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  1. Live course modules are curated for the job  
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  3. Remote Job Placement across 40+ countries (US, UK, India, etc)  
  4. 60 hours of live Instructor-led training  
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  12. Cheat sheets with step-by-step guides are provided  
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  14. Workday Certification will be provided by partners/clients

What you will learn

  1. Basic HCM Concepts including basics, navigation, tenant setup, sup org, superior, location, delegation, company hierarchy and cost centre. 
  2. In this comprehensive Payroll course you will learn fundamentals of Payroll Payroll Setup, Payroll input and processing. 
  3. Period Run Pay group, Setting up Payroll Processing Framework, and defining earnings and deductions. 
  4. Setting up of Federal, State and Local Tax deductions, UK Payroll and Canada Payroll. 
  5. Setting up Payroll Reporting and configuration, business process and security, and the reality of integrated HR and Payroll. 
  6. Workday Finance concepts like setting up payroll accounting, banking and settlement. 
  7. Method of placement: internal client projects, external vendors, direct  full time client or partner referrals 
  8. Workday Certification assistance and referral for immediate certification 
  9. After this course, you will have the skills to start a successful career in Workday Payroll

Implementation Methodology

Modes of Placement

Internal Remote Projects

•  No Interview
•  Contract Jobs  
•  Work directly with an end client 

External Vendor

•  Third Party vendors
•  Contract jobs
•  Apply Directly .

Direct Client

•  Full Time
•  Recommendation from us 

Job Positions To Apply

Contract : $150-450/Hour

Full Time: $150-300K/Annum

1. Workday Payroll Manager
2. Workday Payroll Consultant
3. Workday US Payroll Lead
4. Workday Payroll Specialist
5. Workday HCM Consultant
6. Workday HCM Administrator
7. Workday HCM/Payroll Functional Lead

8. Workday Finance Business Analyst
9. Workday Finance System Manager  
10. Workday Engagement Manager
11. Workday Data Conversion Consultant
12. Workday Production Support Lead
13. Workday Integration Business Analyst
14. Workday Technical Consultant 
15. Workday Techno Functional Consultant
16. Workday Business Process Admin
17. Workday Business Analyst
18. Workday Security Consultant
19. Workday Test Lead
20. Workday Project Manager
21. Workday Solution Architect 

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Workday HCM, Payroll & Finance Live Instructor Led-Training
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Course Summary


In Workday HCM, Payroll, and Finance training, trainees would configure the core elements of Workday Payroll as well as study the basics, essentials and navigation of Workday HCM. It also covers some core concepts in Workday Finance. Workday payroll training provides enterprise cloud applications for human capital management (HCM), financial management, student systems, payroll, and analytics. This program is comprehensive with real-world scenarios delivering practical value to Workday aspirants. On pursuing this course, students will gain confidence to hit the job markets and easily clear interviews. 

Goals and Objectives of this training

The goals and objectives of this training mainly focuses on the explanation of the payroll process, setting up the payroll processing framework, listing steps to set up taxes, defining earnings, deductions, and other  components, setting up withholding orders, setting up of payroll accounting, banking and settlement, configuring payroll business processes and payroll security, using Workday Payroll to perform payroll processing tasks and delivered payroll reports and creating custom payroll reports.

Workday HCM Fundamentals

In this Workday HCM, Finance and Payroll Instructor-led Live training, basic concepts in HCM including the essentials, navigation and basics would be covered. HCM Concepts like tenant implementation, setup, sup org, company hierarchy, custom org, delegation, superior, dividing and location would be covered. Our trainees would be able to navigate in the HCM module with ease after learning these concepts. If you want to learn core HCM concepts and advanced HCM in depth, you can opt for Workday HCM Training.

Workday Payroll Training

Payroll Overview

To give a gist of this training, the payroll setup is reviewed along with the payroll process flow, and sources of payroll data and by accessing payroll applications and dashboards. Students would learn how to navigate the payroll categories of the sitemap, locate payroll information in a worker's profile, describe payroll setup, identify the steps in the payroll process and identify sources of payroll data.

Payroll Processing Framework

The payroll processing framework includes elements that must be planned and configured before running regular payroll. Here, you learn how to set up these elements according to company requirements. Actions comprised in this section include enabling a tenant for payroll, listing the elements of the payroll processing framework, creating period schedules, defining gross and net pay accumulations, defining run categories, payment election rules, creation of pay groups and assigning workers to pay groups.

Tax Setup Overview

The tax setup allows students to get familiar with company tax setup, workday tax details, and the Payroll Compliance Updates dashboard. They would also learn more about tax setup in the country-specific lean Independent payroll courses. Activities taught include identification of tax setup tasks, describing the Workday-delivered tax data, exploring worker tax elections, and using the Payroll Compliance Updates dashboard.

The Calculation Engine

The Workday calculation engine consists of  building blocks to define payroll calculations and the business logic and rules governing payroll calculations. It is used to build all payroll earnings and deductions. Concepts covered include the identification of the types of calculations, identification of payroll-specific calculations as well as building simple calculations.

Earnings and Deductions

Earning and deductions are payroll-specific calculations. Here, these pay components are studied in more detail by learning how to recognize sources of payroll calculation values, create and edit earnings and deductions, view net pay validation, maintain payroll audit configurations and the specification of limits for recouping arrears.

Federal State and Local Tax Reporting

This is a four-step process to set up federal, state, and local tax reporting for a company. It is comprehensive in nature and comprises of tasks on explaining reciprocity, completing prerequisites for tax reporting, setting up Federal, State, and Local tax reporting for a company and entering employee tax elections.

 Withholding Orders

There is a set of provisions in Workday for rules and support regarding setting up and processing numerous types of involuntary withholding orders, including bankruptcy orders, support orders, and tax levies- just to name a few. The system is also inclusive of determination of the amount to withhold from the employee's disposable earnings, including any agency and employer fees, based on state and federal law. It applies withholding limits and sets garnishment priorities according to state and federal law. If an employee has multiple orders and the amount to withhold exceeds the limit, Workday follows statutory rules to determine what to withhold for each order.

Payroll Input and Processing

Various concepts with respect to Payroll input and processing are taught which include low volume input, input steps, payroll processing, EIB, creation of EIB and retroactive processing.

Workday Finance Training

 Banking and Settlement

This is inclusive of prerequisites to banking and settlement configuration and provides an overview of the same. Concepts covered include configuring ACH integration, payment election rules and payroll pay slip configurations, check print layout, bank accounts and pre-note runs as well as settlement business processes and security roles.

 Payroll Accounting

The basics of setting up payroll accounting, how to pass payroll expenses to Workday Financial Accounting, and how to generate and review accounting results would be taught as a part of this course. Learners would also understand how to setup costing overrides and the order in which Workday payroll applies to cost overrides to a worker's earnings.

Other courses that can be learnt for enhancing your skills on the technical modules of Workday include Workday payroll integration training, Workday time tracking training and Workday absence management training.

Course Curriculum



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Doriann Shuler

Mary is the best Workday HCM, Payroll, and Finance Training Consultant

I participated in the HCM, Payroll and Finance training with Mary and I cannot express enough how beneficial the training was to me in continuing to build my Workday knowledge and skills. Mary has been the best Workday HCM, Payroll, and Finance Training Consultant that I could ever have to learn from how to use and work the payroll task in Workday from start to finish. She also taught the class how to fix something that didn't work. I am so grateful and thankful to have had her as my Workday Training teacher. I would recommend her to everyone that asks me where and who gave me my Workday HCM, Payroll, and Finance Training.

3 weeks ago
Ajay Patel

Excellent training

I heard about ERP Cloud training through my friend, and with her recommendation, I enrolled for Payroll training. I have to say, it has been the best decision I ever made. Getting trained by Mary and learning from her is an experience I am very grateful for. The training helped me get a job for which I am eternally grateful. The training doesn’t end with the completion of the course Mary guides you till you get a job. Even today whenever I need to get trained on a new module, I always reach out to her training, and her training helps me get ahead with my career.

3 weeks ago
Bennett Smith

Mary is a fantastic trainer

Mary is a fantastic trainer, she is a Workday expert; her knowledge is immense, and she has the right connections to help you get the perfect job. When I wanted to get trained on Workday I was looking for an institute that also offers job support and placement opportunities, and all the testimonials pointed towards ERP Cloud Training. And all these testimonials are right as Mary helped me with getting a full-time Remote job quickly after the training. Her job support is incredible as she presents various opportunities and doesn’t stop until you land a job that fits your requirements. Getting trained from ERP Cloud training is a life altering opportunity.

3 weeks ago


    • Mary is global ERP implementation expert, director, program manager, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas. She has 30 years experience in ERP with 12 years experience in Workday. She is a certified global lead / solution architect who has led multiple conferences and global projects across 60 countries. She is an expert in implementation, Hypercare, Training, Data conversion, Integrations, Change Management, Project Management and Testing. You will get the best training in the world with valuable training documents and practical real time projects.  
    • Mary has repeatedly demonstrated her capabilities combining business acumen with strong financial discipline, deep design insights and organizational management skills to successfully grow businesses, lead them through successful turnarounds and revitalization, and manage them across all stages of the business life cycle. She has an established track record of increasing both enterprise and cash flow in companies across multiple industries. She is a growth-focused, results-oriented, and solutions-driven leader with proven history of bringing analytical insights and pragmatic solutions to key business challenges.