An Ultimate Guide to Workday HCM Certification

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This blog will describe the importance of Workday HCM Certification, course description and future prospective.

For an organization to grow and succeed, it has to adapt to change quickly and efficiently. In the ever-evolving business world, survivors are those who quickly adapt and embrace change. Organizations emphasize the user-friendly, single and global system which caters to multi-dimensional desires and qualms like

"What kind of positions needs to be filled?"

"Can we schedule, rate, and, track the interview process for a specific job?"

"What criteria to use to assign compensation plans to employees?"

"Can workers enter their absence requests and find the correct type of absence to request?

"How and where to publicize available learning opportunities?"

"Is it possible to track allowable types of Out Time of an employee in an organization?"

Assigning and relying on a third party for solutions requires sharing information, limited functionality, and high-cost integrations across the applications. Here is where, Workday acts as a catalyst to provide this agility through its products and delivers performances, processes, and growth

Workday Human Capital Management from Workday reshapes any organization above thoughts and doubts by streamlining the process. It is a single system that is built for every person in an organization that is making smarter decisions and aligning employee engagement and objectives of the organization in this changing world that is accessible through browser and mobile that manages Human resource Management, Absence Management, Business Process Management, Talent Optimization, Benefits Administration, Compensation Management and others.

Learning Workday HCM provides comprehensive visibility and analytics to gain updates and insights to decide and take action. It provides Dashboards and dynamic reports with metrics that enables the managers to see the big picture, monitor, and focus on critical issue and areas of advancement.

 Workday HCM Training includes the training on the modules that are jotted down below

Recruiting- Organizations lean on able and skilled recruitment to grasp multiple goals and attain a competitive edge. The recruitment involves

  • Sourcing- providing visibility for Job requisitions, Candidate Management, referrals, endorsements, social media integration
  • Hiring- Candidate selection, Offer management
  • Onboarding – Seamless candidate experience and automated workflow for both internal and external candidates to meet evolving business demands.

Workday provides Workday Recruitment Training to rescue the Functional Lead, Workday Administrator who can accelerate the recruiting process and fill positions by personalizing their workspaces at a centralized hub. This course is intended for customers who are responsible for deploying or configuring Workday Recruiting. This hands-on course takes care of recruiting setup, job requisitions, job postings on career sites, job applications, questionnaires, interviews, assessments, and finally, job offers.

Compensation- In today's world, HR generalists become compensation experts to articulate the organization's challenges and individual needs by carrying out comprehensive strategies and programs. The compensation includes

  • Setting up the compensation components such as creating frequencies, Compensation eligibility rules, and assigning compensation components to an eligibility rule.
  • Conduct Compensation Survey Management and sets Benchmark
  • Carries out one-time payment plans, sets up compensation reviews, and understands the same.

The Workday Compensation Training course is designed for compensation administrators who are into deploying and maintaining the Workday compensation structure. On enrolment in this course, individuals learn the basics of core compensation component configuration. On completing the course, the individuals define the compensation overview, design compensation eligibility rules, default compensation, compensation elements, and grades, configure compensation basis, describe and identify compensation plans and packages, administer One-time and future payment plans, compare compensation for new hire and rehire, and analyze and run total rewards template Audit report.

Benefits- The value of an employee in an organization is validated based on the benefits ensured by the organization. Benefit packages include health insurance and coverage, tax benefit, travel and rent allowances, provident fund, and others that directly account for an employee's tenure or retaining them in an organization.

The users in the company are benefited from taking the Workday Benefits Training which is responsible for configuring and managing plans and enrolment events. On completion of this course, the user will be able to demonstrate and describe the benefits administrator and benefits partner responsibilities and security groups, and elections process, as set up and explain health care, insurance coverage types, eligibility rules, benefit plans based on the individual, initiate and complete Enrolment Event processing, illustrate Evidence of Insurability triggers and benefit coverage.

Talent – The Organization's goals are empowered by discovering new skills to build a better tomorrow. Managing and crafting the talent acquisition process helps the organization's process management and development. It's a single system that effectively integrates core HCM, compensation, recruiting, learning, workforce planning, and talent system giving clear insights and visibility on strengths, skill sets, and gaps.

Workday Talent and performance training are designed for workforce managers and employees to tap talent needs and fill talents by sourcing them internally or externally to build the workforce. On completion of the course, the user will be able to set individual goals and organization goals, configure goal templates, cascade goals to employees, enable archiving goals, create a career hub, design Talent and performance calibration and talent matrix reports, use Workforce metrics which helps in aligning the individual and organizational goals.

Learning- Workday Learning is a single platform that provides development, peer learning, and required training and helps to manage the delivery of learning content, and storage of learning materials for progress.

The users in the company are benefited from taking the Workday Learning training and can categorize courses, lessons, and programs into topics accessible to the learners at ease. The individual can display content on worklets, collate campaigns to highlight learning content, create a learning path for personalized learning, and create an onboarding program for new hires.

Absence - Workers in an organization submit absence requests such as sick leave or vacation leave for approval. This becomes clear and gives clarity when the path is well defined and makes it flexible for managers to view analytics and absence metrics for better control. Workers and managers can easily view absence balances and the request history through self-service on mobile and browsers.

The administrator undergoing the Absence management training will be able to set up the absence management plans, validate the time-off requests against holiday calendars, and workday schedules, track leave balances and automate the paid time off balances on termination and event tracking smoothly running of the business process.

Time Tracking - An innovative application available for workers and managers, allowing companies to manage time and attendance anywhere on the go. Workday time tracking is a cloud application that works with HCM, Payroll, and absence, acting as a single system that unlocks productivity by managing the employee's check-in, exit, and absence. This is an end-to-end that processes HR functions, time, and attendance, and manages the payroll appropriately.

Knowledge and complete hands-on about this completely automated application which simplifies global workforce management with time-clock integration, easy configuration, and control, can be acquired through the Workday Time Tracking Training. This course is designed for customers who use Workday Time Tracking or are responsible for configuring and managing time tracking in Workday. Through hands-on activities, participants will configure Workday Time Tracking, including time entry options, calculations, security, business processes, attestations, period schedules, entering and correcting time, and reviewing and approving time.

Payroll- Workday Payroll provides a single system to manage the payroll process which enables gathering the payroll inputs, calculating gross pay, taxes, and deductions, conducting audits, payment to employees, and providing pay slips, provide reports, and tools to assist in payroll transactions. Workday payroll manages for countries such as

  • Canada
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

An efficient system to empower customers by eliminating the non-redundant repetitive work that is responsible for configuring and managing Workday Payroll that involves automation of payroll and workforce's cost, time, absence, and attendance requires Workday Payroll Training. This course enables the customer to automate repetitive tasks and get insights into payroll processing framework, taxes, the calculation engine, withholding orders, payroll accounting, banking and settlement, and payroll-specific business processes and security.

All the Workday training promises remarkable expert career opportunities to the employees and managers. The course is designed to provide quality hands-on experience in various fields in the broadest manner. If you plan to boost your Workday skills and require Workday HCM Practical Training, ERP Cloud training is the best-recommended platform to learn, practice, and accomplish in Workday training with renowned industry experts. It is noted that the above training on Recruiting, Absence, Payroll, Time Tracking and others are provided as one training module in ERP Cloud Training. This platform offers and assists by providing training to remain updated on new features and get the most of the worth of your contribution all over your journey.

ERP Cloud training provides a huge arena of opportunities for Workday professionals with huge career growth. With proper training, Individuals with Workday Certification are earning sky-high packages when compared to varied technologies. Here, at ERP Cloud Training, Mary provides interactive live sessions, cheat sheets, and materials and shares class recordings that make their training a one-stop solution for any modules in Workday. Cheat sheets are nothing, but a step-by-step explanation with screenshots of the live class is provided for reference when one misses the classes. This is a cumulative living and comprehensive document with all classwork that is handed over for refreshing, which none provides in the present training industry.

Who can take this course- a beginner or an expert it does not matter. No prerequisites are needed to achieve higher success and passion in this ever-growing world.

Ensure to kick start career opportunities in Workday with ERP Cloud Training for maximum exposure and practical knowledge.

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