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Workday HCM, Integration (EIB, Core Connector, Studio), BIRT, Prism, Extend, Time and Absence Live Instructor-Led Training

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  1.  Live course modules are curated for the job.
  2.  Only institute to provide training in all Workday modules.
  3.  Remote Job Placement across 40+ countries (US, UK, India, etc).
  4.  40 hours of Advanced HCM course & 40 hours of  Live Training.
  5.  Priceless downloadable documents (PDF, PPT, Visio's, DOC).
  6.  Tenant access will be provided during the live class.
  7.  24/7 curriculum access.
  8.  Hands-on support from Mary who is not a hired trainer.
  9.  200+ Real-world projects, examples, and case studies.
  10.  Sample resumes for every Workday job.
  11. Interview preparation, and free Job Support.
  12. 10 years of real-time Workday live project experience.
  13.  All class recordings are provided for free.
  14.  Cheat sheets with step-by-step guides are provided.
  15.  Workday Certification will be provided by partners/clients.

What you will learn

1. Basic HCM Concepts including basics, navigation, Business Objects,                     Landing Pages, Hyperlinks and Configuration Options.
2. Deep dive into Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) like Design Pattern,                  Limitations and Integration Business Process Configuration.
3. Gain a deep understanding in Integration Services in Core Connector,                Integration Architecture and Integration Cloud Connect.
4. Learn in-depth about Studio Concepts, Overview of Assembly                                    Components, Testing and Debugging Studio Integrations.
5. Get to know the knowledge of Prism Analytics includes Data Acquisition,          Activity Use Case, Parse Data and sFTP Integration.
6. Master the art of Workday BIRT Overview, Data Structure, Building                      Custom Reports.
7. Get a deep knowledge of Workday Extend Fundamentals and Tenants.
8. 15 years of real-time Workday live project experience by our expert.
9. Method of placement: internal client projects, external vendors, direct full        time client or partner referrals.
10. After this course, you will have the skills to start a successful career in                    Workday.

Implementation Methodology

Job Positions to apply

Contract : $150-450/Hour

Full Time: $150-300K/Annum

1.  Workday HCM Functional Consultant
2.  Workday Integration Technical Consultant
3.  Workday Techno - Functional Consultant
4.  Workday Prism Technical Consultant
5.  Workday BIRT Technical Consultant
6.  Workday Extend Technical Consultant
7.   Workday Time Functional Consultant

8.   Workday Absence Consultant
9.   Workday BIRT Consultant
10. Workday Security Consultant
11.  Workday Prism Consultant
12. Workday Extend Consultant
13. Workday Integration Consultant
14. Workday HCM Business Analyst

15. Workday Technical Consultant
16. Workday Absence Consultant
17. Workday Administrator
18. Workday Solution Architect
19. Workday Project Manager
20. Workday Test Lead
21. Workday Developer

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Course Summary


Workday HCM, Integration, and Prism Training is the program that entitles you to forge ahead of your skills and intelligence on the progressive deep interpretation of Workday HCM. This training is all-inclusive with real-world plots fetching practical value to Workday aspirants. Its curriculum is structured with the most challenging unique topics such as HCM, Integration, and Prism inclusive of the concepts of Security and Business process to learn all in one BEAST course. . If your vision is to become an affluent Workday Consultant, Yes. you are in the right place. Our extraordinary feature training builds confidence to impact the job markets and crack the interviews.

Core HCM Learning Objectives: 

The Workday HCM training include the in-depth fundamental system in performance navigation, constructing managerial organizations, comparison of staffing models, designing core compensation modules, producing job descriptions, describing the concepts of key security, definition, and management of business processes, executing usual HCM transactions such as recruiting, shifting and terminating. The beginner can declare the utility of the autonomous function and present provided records and calculating fundamental custom reports. 


This course gives a picture of all the provisions of a managerial organization. It systematically details all administrative roles and responsibilities which are required for managing organizations and our students would become amicable with reporting and reorganizing tasks. It also handles the influence of a managerial organization hierarchy change to make progress the business, such as recruiting, job allotment changes, and reports which were available to follow differences. The organization types offered in the Workday system are tutored individually, with a focus point on the managerial organization. Learners could know about how the security groups are portraying the Managerial Organizations and other organizational differences for existing and new workers with the authority of performing HCM transactions on Workday.

Integration Overview:

Object Management System (OMS) hosts the Workday business process. There are three possibilities to functions the web services to attain and update information through an integration structure to your Workday tenant. You can utilize the configurable Workday integrations (Cloud Connect), the integration tools used to create integration structures (EIB, DT, and Workday Studio), or your self prevailing middleware. The Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) permits users to function easy and protected integrations with Workday. Unlike other Workday integrations, the goal of EIB is, it uses no third-party software or hardware, and it allows users to construct self integrations based on their unique business plots. Workday enables a few packaged integrations with the EIB. The Enterprise Interface Builder can be utilized in both exports and imports.


The Workday simple integrations course focuses on mechanisms for using custom report results in integrations and loading data though generated template models. Through a series of presentations, demonstrations, and activities, you will learn how to build and launch an integration that extracts data out of Workday and sends it to an external system, learn about the different template models with the different functional areas and how to generate, customize and populate those templates for inbound transactions. You will also learn how to use a business process to trigger an outbound integration and custom XSLT to transform report data. This class will stress the importance of business processes, Reference IDs, and data structure when you are working with both inbound and outbound data. This course is designed for business analysts and developers who will be using generated templates to import data into workday and using Workday Reports as a Service (RaaS) for outbound data.

Core Connector:

The Core Connectors & Document Transformation covers the use of pre-built integration templates called Core Connectors to build integrations systems. Connectors address the majority of the integration effort required to connect to third-party end points. Connectors provide a rapid, flexible, and repeatable method for integrating with Workday, and ensure that all external systems receive only the data that you want to expose.


The Workday Studio will enhance your tech-savviness with the Studio development environment and offer you familiarity with the concept of Assemblies. Through comprehensive explanation and detailed illustrations, the course will acquaint you with building Workday Studio Assembly projects and enhance your knowledge with respect to Assembly Components and Steps. This is a unified Eclipse-based environment that allows Workday customers and third parties to develop, deploy, debug, and support their complex integrations running in the Workday Cloud destinations. Trainees would learn how to recall the purpose of a workday-in transport, discuss when to use a workday-out-soap and a workday-out-rest, and how to build an outbound Workday Studio integration using a delivery service. It is advised to enroll in Workday HCM training before proceeding to learn Workday studio. 

Prism Analytics :

Workday Prism Analytics Training explains the business's complete information to the students by creating analysts to advance their Workday Analytics information from an origin. They can understand how to prepare data pipelines that combine and changes the information by Prism functions. The origin can be secured by an configurable security framework, so it can be published for the utilities in Workday reports. They can also perform ad hoc analysis in data discovery. It is required to attain Workday HCM Training before handling Prism Analytics. 

BIRT Concepts :

Workday BIRT Training answers how to make a connect with workday report from the report designer tool for building a business form layout. Students can understand how to configure the report design with different properties, expressions and data. In the end, the report design will be posted to Workday , which is associated to the report as a Business Form Layout. Before withstanding this course, it is important to be familiar with Workday HCM Training to understand the fundamentals, requirements and navigations in Workday. Different concepts includes in BIRT such as creating custom reports, preparing projects, data sourcing, designing the reports, arranging, expressions, positioning to Workday, workday with multiple business objects and data sets, aggregates, grouping, performing delivered report designs. are taught in the training

Extend Overview:

Workday Extend is a toolset that enables developers to build, deploy, and share apps that extend the core Workday features. Custom apps run on Workday, render custom pages that follow the Workday UI standards, and interact with Workday data and external data sources. Custom apps can store data as unique business objects used with specialized business processes and security domains. Apps can launch event-driven and automated processes across Workday and third-party systems. Apps can also be external applications that run outside the tenant and directly access Workday data. 

Time Tracking Overview:

Workday Time Tracking is a consumer-driven, global time-and-attendance application. This cloud application works seamlessly with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), Workday Payroll, Workday Absence Management, and Workday Projects to provide global organizations with a complete end-to-end user experience that works on the web and mobile devices, or with a physical time clock.

Absence Overview:

Absence constitutes a significant aspect of an employee's overall experience. Employers require effective tools to formulate and implement plans aligned with their business objectives and compensation principles. Workday Absence Management offers a holistic perspective on an employee's utilization of different absence plans, encompassing vacation and sick-day plans, as well as defined leaves of absence.

Course Curriculum



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Taylor Wilson

Thanks to Mary, my career underwent a transformative shift, and I'm immensely grateful for her invaluable guidance

Mary, my mentor, has been instrumental in shaping my professional journey and turning my career aspirations into reality. I landed my dream job with a six-figure salary, thanks to Mary. All my career aspirations have come true because of her. In the Workday HCM, Integration (EIB, Core Connector, Studio), BIRT, Prism, Extend, Time & Absence Live Training, Mary's dedication to real-time implementation methodology stood out, covering functional, technical, and techno-functional aspects comprehensively. Beyond her proficiency in the Workday world, Mary connects on both professional and personal levels, going beyond the traditional instructor role. Her teaching style, marked by clarity and patience, breaks down complex topics into digestible components. Her impact extends beyond training, shaping both my professional skills and personal development. Mary's influence has been transformative, turning distant career goals into tangible achievements. I highly recommend ERP Cloud Training with Mary for those aspiring to excel in the Workday ecosystem. Thank you, Mary, for being more than just a mentor but a catalyst for my success.

4 months ago
Smith Johnson

Mary is the singular force behind what I am today

Thanks to Mary's exceptional training, I'm now employed as a Workday BIRT consultant and have the privilege of working directly with clients, a testament to her crucial role in my career success. Mary's guidance not only equipped me with valuable skills but also instilled profound confidence. Her personalized approach goes beyond imparting knowledge; she cultivates a supportive learning environment that empowers students. I am deeply grateful for Mary's mentorship, which has played a pivotal role in shaping my professional journey. In her role as our dedicated trainer, Mary consistently delivers in-depth technical and functional information, ensuring a unique learning experience. Her encouragement sparks creative thinking and promotes skill development on both professional and personal levels. With a focus on real-time implementation skills, Mary provides a comprehensive training environment. I proudly acknowledge Mary as a steadfast pillar of support, guiding us with unwavering dedication. I highly recommend joining ERP Cloud Training for career success.

4 months ago
Kevin Lopez

I've secured a job after completing it..

I decided to make a career transition and chose ERP Cloud Training based on a friend's recommendation. After attending the live sessions, I successfully secured a position as a Workday Consultant. Thank you a million, Mary. Teaching is often regarded as an art, and you have exceeded our expectations, proving it to be a true art form. I eagerly look forward to future training sessions. Your training sessions are exceptionally clear and are directly applicable to industrial projects, offering practical solutions. I highly recommend everyone to join ERP Cloud Training for a career transformation with true dedication. Mary, thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only inspiring me but also for boosting my confidence with your positive energy in every single moment. I want to express my gratitude not only for the excellent training but also for the job opportunity your training has provided me. Your training methodology has played a crucial role in my career advancement, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Once again, thank you for your exceptional guidance and support.

4 months ago
Allen Thomas

my experience was truly outstanding

I come from a diverse background, and I was initially unsure if I could grasp the concepts. However, your teachings on the Implementation methodology were incredibly helpful in understanding the subject. No one else has covered this aspect in the many Workday trainings I've attended. You've done an exceptional job. The effort you've put into explaining the concepts is truly commendable and unbelievable. The extensive and comprehensive knowledge shared, along with the Workday-specific tips and tricks, has instilled in me the confidence necessary for success in my new career. I am grateful for the numerous friendly email reminders you've sent regarding various job openings. The Training experience with you has been truly exceptional. The advanced HCM training videos shared with me prior to the start of the sessions instilled confidence in my ability to learn this technology. The interactive live sessions, cheat sheets, materials shared, and class recordings have all played a pivotal role in helping me understand the basic concepts and advance my skills.

4 months ago
Jeff Williams

Excellent Training

I had an opportunity to upskill myself and enrolled into Mary’s ERP training classes. Its clearly evident through her classes that her knowledge on the subject is supreme and she takes great pride in imparting the knowledge so that everyone understands the subject well. She doesn’t rush through her classes but paces it well with live working on the system, cheat sheets and relevant materials which will further help you to go back and check on the subject. Mary also takes time and makes it a point to answer all questions on the subject, I benefited from the course and I would further enroll in her classes if I continue to upgrade my skills, I would definitely recommend ERP training to all who want to start fresh and benefit from her teaching. Thankyou ERP training.

5 months ago

About Instructor

    Mary is a global Workday ERP implementation expert, speaker, trainer, program manager, associate partner, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas. She possesses expertise in various areas, including implementation, Hyper-Care, data conversion, integrations, change management, project management, and testing. Her unique approach sets her apart in the industry, with no direct competitors. Notably, she is not just a trainer but a seasoned implementer, having mentored over 50,000 students worldwide and providing practical insights for securing jobs.

    Mary is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Workday. Her career spans roles as an implementer, solution architect, and design expert, and she has also taken the lead in organizing conferences worldwide and collaborating with major clients from the top five global firms. Mary's knowledge and proficiency in these ERP systems reflect her veteran-level experience in the field. In addition to her expertise, Mary is a collaborative partner, working alongside a range of implementers. This includes but is not limited to, renowned firms such as IBM, Accenture, Alight, KPMG, and PWC. Mary's training seems to replicate her skills, providing a unique learning opportunity.

    The training is specifically tailored for roles in Mary's ongoing projects, eliminating the need for students to seek employment elsewhere. Mary transcends the typical trainer role by providing continuous support due to her involvement in ongoing global projects. She is a partner and also the owner of million-dollar global projects. Leveraging her profound 30 years of expertise, Mary strongly emphasises quality and quantity within her comprehensive training initiatives. She showcases an array of extensive projects that not only furnish participants with real-time experience but also open avenues for remote work opportunities and direct client engagement, all streamlined without the requirement for traditional interviews. Mary particularly ensures great prospects in challenging modules.

    Mary's mentoring extends beyond technical skills, fostering all-encompassing professional and personal development. Participants in her training become well-rounded professionals without any prerequisites because of Mary's practical and professional approach. As a seasoned ERP professional, she invites individuals to join her comprehensive Workday training program, covering all Workday modules with hands-on, real-time experience and certification. The globally accessible course ensures remote placements tailored to participants' time zones.