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Internal Remote Projects

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•  Third Party vendors
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•  Apply Directly .

Direct Client

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  1. Live course modules are curated for the job  
  2. Only institute to provide training in all Workday modules  
  3. Remote Job Placement across 40+ countries (US, UK, India, etc)  
  4. 40 hours of Prep & 40 hours of live Instructor-led training  
  5. Priceless downloadable documents (PDF, PPT, Visio's, DOC)  
  6. Tenant access will be provided during the live class
  7. 24/7 curriculum access 
  8. Hands-on support from Mary who is not a hired trainer  
  9. 200+ Real-world projects, examples, and case studies  
  10. Sample resumes for every Workday job 
  11. Interview preparation, and free Job Support  
  12. 10 years of real-time Workday live project experience  
  13. Cheat sheets with step-by-step guides are provided  
  14. All class recordings are provided for free  
  15. Workday Certification will be provided by partners/clients

What you will learn

  1. Basic HCM Concepts including basics, navigation, tenant setup, sup org, superior, location, delegation, company hierarchy and cost centre. 
  2. Learn the organizational, process, and reporting changes. 
  3. In-depth finance fundamentals, AP, AR, GL, Assets, Treasury, banking and settlement, reporting, and analytics concepts 
  4. Execute the major financial events (transactions), perform administrative activities, and perform setup of the core system functionality
  5.  Workday Standard Reports, Custom Reports, and Financial and Manager Metric Reports
  6. Deep dive into the Prism Data Acquisition concepts such as Identify Data, Datasets, sFTP Integration, Data Ownership and Sharing.
  7. Method of placement: internal client projects, external vendors, direct  full time client or partner referrals 
  8. Workday Certification assistance and referral for immediate certification 
  9. After this course, you will have the skills to start a successful career in Workday

Implementation Methodology

Job Positions To Apply

Contract : $150-450/Hour

Full Time: $150-300K/Annum

1. Workday Finance Functional Lead  
2. Workday Finance Implementation Lead
3. Workday General Ledger Consultant
5. Workday Receivable Consultant
6. Workday Treasury Consultant
7. Workday Payables Functional Lead

8. Workday Finance Business Analyst
9. Workday Assets Functional Lead
10. Workday Prism Consultant
11. Workday BIRT developer
12. Workday Production Support Lead
13. Workday Reporting & Integration Lead
14. Workday Technical Consultant 
15. Workday Techno Functional Consultant
16. Workday Business Process Admin
17. Workday Business Analyst
18. Workday Security Consultant
19. Workday Test Lead
20. Workday Project Manager
21. Workday Solution Architect 

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Workday HCM, Finance, BIRT & Prism Live Instructor Led-Training
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Course Summary


In Workday HCM, Finance, BIRT and Prism training, trainees would configure the core elements of Workday Finance as well as study the basics, essentials and navigation of Workday HCM. It also covers some core concepts in Workday Finance. This training provides enterprise cloud applications for human capital management (HCM), financial management, student systems, and analytics. This program is comprehensive with real-world scenarios delivering practical value to Workday aspirants. On pursuing this course, students will gain confidence to hit the job markets and easily clear interviews. 

Workday HCM Fundamentals

In this Workday HCM, Finance, BIRT and Prism Instructor-led Live training, basic concepts in HCM including the essentials, navigation and basics would be covered. HCM Concepts like tenant implementation, setup, sup org, company hierarchy, custom org, delegation, superior, dividing and location would be covered. Our trainees would be able to navigate in the HCM module with ease after learning these concepts. If you want to learn core HCM concepts and advanced HCM in depth, you can opt for Workday HCM Training.

Workday Finance Training

Finance Overview

To guide you to understand the required fundamentals to kick-start your career in Workday Financial implementation and understand how to implement the significant financial events (transactions) , achieve administrative activities, and to perform the configuration of core system functionality.

Core Concepts and Navigation

Workday Finance Training was constructed and intended to specifically meet the requirements of updated finance organizations. This Workday Finance training is object-oriented and cloud-computing software which can be utilized to the handle today's financial requirements and business goals. This training functions a comprehensive layout of Workday Finance which includes system overview, performance, utilities, responsibilities. business procedures, basic configurations, and transactions. Students would also get a grip on defining Workday core concepts and logging in to Workday tenant. 

Organizations and Worktags

Our students would be tutored by focusing on the organization and other common organization types which can be formed and well- maintained. This also includes the custom organizations, which were needed to reinforce the individual business and reporting needs. Financial dealings are combined and followed by the organizations. Student can also learn the company formation and also attaching it to an current company via a reorganization. Our Teaching would also includes the formation of new cost centers and including them in a newly formed cost center hierarchy.

Financial Accounting Setup

Workday Financial Accounting training enables the skills which is required to fulfill the data needed for creditors, investors and regulatory authorities. Workday Financial Accounting, is the foundation for all Workday Financial solutions, learners can handle all the accounting activities and activity report at any moment. This covers the various concepts of identifying the needed security groups for financial accounting layout, arrangement of organization's mandatory accounting details, concept application of the favored approach to the account setup, Actuals ledger creation , ledger creation and also maintaining the ledger period standing.

Accounting Journals and Accounting posting Rules

Workday Accounts Training is created to supports the students to automate the accounting which results from the business operations. They would also learn the different concepts which includes the identification of the mandatory security groups for journal creation, describing every journal type posts, journal creation and reversal journal, EIB creation and template population. Ideas on variance in between defaulting ledger accounts and determining the accounts derived from account posting condition rules, account posting rules to firmly influence the ledger based accounts on data in the transaction provided, expression of the order of the state matter would also be tutored.

Supplier and Supplier Invoices

Workday Supplier Management utilizes web-based business correspondence, transaction preparing, and settlement choices to effectively process the supplier invoices, manage payables, provision of cash enhancement, maintains a strong internal controls including insight in every aspects of the enterprise , identifying the needed security groups which is necessary for the supplier invoice and adjustment creation and accounting reviewing on both documents and also maintains the account posting procedure for account creation posting rule condition.

Banking and Settlement

Workday Cash Management includes banking, settlements and bank reconciliation techniques which enables you to manage and improve the cash inflows and cash outflows for the organization on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Workday computerizes administrative and control activities like bank statement reconciliation with embedded business intelligence, Adopting Workday Banking and Settlement, companies can computerizes the coordination and cash flow control activity.

Customers, Customers Invoices and Receipts

Workday Revenue Management provides the administration of customer accounts and allied revenue. When products are delivered to customers, students can utilize Workday to handle the invoices and sales terminologies, report customer payments and cash sales, and money deposits into the bank. Use practical reports anytime across the cycle to trail and analyzing customer account information. Students would understand how to identify the mandatory security groups for customer configuration, invoice creation, categories management and customer groups, customer creation, customer invoice and adjustment, and reviewing the accounting and identify the mandatory security groups to customer receipts processing, recording and applying a customer payment with deficiency and reduced amount and accounting reviewing, records and applying a customer payment with coverage and appropriate discount and devalue amount and accounting reviewing, customer deposit customer payments creation and accounting reviewing and also understand how to construct a customer refund and a cash sales and accounting reviewing.

Bank Reconciliation

Workday Cash Management includes of banking, settlements, and bank reconciliation techniques which enables the active management and usage of the cash inflows and cash outflows on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Students understand how to find the needed security groups for bank reconciliation, ad-hoc bank transactions, manual bank statement, Ad-Hoc bank transaction to reunite the indicated cash and reviewing cash-to-bank account and balances the bank reconciliation.

Business Asset Setup and Lifecycle

Workday Finance Training provides flexibility which provides students to trail the assets as stated to business utilities and account for them based on your accounting forms. Students would be tutored how to establish the needed security groups for asset formation, configuration of expend account posting regulations to manage the asset accounts and arrange the business asset setup procedures.

Financial Reporting

Ideas relating to accounting "workpaper" records, like ledger detail, trial balance and reconciliation enable analysis and control would be tutored. User-evident, real-time scenarios question which provides understanding whenever and wherever it is required. Financial reports can be accomplished in tabular or graphical arrangement for displaying or download. You can also analyze other avenues of training such as Workday Integration Training, Workday BIRT training and Workday Report Writer, Calculated Fields, and Advanced Reporting Training .


 Workday’s suite of business services are hosted within the Object Management System (OMS). There are three ways to access the web services to get and update date via an integration system to your Workday tenant. You may use the delivered configurable Workday integrations (Cloud Connect), the integration tools to create integration systems (EIB, DT, and Workday Studio) or your own existing middleware. The Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) allows users to perform simple and secure integrations with Workday. Unlike other Workday integrations, the purpose of the EIB, which uses no third-party software or hardware, is to allow customers to build their own integrations according to their unique business scenarios. Workday does, however, provide some packaged integrations with the EIB. The Enterprise Interface Builder can be used for both exports and imports.


Learners would get understandable with variety of concepts such as describing the high-level reporting efficiencies in Workday, observing Workday established reports, performing a established report with the accurate result, reproducing a report to create a custom report, creating a report tag and associating it with custom reports. It also involves in the determination of a established report which can be copied and utilized as the commencement of a custom report.

BIRT Concepts

Workday BIRT Training answers how to make a connect with workday report from the report designer tool for building a business form layout. Students can understand how to configure the report design with different properties, expressions and data. In the end, the report design will be posted to Workday , which is associated to the report as a Business Form Layout. Before withstanding this course, it is important to be familiar with Workday HCM Training to understand the fundamentals, requirements and navigations in Workday. Different concepts includes in BIRT such as creating custom reports, preparing projects, data sourcing, designing the reports, arranging, expressions, positioning to Workday, workday with multiple business objects and data sets, aggregates, grouping, performing delivered report designs. are taught in the training

Prism Analytics

Workday Prism Analytics Training delivers students the complete details of their business by producing analysts to enhance their analytics in Workday with data from some source. They can learn how to produce data pipelines which blends and transforms the data by Prism functions. The source can be protected using the configurable security framework , therefore it can be published for the utilities in Workday reports. Students can also be taught how they can perform ad hoc analysis in data discovery. It is important to acheive for Workday HCM Training before covering Prism Analytics.

Business Process Framework

 The Workday Business Process Framework consists of a powerful set of tools that enable you to automate business processes and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. The students would be introduced to the fundamentals of business process configuration and administration to support the successful deployment and ongoing management of business processes. Concepts taught are inclusive of business process terminology, relationships between business processes, organizations, and configurable security, basic configuring and editing of delivered business process types, validations, attachments, questionnaires, reports, and documents, condition rules and advanced routing, event management and business process reports.

Workday Security

This training can also be used for security administrators who wish to learn the basics of security arrangement in Workday, which includes arranging what a given user can view and perform in the structure. Students can also be able to recognize how users can approach Workday-delivered items, such as reporting and performing tasks, and then modifying permissions by arranging security groups automatically-assigned security groups, security policy activation and security policies. Security concepts handles configurable security sub-structure, domain security rules, business process security rules and change control, user-based security groups, role-based security groups, security group differences and use cases. 

Course Curriculum



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John Fernandas

Exceptional support and Unwavering guidance.

Mary's teaching stands out due to her comprehensive course materials, interactive live seminars, and extensive professional knowledge. The course itself is meticulously structured, effectively delivering practical concepts with clarity. Simplifying the learning process, cheat sheets provide easy-to-follow instructions. Mary adeptly addresses all inquiries with her expert insight. Her approach and mastery in training cultivate a comfortable learning atmosphere. The courses' meticulous attention to particulars significantly aids in practical application. Mary's invaluable assistance is warmly acknowledged, as it played a pivotal role in my placement and Certification as a successful Workday Consultant. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mary for her exceptional support and unwavering guidance.

2 months ago
Laura Brown

Mary's Invaluable Cheat Sheet and Training

The course is well-organized and delivers practical topics clearly and effectively. Cheat sheets with clear instructions aid in the learning process. Mary distinguishes herself with detailed course materials, engaging live lectures, and considerable field expertise. She is an expert at answering every question that is thrown her way. The teacher's teaching style and educational experience help to create a friendly and conducive learning atmosphere. The courses pay close attention to detail, significantly improving their real-world application. I am eternally thankful to Mary for her significant support in obtaining a successful placement and certification as a Workday Administrator.

2 months ago
Jennifer White

A Fulfilling Journey Through ERP Cloud Training

Mary sets herself apart with her comprehensive course materials, engaging live seminars, and extensive expertise in the field. The course is well-organized and effectively transparently presents practical ideas. Helpful cheat sheets with clear instructions make the learning process easier. Mary possesses exceptional expertise in addressing any question that comes her way. The teacher's teaching style and expertise in education contribute to creating a welcoming and conducive learning environment. The courses pay meticulous attention to details, significantly enhancing their real-world application. I am incredibly grateful for Mary's invaluable assistance, which was instrumental in achieving a successful placement and certification as a Workday Finance Consultant.

2 months ago
Hanna Green

Exceptional Training Experience

Mary stands out due to the depth of her course materials, the enthusiasm of her live seminars, and the breadth of her knowledge of the subject. The course is well-structured and presents valuable information in an understandable format. Having a cheat sheet with easy-to-follow directions can speed up the learning process. Mary can answer any question with her wealth of knowledge. Her calm demeanor in the classroom and evident expertise in her subject matter makes for an enjoyable learning experience. The courses focus on precision, which will prove invaluable in the workplace. Mary's assistance was essential to my eventual employment and certification as a Workday HCM Consultant, and I am very grateful to her for that. Mary has been an incredible help and source of wisdom, and I wish to thank her for both.

2 months ago


    • Mary is global ERP implementation expert, director, program manager, and transformational leader from Dallas, Texas. She has 30 years experience in ERP with 15 years experience in Workday. She is a certified global lead / solution architect who has led multiple conferences and global projects across 60 countries. She is an expert in implementation, Hypercare, Training, Data conversion, Integrations, Change Management, Project Management and Testing. You will get the best training in the world with valuable training documents and practical real time projects.  
    • Mary has repeatedly demonstrated her capabilities combining business acumen with strong financial discipline, deep design insights and organizational management skills to successfully grow businesses, lead them through successful turnarounds and revitalization, and manage them across all stages of the business life cycle. She has an established track record of increasing both enterprise and cash flow in companies across multiple industries. She is a growth-focused, results-oriented, and solutions-driven leader with proven history of bringing analytical insights and pragmatic solutions to key business challenges.