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         Ethan George
        This is an amazing course! It is inclusive of all the core concepts of HCM, payroll integration and the workday reporting modules. I have been placed as a Workday Payroll Integration Consultant in IBM just 2 months after the completion of this course!

          Drew Smith
        Highly Recommended Course. Easy to understand and well organized.  The lessons on third party payroll connectors, tenant setup, change detection, composite reports, worklets and dashboards were very comprehensive and informative. It contains all you need to become an expert Workday Consultant.



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        Kranthi Kumar Nakirekanti

        Highly Qualified Trainer

        The trainer Mary explains the concepts very well and anybody can understand Mary's class. She is explaining concepts deeply. Actually I am new to workday and I joined the course. She is also a mentor and a very good motivator. I was satisfied with the course material. Thank you, Mary. -Kranthi

        2 years ago
        Charles Williams

        Top Notch Expertise, Access, and Materials

        There was a minimum of 3 things that I was looking for as a must-have for me to feel that my money was well spent on taking a course: expertise, access, and materials. Workday Training Online hit a home run with all three... 1. It was obvious from the very start and all the way throughout that Mary is the textbook definition of being the expert with Workday. The breadth and depth of her expertise covering so many areas are mind-blowing. 2. As far as “access”, every area she was trying to teach us, she performed all the tasks in real-time in a real environment right before our eyes. And then we had access to an environment to be able to practice throughout the course timeline. 3. The extent of the materials she provides probably surprised me the most. The materials are voluminous, very detailed, and comprehensive. There is no way that anything she said she would cover in the curriculum is not backed up by the extensive documentation given to us to keep. I am convinced this is the right option for me to continue pursuing Workday training and I will be signing up for additional course work. Thank you, Mary. -Charles

        2 years ago
        Naveeda Fatima

        Unique Learning experience

        Marry 's teaching Style is different and very unique. She is very knowledgeable I really like the reading material & cheat sheets are very helpful in revising. I recommend it to everyone who is really looking to learn something extra and new. -Naveeda

        2 years ago
        Yazka Javaid

        Great Experience

        Good Learning experience, I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in Workday. Mary is very much commited to her students. Class always started on time. Mary has provided with loads of exhaustable material and explains everything in detail. -Yazka

        2 years ago
        Sawan Kumar sahu

        Great Knowledge Sharing with amazing encouragement

        It was an incredible learning experience throughout the extensive training process led by Mary, a great instructor who always encourages and guides in the best possible way. Her knowledge sharing with Loads of training materials really gives a great insight to have a command over the tool and instills confidence in you to rise as the best. -Sawan

        2 years ago
        Praveenkumar T

        Great Learning

        Great privilege to write this review about training of Mary. Mary structured her training program in such a way that students get involved actively in the learning by attending the Prep Course before she starts the live sessions. Attending the Payroll Integration course helped me to build my knowledge on Workday technical before attending the live sessions. While taking the live sessions Mary is focused on delivering the complete information required for the topic without worrying how much time she is spending on the topic. She always provides additional information in the class though it was not mentioned in the course curriculum. As a trainer she provides the comfort to her students to raise their doubts and recommends the best practices for learning and how to navigate through the system on their own. She always encourages and motivates her students to push their learning boundaries to achieve greater results. Good course content and a natural interest for teaching. I am very happy that I joined Mary’s Live Program. Thanks a lot Mary for making my learning joyful, interesting, very practical, and easy to understand. -PraveenKumar

        2 years ago
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