An overview on Workday Jobs and Workday Certification

Workday nowadays has become one of the most popular career-oriented professions. Those enrolling for Workday certification are offered, Workday Jobs.

Workday is one of the great places to work. 93% of Workday employees say it is the best place to work while comparing with other US companies where 59% of people only find the workplace great as per the review of Great Place to Work. Workday jobs from clients of Workday are available all over the world with handsome pay. Workday jobs and Workday certification are the top picks for job seekers in the job market now due to their amazing features and productivity.

What is Workday?

Workday is cloud-based application software that serves as a solution for Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance, Planning, Payroll, and Analytics.

Every company works around human capital management, financial management, and planning. Finding software that meets all these requirements with user-friendly and expanded features as per current market needs and upgrades would be great for any organization ranging from medium to large-sized organizations. Workday has been the solution for these all so it has established a place for it in the application software world. Especially people choose Workday for providing essential applications in cloud computing.

The cloud-based feature allows multinational and multi-branch companies to keep track of all their data in one place. This feature expands accessibility. You can access it anytime from anywhere. Business people always look for such flexible products for their business and profession. Cloud-based tool kit which comprises HR, Finance, and planning management applications is convenient for medium and large-sized businesses. Workday is the best choice to fulfil this need of enterprises.

Workday releases updates twice every year. Every market need gets fulfilled by its frequent updates. New Workday releases come every March and September.  Workday released 23 versions from 2006-2014.  Workday released its R1 version in 2021 which is the 36th release of Workday from its inception.

Workday has acquired a remarkable place in the enterprise software market fifteen years after its inception.  The Workday started its journey by releasing Human Capital Management application software for general availability in 2006 and a Financial Management Application which helps companies in revenues and financial accounting in 2007.  The customers' list of Workday exceeded a hundred in 2009 spread over 46 countries. It released plans to build a Student application that serves students pursuing their higher education by collaborating with colleges and universities in 2013.

In 2015, Workday established its new headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Workday extended its presence in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2018. Workday acquired Scout RFP which enables its customers to plan efficiently in 2019.

Is it a wise choice to start your career with Workday?

Start your career with workday

Workday grabbed its place in Forbes's "The Just – 100 Companies Doing Right by America" list. Workday ranked No.1 for the environment and No.18 for overall factors taken for ranking.

In 2008, even three years after its establishment, Workday was recognized as one of the best places to work in the Bay Area. It was achieved through the company's great working culture. The growth of Workday was witnessed by its debut on the New York Stock Exchange in 2012. It continues its innovation and job creation across many regions.

Workday has more than 1000 customers and over 3700 employees all over the world on its 10th anniversary in 2015. Workday announced a new move Platform-as-a-Service-Market which gathers up customers, partners, and developers in 2017. After seeing their growth, I hope you can understand the standards of Workday. Workday was ranked 4th place in Fortune’s list of 100 best companies in 2019.  This list goes on. Each year since 2016, Workday has become a part of any list from Fortune and any ranking.  It is being a part of at least 5-10 rankings every year. 

It has created many job positions in many other companies too through its presence via its cloud-based applications. Companies have created exclusive posts like workday analyst, workday financial analyst, workday consultant, etc. A person can have a bright career by acquiring knowledge of workday applications.

Are you willing to make an impact? Workday is one of the hubs for innovators. Fast Company says Workday is the best place for innovators. Cultivating ideas, space for experimenting, and encouraging innovation are parts of Workday as Fast Company’s review on Workday. 

Glassdoor’s review on Workday is rated well with positive notes. Not only jobs at Workday and recruitments for Workday applications in other companies have also been rated and job growth is witnessed. The pay rate also is more attractive. The pay rate, growth, and job security are the main features for the high rating of Workday jobs in any review. As per a survey, People feel proud to say that they are working at Workday or in Workday positions. You can always trust surveys taken from employees.

Workday jobs, you can apply for

Workday Jobs you can apply for

Once you get trained in Workday, many more jobs in all MNCs start a lavish career. You can start your Workday Training with ERP Cloud Training and our Trainer Mary who has 30 years of experience in ERP and 15 years of experience in PeopleSoft and Workday. She has trained more than 40,000 students all over the world. Mary is a global Workday ERP implementation expert, speaker, trainer, program manager, associate partner, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas.

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic situation, workdays are prioritized at the top position. The pay rate of Workday Jobs is high so many want to choose Workday as their career. Flexibility is another reason for choosing this career as almost all the Workday jobs are remote jobs. One can work from home in their comfort in their time zone. Workday jobs are considered one the most prestigious jobs all over the world. In a survey, people feel proud to share that they work in Workday and Workday jobs. Here are a few Workday jobs that one can apply for after getting trained in Workday.

-Workday Technical HCM
-Workday Finance Techno-Functional Consultant
-Workday Financials Developer-Workday Consultant
-Sr. Workday Integration Consultant
-Workday HCM Business Analyst
-Workday Business Process Admin
-Workday Project Manager
-Workday Project Lead
-Workday Data Conversion Consultant

        Who is eligible for Workday training and Workday certification?

        Eligibility for Workday training and Workday certification

        Workday Training and Workday Certification need no prerequisites. Anyone can learn and get certified. It doesn't have any restrictions in terms of educational background. If you can read and understand English, you can enroll in Workday training and get the Workday certification. It is a golden opportunity for everyone who wants to get placed in multinational companies and Workday partner companies in a decent job. No need to worry about your educational background. You can start from scratch in Workday training and can become certified in Workday. It opens doors for highly paid jobs. You can settle with Workday jobs. Workday jobs will be increasing and have good stability in the job market.

        As many change their career track towards the Workday due to high pay rates, you don’t need to hesitate to start your career in Workday. Your job is secured for the next 30 years. Almost all the top organizations are using Workday as their administration tool for Human Capital Management (HCM), Financial ManagementPlanning, etc.

        Any contract work in Workday pays 100 to 450 dollars per hour. A full-time Workday job pays you 100K to 300K dollars per annum. On average, the pay rate is approx $130K per annum including the average bonus as per the survey. Your salary must not be enough to pay your bills. It must take you to the next stage in your growth in terms of promotion, financial status, etc.

        How one can get Workday certification?

        If you want Workday Certification for your promotion, you can get Workday Certification from any Workday partner company. If you get hired by any Workday partner companies, they can provide you Workday certification after providing you Workday training, or based on your previous experience or training, you got on your own in Workday from any training providers separately.

        You can learn basic navigation and other basic concepts 7 training from Workday Learning Center for free. After completing these training pieces, you will get Workday Certification from the respective Workday partner company.

        Workday certification is merely a ticket for you to apply for promotion and even switch over to any other company from your current company. However how much training, you have gone through, your knowledge & skills only play a vital role in confirming a job or promotion, you are applying for.  

        To get Workday Certifications, Choose one of the best Workday training. ERP Cloud Training provides Workday programs. We provide training to all the Workday modules from basic to advanced. Let’s look over the list of training provided by ERP Cloud Training.

        ~Workday HCM Training
        ~Workday Finance Training
        ~Workday Payroll Integration Training
        ~Workday Integration Training
        ~Workday Studio Training
        ~Workday Finance Training
        ~Workday Payroll Training
        ~Workday Recruiting Training
        ~Workday BIRT
        ~Workday Prism Analytics
        ~Workday Adaptive Planning
        ~Workday Calculated Fields Training
        ~Workday Report Writer Training
        ~Workday Advanced Reporting Training
        ~Workday Tenant Access
        ~Workday Benefits Training

        And more, Please check all the courses listed here.  We are providing both live training and self-paced training.

        Happy Learning!!!

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