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Course Summary

Introduction to Workday Reporting Training

Workday Reporting training is meant for Workday Professionals who are interested in becoming Workday Reporting Analysts, Workday Data Analysts, Workday Payroll Analysts, and Workday Reporting Associate Managers. It includes various types of Reports in Workday such as Transposed Reports, Composed Reports, nBox Reports and the methodology to blend it across various products with different Workday Reporting tools. It offers in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of Workday Report Designing, creation, formatting, analysis and implementation.

Learning Objectives of this Course

    •  Composite Reports
    •  Transposed Reports
    •  Search Reports
    •  nBox Reports
    •  Worklets and Dashboards
    •  Custom Metrics and Scorecards

Composite Reporting Fundamentals

This course is meant for becoming an advanced report writer who customizes composite reports with the most advanced features that involve Financial reporting, HCM, and reports that can blend data across various Workday products. The functional advanced features of Composite Reporting can help in the customization of most functionally inclined reports and help Writers get additional insights from their data. Using the building Blocks of Composite Reporting Fundamentals, this course will enhance one's skills and develop organizational tactics on the construction of complex Composite Reports. The reports can be made dynamic and flexible, and built in a manner that can obtain greater reach by manipulating the calculated fields in creative ways. 

Workday Reporting Training

The course also provides exploration in Advanced Configuration options for the repetition of column groups, calculation columns, and dynamic data rows. The lessons also teach the methodology of using calculated fields to create a period trending report. Finally, it also covers building conditions to define flexible formatting, styles, headers and footers, and analytic indicators.

Advanced Composite Reporting

The Workday Advanced Composite Reporting Course is designed to provide functional knowledge with respect to Workday BIRT. It comprehensively illustrates the ways to leverage and modify Workday business objects and data sources to access and customize report data in desirable formats.

Workday Reporting Training

This course is meant to create a Workday Report writer who obtains the ability to create, modify and maintain complex custom reports involving financial reporting, HCM, and reports that can be used to integrate data across various Workday Products. Composite reporting is a magnificent software tool that holds the capacity to modify, blend and integrate data across various Workday platforms. This is inclusive of amalgamation of data from numerous sources of data using sub reports. A sub report can also be run multiple times over to combine data and can be applied to Financial, HCM, or a fusion of different Workday Products. Additionally, composite reports can also be used to perform Workday Financial Reporting such as column, row, and cell calculations. Their usage is not only limited to applying formatting styles or filtering rows with outlining by multiple business objects and outlining to repeating columns but also includes every component that a report requires.

Transposed Report

The Transposed report assists in the development of a custom report where report rows can be transposed into columns. In the process of building transposed reports, learners also acquire the ability to create reports that enable consecutive comparisons (like the comparison between workers using the Workbox feature). It also offers support in the building of related worklets for business process steps (embedded intelligence) that display reference data in a user friendly format that's visible side-by-side. This training also illustrates on the benefits of this report format when trying to compare data that is typically provided in rows on the Advanced report type. There are various reports used as illustrations in this course, the first one being known as, 'Compare Talent by Organization', that has been formatted to group performance metrics and potential of the workers of an organization. The whole setup process has been elaborated in detail. Next, guidance is given on the creation of a Transposed report to compare a few suppliers of a Business Entity. Important information related to suppliers, payments and invoices would be displayed. The process of setting up such reports and various options used while creating such reports have also been examined in detail.

    •  • Transposed Report Overview
    •  • View an Existing Transposed Report 
    •  • Create a Transposed Report

Search Report

Search report types enable the building of 'find' type reports, where searching can be easily performed using facet filters in the left frame as well as search results that have been configured on the right. Search reports make use of an indexed data source which directs their destination. The process of building a problem solving Expertise Finder search report, has been demonstrated in various steps showing how to configure mass actions and enable value addition to this feature.

    •  • Search Reports
    •  • Create a Search Report
    •  • Test and Run a Search Report

nBox Reports

The nBox report offers various features in building reports where report groupings and counts are captured across configured vertical and horizontal axes in 'boxes'. Workday's 'Talent matrix' reports are based on this type. The nBox reports are fully configurable. All nBox reports require the use of an indexed data source. nBox reports allow the performance of a number of steps including grouping, summarizing and drilling, similar to matrix reports, with the added feature of the display of results across defined horizontal and vertical "boxes" or mappings. These reports can display up to 2000 pictures and configure up to a 5x5 boxed matrix. Since nbox reports require indexed data sources, facet filters need to be configured  for greater utility.

                • nBox Reports
                • Copying a Starting Custom Report

    Worklets and Dashboards

    This training throws light upon considerations and configurations to deliver dashboards, both standardized and customized to end users. This curriculum also contains analytical lessons that focus both on the functional and technical aspects involved in the construction of Dashboards and encourage the writers to improvise on customization and designs while implementing the features involved. The course is inclusive of customizing and configuring Dashboard Contents, enabling and saving prompt values and reports for Worklets as well as supporting the performance of Worklets.

      •  • Find and enable delivered dashboards
      •  • Create custom dashboards using custom prompt sets, custom domains, and tabs
      •  • Understand when and how to use trending report types
      •  • Utilize report prompts to improve end user experience

    Maintaining Dashboards

    By the end of this course, our learners acquire the ability to identify the key elements of a dashboard and configure it's worklets, menus, and announcements.

      •  • Dashboard Overview
      •  • Configuring Dashboard Worklets
      •  • Configuring Dashboard Menus
      •  • Creating a Dashboard Announcement
      •  • Security Considerations

    Configuring Worklets, Sliders, and Dashboards

    It provides a summary for Learning Administrators to set up and manage their tools effectively, such as the worklets on the homepage, the slider components within the worklets, and the overall Dashboards in detail.

      •  • Define key terms
      •  • Demonstrate how to add the Learning and Learning Administrator worklet to the homepage
      •  • Demonstrate how to add, configure and move sliders within a worklet
      •  • Demonstrate how to customize both the Learning and Learning Administrator dashboards Comment on an offering

    Course Features

    Workday Reporting Training

    Remote Placement and Job Support

    Workday Certification Assistance

    Implementation of real-time projects

    24*7 Support

    Highlights                                                What you will learn

    1. No prerequisites
    2. Priceless downloadable certified documents (PDF, PPT, XLS, DOC)
    3. 24/7 access to course curriculum for limited duration
    4. Hands-on support from the trainer
    5. Workday Reporting Interview preparation, Job placement, and Support
    6. Remote job placement with this training 
    7. 70+ Real-world projects, examples and case studies  
    8. Sample resumes for every Workday Reporting jobs
    9. Flexible schedule to fit your needs
    1. 10 years of real-time Workday live project experience by our expert
    2. Deep dive and learn Workday Reporting in detail
    3. Learn how to create various Workday Report types such as Composite, Trending, Search, nBox and Transposed reports
    4. Design and configure Dashboards, Worklets and Metrics in detail
    5. Method of placement: Internal client projects, External vendors, Direct  full time client or partner referrals
    6. Workday Report Certification assistance and referral for immediate certification
    7. Take your career to the next level!
    8. After this course, you will have the skills to start a successful career in Workday Reporting

    Who this Course is for?

      • 1. Absolutely no experience is required. We will start from the basics and teach you the advanced concepts to build up your knowledge about various custom Reports in Workday.
      • 2. People who want a successful career in Workday.
      • 3. Anyone who wants to become Workday consultant with practical skills of Workday implementation.
      • 4. People who are ambitious and want to learn faster than their peers.

    Job Positions to apply 

      • 1. Workday Advanced Reporting and Data Analyst
      • 2. Workday Financials Reporting Developer
      • 3. Workday Consultant
      • 4. Workday Security Consultant
      • 5. Workday Configuration Engineer
      • 6. Workday Project Manager
      • 7. Workday Production Support Consultant
      • 8. Workday Administrator
      • 9. Workday Business Analyst

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    fish Miller

    I recommend everyone!!

    A well-structured training program with a comprehensive curriculum covering essential aspects of Workday Advanced Reporting is highly recommended. The course, designed by Mary, stands out for its unique approach to content framing. Mary serves as a guiding light or lighthouse, illuminating the path and offering support, coaching, and direction for our career journeys in the vast ERP Ocean. She keeps us informed about the latest developments in Workday, making her an invaluable resource. I enthusiastically recommend Mary for anyone considering ERP training; she was truly awesome!!

    6 months ago

    Placement Training

    Hi.. I am Marvel.. Materials are downloadable. Practice sets helped me to train myself well. The cheat sheets are much helpful to understand the procedure. The cheat sheets consist of step by step guidelines. Placement training such as sample resumes, interview questions were useful to me while getting my job.

    3 years ago

    Live Training

    Even though there are a lot of online courses available, I would say, This course is the best one. Because it is instructor-led live training, unlike other recorded classes. So it supported me to clarify doubts in the live class itself. The separate doubt clarification session also was very useful to ask all the doubts that occur while revising. The instructor is an experienced person. so I could learn all the practical usages with examples in each and every topic taken by the instructor.-Lucy

    3 years ago
    Linda Fernandes

    Best Course for Reporting

    I have enrolled in this course and completed it successfully. The best feature of this organization is placement and job support. I was getting plenty of job opportunities in internal projects and also for their external clients while I was in training itself. These opportunities boosted me to learn very enthusiastically. Getting chances to involve in real-time projects while studying gave me a better understanding of the field and works which adds feathers to your resume.-Linda

    3 years ago

    About Instructor

      • Mary is global ERP implementation expert, director, program manager, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas. She has 30 years experience in ERP with 12 years experience in Workday. She is a certified global lead / solution architect who has led multiple conferences and global projects across 60 countries. She is an expert in implementation, Training, Data conversion, Integrations, Change Management, Project Management and Testing. You will get the best training in the world with valuable training documents and practical real time projects.  
      • Mary has repeatedly demonstrated her capabilities combining business acumen with strong financial discipline, deep design insights and organizational management skills to successfully grow businesses, lead them through successful turnarounds and revitalization, and manage them across all stages of the business life cycle. She has an established track record of increasing both enterprise and cash flow in companies across multiple industries. She is a growth-focused, results-oriented, and solutions-driven leader with proven history of bringing analytical insights and pragmatic solutions to key business challenges.