Workday HCM 360 degree Practical Training

A Deep-Dive into Design, Configure, Test, Deploy, Production Support, and Data Conversion

Course Summary

Objectives of this course

In this valuable course, you will learn Workday’s methodology for key stages and phases throughout a deployment. Phases typically represent the deployment of net new product lines list below, as opposed to just rolling out additional product functions.
For example, phase 1 may consist of core HR, benefits, and manager self service. Phase 2 may include the deployment of financials. Phases are determined initially in the statement of work (SOW), but are revisited for accuracy and approach during the Plan stage of a deployment. The stages of the methodology should remain the same regardless of phase. 

  • Recruiting  
  • Benefits 
  • Time and Absence 
  • Talent 
  • Advanced Compensation 
  • Payroll 
  • Advanced reporting 
  • Integration

Workday Methodology Overview


  1. Foundation Alignment Sessions (Workday Launch Only)
  2. Architect workshops
  3. Architect documents
  4. Test preparation
  5. Finalized project planning documents
  6. Configuration tenant build


  1. Plan Deliverables  
  2. Project start up
  3. Customer training
  4. Initiate Project Planning
  5. Foundation Services
  6. Foundation tenant build

Configure and Prototype

  1. Customer confirmation sessions
  2. Configuration unit test
  3. Reports build and unit test
  4. Integrations build and unit test
  5. End user training plan
  6. Test preparation
  7. End to End tenant build

Test Deliverable

  1. What data to gather (sample docs) in order to prep for testing
  2. Provides a basic review of foundational objects that should be reviewed per product area
  3. Provides example core test scenarios as a starting point
  4. A starting point for additional test scenario brainstorming


  1. End user training
  2. Gold tenant build
  3. Go live
  4. Post production data conversion
  5. Production support

Test Phase

  1. End to end testing
  2. Parallel tenant build
  3. User acceptance testing
  4. Payroll: parallel testing
  5. Regression testing
  6. Performance testing
  7. Cutover plan
  8. End user training materials

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Judith Wilcox

Definitely a 360 degree training!

I am so delighted to have chosen this HCM Practical 360 Training. All the core concepts related to production, configuration, testing, and deployment were covered thoroughly. My queries were always answered with patience - I had plenty since I was a Fresher to this training. They let me be a part of many Live Projects which provided a better understanding of the application of these concepts in Real-Time. I have been employed as Workday HRIS Technical Analyst in a reputed organization for the past 6 months. - Jefferey Brown

4 years ago
Amanda O'Brien

Absolutely Wonderful!

The course had an in-depth practical training curriculum inclusive of Workday implementation tools, Workday launch methods, report designs. I could learn them with ease as the explanations were simple and effective. Have got plenty of job offers after the training as promised by them. Thank you, Mary. - Surya Prakash

4 years ago

About Instructor

    • Mary is global ERP implementation expert, director, program manager, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas. She has 30 years experience in ERP with 12 years experience in Workday. She is a certified global lead / solution architect who has led multiple conferences and global projects across 60 countries. She is an expert in implementation, Hyper-Care, Training, Data conversion, Integrations, Change Management, Project Management and Testing. You will get the best training in the world with valuable training documents and practical real time projects.  
    • Mary has repeatedly demonstrated her capabilities combining business acumen with strong financial discipline, deep design insights and organizational management skills to successfully grow businesses, lead them through successful turnarounds and revitalization, and manage them across all stages of the business life cycle. She has an established track record of increasing both enterprise and cash flow in companies across multiple industries. She is a growth-focused, results-oriented, and solutions-driven leader with proven history of bringing analytical insights and pragmatic solutions to key business challenges.