How to start your career as a Workday HCM Consultant?

Explore the major role of a Workday HCM consultant, required skills, certification paths, salary trends of the profession, & global companies hiring

The area of Workday HCM is evolving rapidly. The Workday cloud platform has stood out as a pivotal force and has revolutionized the way businesses manage their entire workforce. Here, we will explore the

burgeoning and thriving career of Workday HCM Consulting and discuss its significance in the present business landscape. 

What Is the Role of a Workday HCM Consultant?

The Workday HCM Consultants act as architects of organizational efficiency and play an important role when it comes to the implementation, customization, & optimization of Workday solutions. This role involves multifaceted responsibilities & showcases the direct impact of enhancing the experiences of employees and streamlining HR processes.

The following is the list of primary roles and responsibilities of a Workday HCM Consultant:

  • The professional Workday HCM consultants actively participate in translating the customers’ needs into deliverables and the preparation of the documents & presentations.

  • Parameterize the various modules for implementing a functional solution that is adapted to the needs of the customers.

  • Accompany the concerned organization’s project team in deploying or in the process of evolution of a solution.

  • Prepare & lead design workshops on various mastered subjects.

  • Developing various tools, receipts, and tests

  • Carrying out different technical monitoring and training users

  • Advise customers on various evolutions of solutions & their implementation as well.

Essential Skills and Qualifications Required for Becoming a Workday HCM Consultant

The overall journey of becoming a proficient Workday HCM consultant primarily requires a Workday Certification, In-depth Understanding of Workday Modules, Business Process Knowledge, Technical Proficiency, Problem-Solving Skills, Communication and Training, Adaptability, Project Management, Client Relationship Management, and Continuous Learning. From soft skills to technical prowess, this section will surely provide you with a comprehensive guide to the various key attributes that a Workday HCM consultant should necessarily possess.

Ideal Educational Background for An Aspiring Workday HCM Consultant

As per industry standards, any specialized degree is not required to become a Workday consultant. Possessing a bachelor’s degree in a related field can prove to be beneficial. A degree in the field of computer science, business administration, or management information systems can provide a robust foundation for thoroughly understanding the business & technical aspects of Workday. Also, a few employers may prefer candidates to have a master’s degree in a related field of study.

However, just a degree is not enough to get access to all the necessary knowledge & skills to become a professional Workday consultant.

Specific Courses & Specializations That Can Be Beneficial for Aspiring Consultants

Obtaining a specialized Workday certification is an essential step in becoming a qualified and successful Workday HCM consultant. Workday offers a number of certifications that likely demonstrate the ultimate expertise in certain areas of the Workday software system. These specialized certifications include:

  • Workday Financial Management

  • Workday HCM

  • Workday Payroll

  • Workday Integrations

Every certification necessarily requires passing a number of examinations & demonstrating the proper proficiency in all the relevant areas. A candidate can also opt for multiple Workday certifications, and this helps the candidates by giving them an edge in the job market & demonstrating a well-rounded understanding of the Workday software. 

Steps to Follow to Become a Workday HCM Consultant

If you are willing to embark on a career as a Workday HCM consultant, then you ought to follow a strategic roadmap. This particular section provides a step-wise guide and offers the necessary insights into gaining the most valuable practical experience. It will also help you build your networking skills and, at the same time, showcase your skills so that you can stand out prominently in this competitive field.

The steps that you ought to follow are:

  1. Firstly, earn a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as human resource management, information technology, or finance.

  2. Gain relevant experience in this field.

  3. Opt for and complete Workday HCM certification.

Salary Range of a Workday HCM Consultant

Money matters & thus, it is crucial to uncover the prevailing trends in Workday HCM Consultant salary. An in-depth analysis of the salary ranges, certain factors that influence compensation, & industry trends provides a real perspective for those out there who are aspiring to choose this career path.

As per the leading recruitment portal Indeed, the average annual Workday HCM Consultant salary in the USA is $97,840, with a range of $60,628 to $157,890 per annum. 

Companies Hiring Workday HCM Consultants

The demand for Workday HCM Consultants is constantly rising, and this section compiles a list of established companies that actively seek professionals in this particular field.

Some of the top companies operating in India that recruit Workday HCM consultants or offer Workday HCM consultant jobs often are Deloitte, Accenture, Wipro, IBM, Appirio, TCS, Fujitsu, PWC, KPMG, Mercer, E&Y & Capgemini. 

How Can Workday HCM Consultants Create a Strong Portfolio?

HCM Consultant Portfolio

The job market of today’s time is very competitive, and thus every Workday HCM consultant must make all the difference. They need to frequently focus on certain specific areas of expertise that will give them a thorough strategy for the improvement of the business operations.

  1. Core HCM & the Lifecycle of the Employee – Consultants can offer valuable advice regarding the modules of the human capital management suite, and this covers the entire lifecycle of an employee in an organization. This includes the management of employee retirement or exit strategies, performance management, workforce planning & acquisition of talent.

  2. Workforce Planning & Analytics – The Workday HCM consultants can assist the firms in utilizing the powerful analytics capabilities of Workday to monitor the performance indicators, spot the patterns, & make confident fact-based choices in regard to hiring, workforce productivity, and talent development.

  3. Administration of Benefits – In order to enable seamless management of the employee benefits packages, they can help you in configuring & maintaining the modules of Workday Benefits. This entails explicitly establishing the eligibility criteria, creating employee benefits programs, & monitoring employee enrolments.

  4. Payroll & Time Management Workday HCM Consultants who have expertise in modules of Workday Planning can always ensure that its setting always complies with the unique payroll requirements of the concerned business organization. Additionally, they can also facilitate time monitoring, enable precise recording, hourly payments, etc.

  5. Change Management – When you put in a new system of HCM, it frequently necessitates certain modifications to the present procedures. The Workday HCM consultants can address the human side of change in addition to directing certain technical implementations. This can assist the business organizations in successfully managing this shift, overcoming opposition, & training staff.

  6. Regulatory Compliance – The Workday HCM consultants should necessarily ensure all the HR procedures comply well with the different legal & regulatory requirements. This is a major area of study because the legal landscape is also evolving constantly.

How ERP Cloud Training May Help You?

The digital era demands perpetual learning & ERP Cloud Training emerges as one of the most powerful allies. ERP Cloud Training is of significant significance in enhancing the capabilities of the Workday HCM Consultant.

ERP Cloud Training can facilitate aspiring Workday HCM consultants in learning staffing models, position management, and job management. This can also help them in addressing the differences in staffing models.

Workday HCM is a very efficient cloud-based software package that is a vital part of HR administration. This includes different HR capabilities like payroll, talent acquisition, benefits, performance, retention, & management of employee data.

Workday HCM consultants often focus on various specific areas, like their expertise in providing a thorough strategy for the improvement of business operations, etc., when they undergo ERP cloud training.


This blog provides a comprehensive guide for individuals who aspire to become Workday HCM consultants. It provides information that will help in understanding the primary role of navigating educational pathways and lead aspiring Workday HCM consultants to the roadmap to success. As the landscape of the workforce is evolving, a career as a Workday HCM consultant opens doors to particular exciting possibilities & impactful contributions to various progressive and modern businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Workday HCM consultant job is usually secured by candidates holding Workday HCM certification & is responsible for assessing the HR requirements of their clients, designing, developing, & integrating HCM software to meet those needs. They are also responsible for testing & troubleshooting the implemented software for finding and resolving errors.

The primary skills required for excelling as a Workday HCM consultant are technical knowledge in regards to the Workday platform, thorough computer proficiency, financial knowledge & human resources, written & verbal communication skills, analytical skills, CRM, time management, etc.

The various roles that are similar to that of a Workday HCM Consultant are: • HR Systems Analyst – Manages & perfectly optimizes the various HR systems that include Workday as well. • Specialist in HCM Implementation – This role primarily focuses on implementing various HCM systems that are based on the different needs of the clients. • HR Technology Manager – This particular role oversees the strategic planning & implementation of the HR technology. • HR Process Consultant – This specific role is responsible for optimizing the HR processes very efficiently. • ERP Consultant – This particular role majorly specializes in implementing & optimizing the ERP systems as well as includes HCM modules at the same time.

Several prominent and progressive business organizations & companies across the world use Workday software to manage their financial & HR operations. Some of the notable companies that have adopted Workday for streamlining their various core operations include Visa, Amazon, HP, Netflix, & several others. The solutions offered by Workday are usually very versatile & can be adapted to meet the several critical requirements of different industries, from healthcare providers to several tech giants & financial institutions.