The Top 10 Workday Jobs

In this blog we have mentioned the top 10 Workday Job opportunities for the Workday Aspirants. For more details please read the complete blog.

Would you like to make up to $450 per hour? How about a $300,000 annual salary? You can make more than a living working on Workday Consultant Jobs. However, what is the Workday?

Workday, founded in March 2005, is a cloud-based software that provides solutions to finance management, Human Capital Management (HCM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). All organizations and businesses of all sizes can streamline their activities using Workday.

The Workday Software, with over 55 million users, is popular even among Fortune 500 companies. Workday jobs are in high demand. This post will look at the top 10 Workday jobs and their basic requirements.

The Workday cloud platform is always envied as the backbone that holds up solid and digital workflows across numerous business applications, observing a vast and fast vision of how the work is carried out by the customers and how their businesses are functioning in this hyperlinked, real-time world. With the Workday Cloud platforms, customers can build newly developed tasks and business procedures to combine workflows. Thereby also helps to incorporate the external applications with Workday by utilizing innovative APIs. Having an attractive user experience, strong security, and battle-tested scalability, the Workday cloud platform empowers its community by providing handy and rich solutions for exclusive business requirements.

There are plenty of job opportunities available in all different fields of the Workday platform which is now implemented in most countries. There is tremendous growth in Workday-related jobs all over the world, as it shows up high ratings in Glassdoor applications. The well-trained candidates can be landed in a higher positions with a decent scope of pay. Workday HCM these days is utilized by a large portion of multinational organizations. The Workday experts are getting a high scope of compensation in contrast with different technologies. There are different employment and career opportunities accessible for Workday professionals across a wide range according to the customer's background and experiences.

The top ten Workday jobs that take you to a higher level of Success after getting trained in Workday are listed below:

1. Workday Functional Consultant

Workday Functional Consultant can work as a Workday HCM Functional Consultant or Workday Financial Management Consultant. As a Workday HCM Functional Consultant, you need Workday training and experience in key Workday HCM modules. Once you have experience in these modules, you can work as a Workday HCM Functional Consultant in the following jobs:

  • Workday Core HCM Consultant

  • Workday Advanced Compensation Consultant

  • Workday Benefits Consultant

  • Workday Talent Consultant

  • Workday Performance Consultant

  • Workday Payroll Consultant

  • Workday Recruiting Consultant

  • Workday Learning Consultant

  • Workday Time Tracking Consultant

  • Workday Absence Consultant

Similarly, the Workday Financial Management Consultant must have expertise in Workday Financial Modules to land jobs working as a:

  • Workday General Ledger Consultant

  • Workday Accounts Receivables Consultant

  • Workday Accounts Payables Consultant

  • Workday Asset Management Consultant

  • Workday Projects Consultant

  • Workday Grants and Expenses Consultant

  • Workday Treasury/Cash Consultant

These skills make the Workday Functional Consultant a valuable resource in executing the following responsibilities:

  • Setting up, configuring, and supporting daily systems

  • Act as an expert and consultant in Workday HCM and core Workday processes

  • Identify risks and recommend the best approaches and strategies to ensure the core functional requirements are met

  • Work closely with the project teams and project manager to ensure Workday implementation throughout the entire life cycle

  • Writing functional design documents

  • Configuring and updating workday business processes

  • Training the production support team

  • Configuring functional design documents for future use

  • Fix any problems experienced during various operations such as development, cut-over, and post-go-live

  • Review business requirements and perform gap analysis

2. Workday Technical Consultant

The Workday Technical Consultant should know Workday modules like Reporting, Prism Analytics, and Extend. The expertise in any of these modules will make it possible for the Workday Technical Consultant to perform the following jobs, depending on which module they focused on:

  • Workday Integration Consultant

  • Workday Reporting Consultant

  • Workday Payroll Integration Consultant

  • Workday Prism Analytics Integration

  • Workday BIRT Consultant

  • Workday Extend Consultant

The responsibilities of the Workday Technical Consultant include:

  • Develop Workday integrations using the Workday Studio Integration, Web Services, etc.

  • Analyze business requirements and provide detailed designs that meet the business needs

  • Facilitate the configuration and management of new system and projects enhancements

  • Develop and maintain Workday calculated fields and custom reports

  • Identify causes of system or integration issues, troubleshoot the issues, and provide permanent solutions that prevent the issue from recurring.

3. Workday Adaptive Planning Consultant

A Workday Adaptive Planning Consultant should be able to work with Workday Adaptive Planning or related EPM cloud-based implementations. The responsibilities of the Workday Adaptive Planning Consultant include:

  • Active participation throughout the entire life-cycle implementation

  • Identifying and formulating the business requirements and functional/process design such as flow mapping

  • Planning and budgeting on various business strategies

  • Developing projects involving Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) optimization

  • Overseeing the daily ERP Advisory engagements for different clients, such as project reviews and process design.

4. Workday Security Functional Consultant

The Security Functional Consultant should have Workday system experience like other Workday jobs. It is always a bonus if you have a Workday certification. A Workday Security Functional Consultant performs crucial duties which include:

  • Troubleshooting and solving security-related issues on the Workday system

  • Analyzing and configuring the Workday Security practices

  • Recommending the best methods to promote security and ensure successful and secure end-to-end business processes

  • Support the development and operation of Workday security modules

  • Be updated on the latest Workday security updates and troubleshooting methods

  • Identify security threats on time and develop appropriate solutions

  • Ensuring high standards for data privacy and security

5. Workday Business Analyst

As a Workday Business Analyst, you are responsible for crucial functional and technical duties. These duties and responsibilities include:

  • Identify areas that need to improve within the Workday system

  • Work with the HR business functions like Payroll and Business Partners to document reports and Workday dashboard requirements.

  • Participate in the continuous Workday optimization, implementation, and adoption

  • Provide concerns and suggestions to the Test Lead on testing scenarios

  • Report to the Senior Manager of Enterprise Solutions (SME)

  • Promotes self-sufficiency by facilitating information flow from the Workday Work Stream team

6. Workday Test Lead/Manager

The Workday Test Lead/Manager can hold the managerial position of overseeing the day-to-day testing activities of the Workday system. As a manager, you are expected to communicate, lead, guide, and mentor the team to accomplish the laid objectives.

On the other side, the Workday Test Lead should use their skills and experience to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Guide the Customer Test Lead on the process of developing testing strategies

  • Prepare reports on all completed test phases such as parallel testing, user acceptance testing, and performance testing

  • Coordinate with other experts such as Customer Subject Matter Experts in creating testing strategies that comply with the expected project quality standards.

  • Ensures the execution of test scenarios and documentation of test results in every completed cycle

  • Being accountable for the testing tools, updates, incident reporting, testing preparation, and administration.

7. Workday Production Support Consultant

A Workday Production Support Consultant engages in developing, planning, and maintaining productions. The ideal candidate should understand the Workday HCM module and production process to perform the duties.

These duties and responsibilities include:

  • Manage the Workday system processes during the entire employee life cycle (Timekeeping, Job Changes, Onboarding, etc.)

  • Provide support to the other team members

  • Helps the business stakeholders solve system-related issues

  • Support the smooth running of the Workday system

  • Communicate with the other teams to ensure that new updates and functionalities meet their needs

  • Identifies any issues on the Workday system and creates solutions to solve the issue

8. Workday Project Manager/Program Manager

Ideally, Workday Project Manager should have experience in Workday modules such as Recruiting and Core HCM. The manager should also be experienced in managing complex programs and projects.

The Workday Project/Program Manager should perform the following duties:

  • Ensure that all assigned projects have been completed successfully

  • Develop and manage various project deliverables such as Risk Assessment, Communication plan, and costs.

  • Responsible for reporting on project status, organizing meetings, and coordinating the project activities

  • Manage projects, including solving arising issues and communicating effectively

  • Identify and calculate the resources needed for the successful completion of projects

  • Work together with other Project Managers like external vendor PMs to ensure the smooth running of customer programs

  • Following the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

9. Workday Data Conversion Consultant

The Workday Data Conversion Consultant should be a problem solver, a great communicator, and experienced in Extract, Transform, Loads (ETL) software such as Informatica and Pentaho. The consultants should be creative as they are expected to achieve the following:

  • Primarily convert data from spreadsheets and legal systems and upload them into the Workday Cloud HCM and Financials Systems.

  • Using Workday tools to convert data into the Workday System

  • Develop ETL scripts that convert data before uploading it to Workday

  • Validates the data uploaded to Workday

  • Use the leadership skills to lead other data conversion consultants

  • Communicate and work with clients to ensure that the set objectives have been achieved

  • Use their project experience to identify any methodology changes or improvements

  • Identify any risks on time and develop technical and functional solutions before the risks escalate.

10. Workday Change Management Consultant

The Workday Change Management Consultant is expected to develop and be at the forefront of change management initiatives. As a Workday Change Management Consultant, you will be responsible for accomplishing the following:

  • Develop and lead the execution of change management processes using structured methodology and tools

  • Analyze the impacts of changes and conduct readiness assessments

  • Support the delivery of training tools and programs by providing their input

  • Support the communication process, which includes the development, design, management, and delivery of communications.

  • Anticipate any resistance and develop ways to manage it

  • Act as a coach and consultant to the project teams, supervisors, and other managers

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