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We provide all courses in HCM and Finance Solutions that Workday has to offer. We provide placement services/free job support and below materials common to all courses, which are one of  a kind that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  

1. Resume  
2. Cheat sheet 
3. Course Content 
4. Interview Questions 
5. Workday Placement  
6. Administration Guide 
7. Workday Tenant access 
8. Workday Certified PDF 
9. Functional Design Document 
10. Technical Design Document 
11. Course Completion Certification 
12. Presentations and demos PDF

Topics to be Covered

Through this course you'll be an expert in the following topics that will enhance your Workday skills and lead you towards the career of your dreams. This course content is carefully crafted and curated in order to balance both the novice as well as experienced enthusiasts who are eager to know more about Workday and it's modules. To get know about of our Course Content go through the course outline presented below and get to know about our training. Once you read through our Course overview you will find that it's completely unique and stands out as it provides all there it is be offered by an hands on training expert that'll guarantee you a job as soon as you complete the training.

1. Workday HCM Training Materials

The learning objectives of  Workday HCM Training include performing basic system navigation, building supervisory organizations, comparing staffing models, creating job profiles, configuring core compensation components, explaining key security concepts, defining and managing business processes, performing common HCM transactions such as hiring, transferring, and terminating.   

1. Workday Basics and Navigation
2. Organizations
3. Staffing
4. Jobs and Positions
5. Compensation
6. iLoads Module overview
7. HCM Transactions
8. Overview of Time Tracking and Leave of Absence     

2. Workday Payroll Training Materials

Workday Payroll Training will help you to navigate the payroll categories of the sitemap, locate payroll information in a worker's profile, describe payroll setup, identify the steps in the payroll process and identify sources of payroll data.

1. Introduction to Payroll
2. Payroll Setup
3. Payroll Input Processing
4. The Calculation Engine
5. Set Up Net Pay Validation and Arrears
6. Earnings and Deductions
7. Set up Federal, State, and Local Tax Reporting
8. Set Up Time forSet Up Banking and Settlement Payroll
9. Set Up Payroll Accounting 

3. Workday Finance Training Materials

Workday Finance training is object-oriented and cloud-computing software that can be utilized to handle today's financial requirements and business goals. This training functions a comprehensive layout of Workday Finance which includes system overview, performance, utilities, responsibilities. business procedures, basic configurations, and transactions. Students would also get a grip on defining Workday core concepts and logging in to Workday tenant. 

1. Core Concepts & Navigation
2. Introduction to Workday Foundation
3. Organization, and Work tags
4. Financial Accounting Setups
5. Accounting Journal
6. Suppliers Invoices
7. Banking and Settlement
8. Business Assets
9. Financial Reporting
10. Period and Year-end close
11. Business Process Overview
12. Security Overview
13. Introduction to AR, AP, GL and Billing 

4. Workday Integration Training Materials

Workday Integration Training teaches the tools and concepts needed to build and maintain Workday integration systems. We will introduce the different technologies used to integrate with Workday, help understand the strengths and limitations of each and how to consider using certain technologies. 

1. EIB
2. Core Connectors
3. Workday Studio
4. Integration Business Process Configuration
5. Security Overview
6. Organizations
7. Reporting
8. Calcified Fields

5. Workday Security Training Materials

Workday Security Training is the most progressive training which is structured to enhance the student's functioning skills and knowledge. Besides the fundamentals, requirements and the establishment of the Workday Security module, the training excels to the update form of Security, molding a student in to a top-notch Workday Security expert by the course conclusion.

1. Authentication
2. Configurable Security
3. Security for Integrations
4. Data Privacy

6. Workday Recruiting Training Materials

In Workday Recruiting Training you will learn how to manage the entire recruiting life-cycle in one system, including workforce planning, sourcing, and advanced talent analytics, attract top talent with a consistent and engaging candidate experience from outreach to onboarding as well as learn how to streamline the recruiting process by enabling transparency and collaboration across the entire hiring team.

1. Introduction
2. Recruiting Terminology
3. Job Requisitions
4. Career sites and Job Posting Templates
5. Managing Job Postings
6. Referrals
7. Managing Candidates

7. Workday Benefits Training Materials

Workday Benefits training includes various topics like core benefits configuration (groups, plans, rates, etc.), setup, enrollment event processing, passive events, evidence of insurability and open enrollment.

1. Introduction
2. Recruiting Terminology
3. Job Requisitions
4. Career sites and Job Posting Templates
5. Managing Job Postings
6. Referrals
7. Managing Candidates 

8. Workday Absence Management Training Materials

Workday Absence Management training is intended for learners who are responsible for configuring and supporting the leave of absence (LOA) function within Workday Absence Management.

1. Absence Calendar
2. Team Absence Calendar  
3. Time Off
4.  Leave of Absence
5. Absence Event Tracking
6. Absence Occurrences
7. Absence Calculations
8. Absence Tables 

9. Workday Advanced  Compensation Training Materials

Workday Advanced Compensation Training is designed to provide functional knowledge for learners from certified experts. In this course, you will configure and apply concepts like compensation review process, merit, bonus, and stock plans, configurable grid, compensation matrix, and coordination of events.

1. Elements and Eligibility Rules
2. Grades and Grade Steps
3. Compensation Survey Management and Benchmark
4. Manage Compensation
5. Salary and Hourly Plans
6. Allowance Plans
7. Commission Plans
8. Merit Plans
9. Bonus Plans 

10. Workday Time Tracking Training Materials

Workday Time Tracking training is to empower trainees to enter, track, and approve time when and how they want. This time tracking training is suitable for aspiring Workday professionals who are ready to implement and manage Workday Time Tracking.

1. Time Tracking Basics
2. Time Tracking Hub
3. Time Entry Setup
4. Time Calculations
5. Time Attestations
6 Time Entry Validations
7. Period Schedules
8. Worker Eligibility for Time Tracking
9. Time Tracking, Payroll, and Absence
10. Reviewing and Approving Time 

11. Workday Prism Analytics Training Materials

Workday Prism Analytics Training provides trainees with a full picture of their business by empowering analysts to enrich their analytics in Workday with data from any source. Students would learn how to create data pipelines that blend and transform the data using Prism functions.

1. Prism Analytics
2. Data Management
3. Table and Dataset Concepts
4. Creating Tables and Datasets
5. Editing Tables
6. Editing Datasets
7. Securing Data in Tables and Datasets
8. Preparing Datasets for Publishing
9. Deleting Prism Analytics Data
10. Prism Expression Language

12. Workday Adaptive Planning Training Materials

Workday Adaptive Planning training lets Workday consultants gain expertise in headcount planning, financial planning, workforce planning, and advanced modeling. This training enables trainees to approve plans, publish it and make it available in Workday HCM and Finance so that the downstream users can use that data.

1. Setting up and Configuration
2. Adaptive Planning Worklet
3. Planning
4. Planning Process Overview
5. Planning Setup
6. Plan Structures
7. Plan Generation
8. Headcount Planning
9. Financial Planning
10. Plan Template Definitions
11. Plan Workbooks
12. Plan Routing
13. Customer Journey Library

13. Workday BIRT/Report Designer Training Materials

Workday BIRT Training provides you to design and utilize the business form layouts for gathering the required layout terms needed by your organization. These terms also include rich text configuration, headers, and footers, page breaks, accurate placement of labels, information, margins, spaces.

1. Workday Report Designer for Workday
2. Introduction Workday Report Designer
3. Building a Custom Report
4. Report Designer
5. Creating a Report Project
6. Formatting the Report & Properties
7. Deploy to Workday
8. Formatting Letters 

14. Workday Studio Training Materials

Workday Studio Training will enhance your tech-savviness with the Studio development environment. Through comprehensive explanation and detailed illustrations, the course will acquaint you with building Workday Studio Assembly projects and enhance your knowledge with respect to Assembly Components and Steps.

1. Studio Fundamentals
2. Integration Design
3. Integration Deployment
4. Integration Configuration
5. Integration Launching
6. Integration Monitoring and Troubleshooting
7. Studio Management 

15. Workday Payroll Integration Training Materials

Workday Payroll Integration Training enables trainees to connect with a third-party payroll vendor to send and receive payroll data. It is inclusive of methods on building a full-stack integration using the Payroll Effective Change Interface integration and a top-of-stack integration using the Payroll Interface integration template.

1. Third-Party Payroll Connectors
2. Tenant Setup for External Payroll
3. Payroll Interface
4. Change Detection
5. Functional Changes and Payroll Interface
6. Payroll Effective Change Interface
7. Functional Changes and PECI
8. Comparing PI to PECI
9. Transformation and Delivery 

16. Workday Talent and Performance Management Training Materials

Workday Talent Management works seamlessly with Workday Human Resource Management to let you align and assess talent, pay for performance, and plan your leadership success. You can do all of this from a single, unified solution.

1. Talent Management Overview
2. Setup Talent Attributes
3. Competencies
4. Talent Attributes at the Job Level
5. Populating Employment Talent Data
6. Calibration
7. Succession Planning
8. Performance Management Overview
9. Development Items and Plans
10. Performance Review Key Concepts
11. Performance Review Business Process
12. Review Template Prerequisites
13. Employee Review Ratings and Calculations 

17. Workday Report Writer Training Materials

Workday Report writer training course introduces students to the Workday Report Writer tool. Concepts taught are inclusive of reporting overview, building custom reports, sorting and filtering, prompting, totaling, grouping, and outlining, report security, scheduling reports, introduction to matrix reports, working with calculated fields and report performance.

1. Delivered Reports
2. Report Writer Terminology & Concepts
3. Business Objects, Fields & Instances
4. Report Data Sources
5. Report Writer “Top 10”
6. Steps to Create a Report
7. Report Types
8. Selecting a Data Source
9. Temporary Reports
10. Report Writer Navigation
11.Report Output vs. Report Definition
12. Class Report Fields
13. Simple vs. Advanced Report Types
14. Advanced Filtering Options and Prompts 

18. Workday Calculated Fields Training Materials

In Workday Calculated Fields Training you will learn how to create fields that manipulate dates and text, evaluates conditions, work with data from related objects, and performs arithmetic calculations. This course also teaches the methodology to add calculated fields to custom reports for meeting complex business requirements. Calculated fields can also be used for the transformation of Workday data in outbound integrations on the requirements of external systems.

1. Calculated Fields–Tasks & Reports
2. Available Calculated Fields Functions and FieldTypes
3. Creating a CalculatedField
4. ConvertCurrency
5. Creating Logical CalculatedFields
6. Lookup RangeBand
7. Lookup DateRollup
8. Working with Related Business Objects
9. Lookup RelatedValue
10. Extract SingleInstance
11. ExtractMulti-Instance
12. Change Detection
13. Prompt for Value
14. Arithmetic Calculation

19. Workday Advanced Reporting Training Materials

Workday Reporting training is meant for Workday Professionals who are interested in becoming Workday Reporting Analysts, Workday Data Analysts, Workday Payroll Analysts, and Workday Reporting Associate Managers. It includes various types of Reports in Workday such as Transposed Reports, Composed Reports, nBox Reports and the methodology to blend it across various products with different Workday Reporting tools.

1. Composite Reports
2. Trending Reports Overview
3. Transposed Reports Overview
4. Search Reports Overview
5. nBox Reports View
6. Worklets and Dashboards
7. Custom Metrics and Scorecards Overview

20. Workday Extend Training Materials

Workday Extend is a toolset that enables developers to build, deploy, and share apps that extend the core Workday features. Custom apps run on Workday, render custom pages that follow the Workday UI standards, and interact with Workday data and external data sources.

1. Setup Consideration: Workday Extend
2. Workday Extend Fundamentals
3. Tenants

21. Workday Resume Creation and Interview Preparation Training Materials

Everything you need to know to get hired fast whether you’re searching for a job in Workday or working in Workday. I am here to help turn your dream into a profitable reality. After successfully helping over thousands of ambitious students build meaningful careers, my deepest hope is that I will be able to help you do the same through Workday Resume Creation and Interview Preparation Training.

1. Linked in Profile
2. Slice and dice your resume
3. Resume Header.
4. Professional Summary.
5. Skill Set Matrix.
6. Professional Experience.
7. Source for resume project responsibilities.
8. Select the W orkday client on your resume.
9. Select the implementer for the implementation project.
10. References.
11. Interview preparation.
12. Interview/ Project tips.
13. Challenges you faced in the project in configuration.
14. Production Support Interview questions.
15. Team Structure.
16. Day in the life of an implementation project

22. Workday Learning Training Materials

Workday Learning Training comprises programs, blended and digital courses, course offerings for blended courses, and stand-alone lessons. You can create and maintain courses and course offerings to enable learner enrollment. Workday supports peer learning by enabling you and your employees to create stand-alone lessons, as an employee self-service task.

1. Learning Setup and Maintenance
2. Learning Security
3. Learning Pricing Enablement
4. Learning Content
5. Learning Enrollments
6. Extended Enterprise Learning