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I say this without hesitation: this is the course of all courses!
to sum up, it’s like adding a business coach and personal assistant to your life simultaneously! get guidance, get support, get the tech stuff covered, get to owning your career (and loving it) while impacting others through your knowledge.
Whoever said “knowledge is power” really meant it.


After the first resume class, I had my next million dollar idea... like, my mind was blown. So, let's talk about not just extracting knowledge, but extracting confidence in identifying your next IDEA and exactly WHO it is for.
You get the EXACT tools that I use to prepare resume and build your career.  


Our Workday Resume training is packed with tools that help you eliminate stress, discover your superpower, find your ideal position, and the Seven Levels Deep exercise which *literally* will change your life.

Here’s a rundown of the lessons inside of this module:
      Lesson 1: Secret to a prepare perfect resume in minutes
      Lesson 2: Identify clients, references, project responsibilities
      Lesson 3: Interview questions and Answers
  Lesson 4: How to confidently face interview and Talk That Will Influence the interviewer

By the end of module one you will: have a full gas-tank of confidence, understand and own your superpower, know how to use it to reach the right people, and how you can build a curriculum to impact those people. Plus, now you’ve got the TOOLS to help you execute.


Information alone is awesome but having the tools and templates to help you implement quickly? priceless. Mary isn't holding anything back, they are including the exact formula she uses, and you're in business. resume template, references, interview questions  to ask... it's all in there. I've given it all to you.  these templates alone are worth the price of the program.
“True leadership isn’t just teaching, it’s learning together, overcoming hurdles and fueling the wins so dreams can confidently become a reality. You start wherever you’re at, even if it’s at zero... actually having an offer. how cool is that?


 You're finally ready to invest in your dreams


You're ready to own your awesome and share it


You need a mentor or coach to hold your hand 


Get yourself real, true, RESULTS. Yes, you can! 

Course Summary

Everything you need to know to get hired fast whether you’re searching for a job in Workday or working in Workday. I am here to help turn your dream into a profitable reality. After successfully helping over thousands of  ambitious students build meaningful careers, my deepest hope is that I will be able to help you do the same.

  1. Prepare a keyword-rich, targeted resume for every job in Workday that gets outstanding results in your job search
  2. Interview competently and persuasively in your job search while still being yourself
  3. Make a career change by framing your past experiences for future roles
  4. Write summary sections and objective statements aligned to a job position, 
  5. Take advantage of web resources to find power language for your resume.
  6. Produce a strong resume in a format that is suitable both to your background and the position you're interested in.

Learning Objectives

How can you bring your resume to the top of the pile? How can you present yourself to prospective employers using the language they already speak inside their organization? This course will give you answers to those questions. You will learn how to convert a boring resume into a dynamic asset statement that conveys your talents in the language that an employer understands. After completing this course, you will be able to:

Speed up your job search: learn how to write a resume/CV that opens doors, how to develop your Workday brand, how to interview confidently, how to build a valuable professional network, and more! 

A great job is the key to living a happy life. The problem is, you know how competitive the job market is but you weren’t taught how to job hunt in school. The good news is, by simply mastering these leading-edge job hunting and professional presentation skills, you can get yourself into the running for positions that were previously out of your reach. Plus, you can present yourself articulately, with confidence, and with purpose. Identify the right opportunities so you don’t waste your valuable time and get hired for more money than you previously thought possible.
And it can all happen within the space of a few weeks. Thousands of job seekers all over the world have already benefited--and you can too.


  1. How to select your client in resume, location
  2. How to prepare references
  3. How to project your experience
  4. How to blend past and present experience
  5. What to say for Workday certification
  6. Which module is good in Workday to get a job
  7. Source for resume and project responsibilities
  8. How to include keywords into your resume
  9. 200 page document with project responsibility for every Workday job
  10. Unique write ups for every module with rare content


  1. Interview Introduction and tell me about yourself in a most attractive way
  2. What to ask before starting the interview
  3. How you present yourself
  4. How to be mentally prepared and relieve anxiety
  5. What typical interview questions for each Workday job
  6. Different strategies facing the interview
  7. Day in the life of project
  8. Preparing for behavioral-based interview questions
  9. Full time job interview (multiple interviews)

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Review of Resume & Interview Prep Course Offered by Mary was Excellent

Highly recommended and it’s more than worth $ amount. Especially I liked Project Responsibility and Summary (helpful to Build / Modify / Change / Update the Profile) and Interview Prep Topic to brush-up the Workday Skills prior to the interview. Provided Tricks and Tips are more valuable, thank you Mary - * KRISH*

9 months ago
Best Mentor on Workday Trainings

I have been a Student to Mary for 4 months and undergone multiple training on Workday. In any training, she teaches in-depth, similarly resume & interview prep training was superb for beginners to advanced. I have done a lot of research online and undergone many demo sessions, I was very much impressed with the curriculum and way of teaching from Mary and continuing to become experts on Workday. She helps in all aspects to achieve career goals. Thanks a ton, Mary for your teaching attitude and helping lot many students in their career. Sudheer Baisani

11 months ago
Best Resume Preparation Class

Mary, your resume preparation class is the best class on resume preparation. The way you go into each and every detail is amazing. The way you put things together and make it look so simple and fun are very rare to find. You put things in such a systematic and organized way and nothing can be missed and makes it easy to grasp things easily. The Best Thing I like About You Is That You Never Try to Cut Corner In Anything You Do. Thanks a lot for all your hard work toward training and helping in Resume preparation.

11 months ago
Best Teacher

As a student from a non-IT background, I found this course to answer all of my questions regarding the interview and resume classes. Mary is very thorough in explaining exactly what an interviewer is looking for and how to successfully draw attention to your resume. Based on the student's questions, Mary constantly reassesses her curriculum to make sure every question is not only answered but thoroughly explained. After taking her resume and interview preparation course I feel extremely confident in my abilities.

11 months ago
Best Training and an Excellent Trainer

The resume preparation course is very informative and well structured. It's very helpful for people who are struggling to have a professional resume which is the first step and most important step for getting a job. This course also covers interview questions, which really helps you face any interview with utmost confidence. Mary is an excellent trainer who is really passionate, dedicated and very knowledgeable trainer. Looking forward to learning more in the future. Thank you.

11 months ago
Writing Resume is also an Art

Thanks Mary for this Class ! Otherwise we would never know the importance of Resume. This class takes you from basic to advanced resume writing. Glad i met Mary. Thanks alot for this special class.- Siddharth

11 months ago
Best Tutor

The resume preparation tips shared in the class has definitely enhanced my skills in updating my resume. After taking this class, my confidence level to face an interview has clearly gone up. I really appreciate Mary's effort towards motivating students for getting a job.

11 months ago
One of the best trainings I have attended, excellent trainner!

This has to be one of the best training I have attended. The trainer was excellent, she takes a lot of trouble to explain every single detail and prepares a cheat sheet to refer to post her training which is very helpful. I have never seen such a trainer who is so dedicated passionate about providing the best training to her students always!

11 months ago
Invaluable and Insightful Resume and Interview training!

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mary for designing and delivering such an invaluable and insightful resume and interview training session. Irrespective of professional background, Mary's passionate training has proven to be essential particularly to streamline WD prospects and generically useful for holistic interview process ...Many thanks for your excellent training!!

11 months ago
Magic Class which will change your perception about interviews

I have never felt this much confident as now after taking a new technology. There were lots of thing which i was not aware of but now i am aware of. Thanks to Mary for putting up this class and sharing your immense knowledge about the modules and interview tips and tricks which had boosted up my confidence. Now i think i can crack any kind of client interview without any issues - Sabreen

11 months ago
Resume Prep and Interview Tips Class- Mystery Unfold

The feeling after this class is awesome. Untill i attended this class, I thought it will have some traditional and common tips and tricks for resume prep but on contrary it was far beyond this. The tips and tricks provided by Mary was excellent and seemed to be very much useful and purposeful. Also, the interview tips are like more than what i expected and obviously incredible and result oriented. I would like to congratulate and thank Mary again for her wonderful knowledge sharing technique by her unique method of training and mentoring. Thanks a ton. A proud student of Mary's class- Uttam Gupta

11 months ago
Confidence Booster

This class is especially useful for people who are new to this field, Very informative help in summing it all up before entering the job market.. Krupa

11 months ago
This class Icing on the cake

I wanted to add a few words to other reviews, I had seen about this class. In much other training the trainer tries to teach the subject or theory, but here we get a feeling of being hands-on at the project. Some of the high lights and for that reason, the advantage of this training is the trainer itself. her mastery of the subject, experience and professional approach takes it to the next level. I had a chance to attend two modules of her class two hours each back to back. one of the thing that I have noticed is, she is not tired or goes slow. Even at the end of the 4th hour she maintains the same energy level and is ready to go to her next class or another meeting .this all adds value and makes it exceptional. I will be looking forward to attending the basic HCM and integration classes as time and resources permit. The thought and idea about the Interview prep class are highly appreciated. This class diffuses the fear of interview, help build confidence and face interview with ease. Thanks and regards Zach

11 months ago
Resume and Interview Class

Its been a great experience attending your training. Your experience shows-up in the way you teach & cover every topic in detail, also clarifying questions in a clear manner. Getting a person with multiple modules experience to train is not easily available in the market, luckily I found you. Your session on resume & interview preparation is also great, we're able to know some new points & how to present me in the interview. The documents provided by you is very helpful. Overall, I have enjoyed your training thoroughly & confident to get into a Workday job. Thanks Saritha

11 months ago
Excellent Resume and Interview Prep Classes

I have always wondered and had many questions around the resume and interview prep. Mary explained those things in great detail. I have also purchased integration and finance classes and I was confident about her delivery and quality. I will write separate reviews for them though but those classes are also in very much detail. I think it's Mary's style and passion for providing information in detail which makes her classes very different than others.

11 months ago
Good Training

I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. I highly recommend Mary. The best part of her training is the Unique Cheatsheet Concept used for every topic. Thank you, Mary, There is a great balance between theory & practice and the concepts are clearly and professionally explained. You have done a wonderful job. I will surely recommend the training to all my colleagues and friends. Gowri

11 months ago
Workday Resume creation and Interview

Amazing documents to facilitate you if you coming from NON - IT background helps you to understand what kind of questions you will be asked and prepared you well. Most of the jobs do require basic experience and these resume documents give you outright insight. Highly Recommend!!!! Neha

11 months ago

About Instructor

    • Mary is global ERP implementation expert, director, program manager, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas. She has 30 years experience in ERP with 12 years experience in Workday. She is a certified global lead / solution architect who has led multiple conferences and global projects across 60 countries. She is an expert in implementation, Hyper-Care, Training, Data conversion, Integrations, Change Management, Project Management and Testing. You will get the best training in the world with valuable training documents and practical real time projects.  
    • Mary has repeatedly demonstrated her capabilities combining business acumen with strong financial discipline, deep design insights and organizational management skills to successfully grow businesses, lead them through successful turnarounds and revitalization, and manage them across all stages of the business life cycle. She has an established track record of increasing both enterprise and cash flow in companies across multiple industries. She is a growth-focused, results-oriented, and solutions-driven leader with proven history of bringing analytical insights and pragmatic solutions to key business challenges.