catalog, Publishing, Creating Dashboards, and related Security concepts. In addition to providing to regular training Materials, provided a lot of additional training materials that helped to master the Prism, And the Cheat Sheet Documents were unique and helps to learn the subjects fast. I had the unique opportunity to learn one on one with Mary. This is a lifetime experience I will not forget since I learnt a lot from her. Thank you, Mary, You are a Great Trainer.- Ramu

2 years ago
Fiona Bradley

Mary - an Inspirational Mentor..

Workday Prism Analytics training is definitely 5 star plus and I would absolutely recommend to others, the content was extremely beneficial and was so geared to my role, there were so many things I picked up. A detailed explanation of the concepts covered in this training and the teaching methodology was excellent to the core. I was looking for a course that would give me the skills to develop and deliver with confidence and got a lot more! The most inspiring course I have ever completed. Although I had some experience, I learned skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my career. Mary was an inspirational mentor, professional, resourceful, and always willing to help meet our training needs. - Camila Wyatt

2 years ago
Fiona bradley

Brilliant training

I wanted to give feedback on the totally brilliant training I attended. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately. My trainer Mary was very knowledgeable and could answer all questions asked and delivered the course in an interesting format The experience with Workday Training Online from start to end was faultless. I have recommended the course to some of my colleagues. - James Morgan

2 years ago

Jack Parker

ERT Developer

Highly Recommended Workday Course. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Workday Technical Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you Mary!! Very Polite and friendly trainer to clarify the queries with live scenario.

About Instructor

    • Mary is global ERP implementation expert, director, program manager, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas. She has 30 years experience in ERP with 12 years experience in Workday. She is a certified global lead / solution architect who has led multiple conferences and global projects across 60 countries. She is an expert in implementation, Hypercare, Training, Data conversion, Integrations, Change Management, Project Management and Testing. You will get the best training in the world with valuable training documents and practical real time projects.  
    • Mary has repeatedly demonstrated her capabilities combining business acumen with strong financial discipline, deep design insights and organizational management skills to successfully grow businesses, lead them through successful turnarounds and revitalization, and manage them across all stages of the business life cycle. She has an established track record of increasing both enterprise and cash flow in companies across multiple industries. She is a growth-focused, results-oriented, and solutions-driven leader with proven history of bringing analytical insights and pragmatic solutions to key business challenges.