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What you will learn

1. Students will learn to differentiate between leave of absence and time off        and configure leave of absence types.
2. They will also be taught to create logic calculations using calculated fields        to meet leave of absence requirements.
3.  Learners will acquire knowledge on absence type groups to manage                     absence types and learn how to configure leave type segment security.
4.  Managing leaves of absence and editing leave of absence business                         processes would be included in the concepts covered.
5.  Students will learn how to use standard and custom reports to view leave        of absence information and learn the configuration of dashboards and              calendars to display absence management information.
6.  Method of placement: Internal client projects, External vendors, Direct            full time client or partner referrals
7.  Workday Certification assistance and referral for immediate certification 8.  Take your career to the next level!
9.  After this course, you will have the skills to start a successful career in                Workday Absence Management.
Who this course is for?
  1. Absolutely no experience is required. You will have expertise in all the topics of Integration core concepts.
  2. People who want a successful career in Workday.
  3.  Anyone who wants to become Workday consultant with practical skills of Workday implementation.
  4. People who are determined and passionate and want to excel in their career.

 Job Positions to apply 

  1. Workday Absence Management Implementation Specialist
  2. Workday Test Lead
  3. Workday Project Manager 
  4.  Workday Security
  5. Workday Production Support Consultant
  6. Workday Data Conversion 
7. Workday Business Process Admin
8. Workday Administrator
9. Workday Consultant
10. Workday Business Analyst
11. Workday Absence Manager

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Course Summary


This Workday Absence Management training is intended for learners who are responsible for configuring and supporting the leave of absence (LOA) function within Workday Absence Management. Students will learn to apply the core concepts of Workday Absence Management to configure LOA functionality, set up LOA calculations using Workday calculated fields, perform LOA administrative tasks, and configure LOA business processes. In addition, students will be taught how to use standard and custom reports, as well as time off dashboards and calendars to view LOA-related information. Knowledge of Workday HCM is a prerequisite before enrolling in any workday course.

Absence Calendar and Business Benefits:

Learners will acquire knowledge  to help make decisions when planning  configuration and use of Absence Calendar. It is useful in various scenarios like improving user experience by providing 1 location to enter absence requests, increasing operational efficiency and visibility of absences as managers can view time off and leave for their teams and reduction of administrative overhead and reliance on third-party calendars. The Absence Calendar and the related actions simplify absence requests by merging the tasks for requesting time off and leave of absence. It is a combined approach that the Absence Calendar provides instead of the Time Off and Leave calendar that distinguishes between time off and leave types. 

Time Off:

    • This is taught to help learners make decisions when planning  configuration and use of time off plans. It explains various components like why to set them up, how they fit into the rest of Workday, downstream impacts and cross-product interactions, security requirements and business process configurations as well as questions and limitations to consider before implementation. Learners would be taught to track the approval process of a week-long vacation request, approve pending time off requests, adjust accruals when workers change or lose their accrual eligibility due to a change in employment status and view time off patterns using reports for workers’ absence from work on certain days of the week.

 Set Up Time Off Considerations:

    • Students would be taught to record workers when they’re taking time away from work and manage the impacts a time off can have on other areas of Workday and other third-party systems. It is useful to improve efficiency in organizations as managers can predict trends, and plan resources accordingly, integrate with a Payroll solution to enable process payments for workers on time off, provide flexibility in creating time offs that suit the specific requirements of your organization. Workday also provides reports that enable learners to track costs. 

 Relationship of Time Off Plan Components:

 A time off plan defines rules for entering and tracking 1 or more related time offs. When time off plans are set up, workers and managers can enter time off requests, correct requests, and track the status of requests through self-service pages and reports. Administrators can track, adjust, and manage accrual, time off, and time off plan balances. Students will learn to build a simple plan that supports basic time off entry and approval, create time offs and add them to a time off plan and create time off plans that track accrual and time off balances include additional components like time offs, time off types, validation text, accruals, balance period and period schedule.

Eligibility for Time Off Plan, Time Off, and Accrual:

Learners will be taught the eligibility rules to be added to a time off plan and the eligibility fields on the time off plan. Concepts inclusive of eligibility rules, pointers for defining eligibility rules, and/or logic, time off plan filters and where to add eligibility rules would be taught.

Effective Dating for Absence:

When creating a new time off plan, students must select an effective date to create a dated configuration snapshot. Additionally, when editing an existing accrual, time off, or time off plan, learners will be prompted to edit an existing or create a new effective-dated snapshot. They can select from period start dates that derive from the period schedule of the Time Off plan.  Students will learn to create time off plan, edit accrual, edit time off as well as edit time off plan.

Leave of Absence:

It is useful for workers to record when they’re taking leave from work with an estimated or flexible end date. Students will learn as administrators to manage the impacts a leave of absence can have on other areas of Workday and other systems. They will learn to track costs as you can use reports and view how much absenteeism is costing the organization and calculate  absence liability, minimize risks while ensuring that the leave policies are consistent with country-specific requirements, improve efficiency in the organization as managers can use reports, predict trends, and plan resources accordingly. Learners would be taught to integrate with a Payroll solution to enable process payments to workers on leave, streamline the process of moving workers from one leave type to another and create a variety of leave types and families that can suit the specific requirements of the organization.

 Importing Leave of Absence Events:

 Students will learn to load large volumes of leave of absence events into Workday Absence using Workday Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) and SOAP UI for these web services like import request leave of absence and import request return from leave of absence Students will learn to load leave events in Workday from a third-party tool, migrate validated leave events into Workday, load batches of leave events in bulk and correct multiple leave events for multiple workers.

 Identifying Workers on Leave:

When a worker is on leave, Workday displays the notation (On Leave) after the worker’s name. This depends on the On Leave Visibility Status Type setting on the leave type.  Learners would understand (On Leave) displays after the worker’s name and after every position if the worker is on a worker-based leave, and position-based leave for every position. 

Absence Event Tracking:

Learners can track and assist workers who are on long-term time offs and leaves of absence. You can track their progress as they reach milestones and checkpoints in their path to rejoining the workforce. They will learn to define a checklist of various reintegration activities, such as meetings and compensation changes, and the timeline over which they occur. Many countries have statutory requirements for the reintegration process. Absence case groups define the conditions that automatically initiate absence cases for workers. Groups are based on a set number of days of absence in a defined period. Students can manually initiate an absence case for a worker if the business process or absence case group configurations don't apply to their situation. You can also check out our courses inclusive of Workday time tracking training, Workday prism analytics training and Workday absence management training.

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Best Workday Training

I have completed two courses with ERP Cloud Training and I had the best time learning from Mary. I can confidently say that I have learnt a lot from these courses. I was able to understand and learn the new concepts faster all because of the way, the course has been designed. I would definitely recommend ERP Cloud training to anyone interested in learning Workday. Unlike a typical trainer with no hands on experience, Mary comes with 30 years of ERP experience. You will clearly see that when you attend her classes. She doesn’t hesitate to troubleshoot issues while doing configurations/testing during the class. She makes sure that you understand the topic that is taught during the class. The cheat sheet that Mary provides for each of her course is so unique and comes in handy as you start working in workday applications.She also provides a lot of supporting documentation that are relevant to the course. Some of the topics in Absence management could be dry and hard to follow. Mary made sure that she gives us enough time to understand before moving to the next topic. Thank you Mary for taking these classes and sharing your workday knowledge with others.I highly recommend ERP cloud training for Workday courses.

2 years ago

Real Workday Trainer

If someone wants to make his career in Workday then the person has to take the training from Mary. She has 3-decade industry experience so I think no one can provide such a high level and deep knowledge of any module of Workday as Mary provides. -Mayoor.

4 years ago

Absence class

Great class, teacher did a great job, her knowledge is superb and is her teaching style.

4 years ago

Highly Recommend This Training From Only Mary

Mary your training is absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every class. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. Anyone who is planning to attend the course then I would highly recommend attending Mary's class, She knows practical challenges which will help to understand the logic better. I must admit, This training is not like a usual one, it is totally different from which one can benefit for sure. I have attended two courses from her and both are outstanding. Thank you, Mary, for taking the time to train us, really appreciate Saritha.

4 years ago

Unique and highly engaging Absence course!

Unique and highly engaging course conducted by Mary in her characteristically passionate way. This niche in-depth subject was explained in detail and practical challenges were logically delineated with her subject matter expertise and well-integrated documents. Thanks, Mary and keep up the excellent work!

4 years ago

Confident Teacher, Confident Student

As someone making a career transition, Mary is the best teacher to understand the in's and out's of Workday modules. I have taken 4 courses from Mary and in every class, she has delivered what was promised at the beginning of the course. Mary is knowledgeable and approachable and her training is targeted to help anyone understand the material. Her classes always begin on time and are conducted in an organized and professional manner. She encourages students to ask questions and does not hesitate to explain concepts again if she senses doubt from her students. Mary's interactive learning is perfect for anyone who wants to stay engaged while learning; classes can extend over 2 hours but her level of enthusiasm and commitment does not change. Mary will provide you with all the resources to succeed in Workday. -Charmila

4 years ago
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About Instructor

    • Mary is global ERP implementation expert, director, program manager, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas. She has 30 years experience in ERP with 12 years experience in Workday. She is a certified global lead / solution architect who has led multiple conferences and global projects across 60 countries. She is an expert in implementation, Hypercare, Training, Data conversion, Integrations, Change Management, Project Management and Testing. You will get the best training in the world with valuable training documents and practical real time projects.  
    • Mary has repeatedly demonstrated her capabilities combining business acumen with strong financial discipline, deep design insights and organizational management skills to successfully grow businesses, lead them through successful turnarounds and revitalization, and manage them across all stages of the business life cycle. She has an established track record of increasing both enterprise and cash flow in companies across multiple industries. She is a growth-focused, results-oriented, and solutions-driven leader with proven history of bringing analytical insights and pragmatic solutions to key business challenges.